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Revenge is not the answer

Nov 2, 2012: India must play to their strengths against England, but not at the cost of forgetting their long-term goals

Harsha Bhogle

India's selectors need to take the tough calls now

Oct 26, 2012: The team needs fast bowlers, and batsmen who can play fast bowling, and it needs them soon

Harsha Bhogle

T20 is for the thinking cricketer

Oct 19, 2012: Bowlers have adapted to the format, which means batsmen can't rely on mindless slogging anymore

Harsha Bhogle

Why everyone enjoys West Indies' win

Oct 12, 2012: Because they rarely sledge or harbour rancorous feelings towards the opposition

Harsha Bhogle

Build India's T20 team around Kohli

Oct 5, 2012: They should start looking for young players who will serve them well in the next World Twenty20

Harsha Bhogle

Cricket's top eight need to be challenged more

Sep 28, 2012: And for all the resources and chances they have got, Bangladesh haven't done it yet

Harsha Bhogle

When will the World Twenty20 catch fire?

Sep 21, 2012: It has been a bit damp so far. Hopefully the Super Eights games, with their context, will help move things along

Harsha Bhogle

The most open World Twenty20 so far

Sep 14, 2012: No home advantage, no points for familiarity with the conditions, no guesses for who could win it

Harsha Bhogle

Waiting for Yuvi

Sep 7, 2012: A long-awaited comeback is at hand. How will it pan out?

Harsha Bhogle

South Africa set for long spell at No. 1

Aug 31, 2012: Among the top four sides, they appear to have the best combination on and off the field. But they have to find de Villiers' best position and prepare for life after Kallis

Harsha Bhogle

The man who brought thrills and hope

Aug 24, 2012: Laxman excited with his elegance, then he instilled a sense of calm. In between, he played the greatest innings by an Indian

Harsha Bhogle

India's bowling cupboard is empty, not thinly stocked

Aug 17, 2012: Worse, no one seems to want to do something about it

Harsha Bhogle

Rohit Sharma and the talent problem

Aug 10, 2012: It's not just about being gifted but about being able to summon that gift when needed

Harsha Bhogle

India forgets its spin bowling legacy at its own peril

Aug 3, 2012: Indian spinners need to go back to the masters to learn guile, but they also need a bit of help from the administrators

Harsha Bhogle

They don't make 'em like that anymore

Jul 27, 2012: In the past there were cricket teams who used to put the fear of god into opponents. Not any longer

Harsha Bhogle

Who's in charge of India's resources?

Jul 13, 2012: Most sporting organisations have a system that ensures good players are not lost forever. Not Indian cricket, it would seem

Harsha Bhogle

Is India a convenient bogeyman?

Jun 29, 2012: It's all too easy to lay the blame for all the game's ills at one door

Harsha Bhogle

Test cricket, we have a problem

Jun 22, 2012: There's no use pretending the premier format will be able to muddle through when it's clearly in serious trouble

Harsha Bhogle

A step ahead for Indian cricket

Jun 15, 2012: The restructured Ranji Trophy sounds like an improvement, but why do we still have the Duleep?

Harsha Bhogle

Cricket needs an outsider's view

Jun 8, 2012: There are those in business, and other sports, who constantly innovate in order to survive and to thrive. We could learn lessons from them

Harsha Bhogle
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