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An evolving culture

Towards one South African voice

Nov 12, 2007: Rodney Hartman on South African cricket's quest for a common identity and a unified culture

Rodney Hartman

February 2007: The Score

The science of reading

Feb 1, 2007: Nagraj Gollapudi speaks to Sean Müller about the art of predicting bowlers

Australian researcher Sean Müller has found that good batsmen predict bowlers better. Nagraj Gollapudi spoke to him

July 2006: The Score

Stayin' alive

Jul 1, 2006: David Murray could have ben great; now he's a wreck. Siddhartha Vaidyanathan met the former West Indies keeper in Bridgetown

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan meets a wreck who could have been a legend

May 2006: The Score

Enter the dragon

May 1, 2006: Literally no one plays cricket in China - but that's likely to change soon. By Ranajit Sankar Dam and Wie Jie

No pitches, no cricketers, no infrastructure, but the game is still finding a way in China, Ranajit Sankar Dam and Wei Jie report

April 2006

Five first times

Apr 1, 2006: Five cricketers talk about their first Test. By Nagraj Gollapudi

Five cricketers talk about their first Test to Nagraj Gollapudi
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    'I want to create a legacy beyond cricket'

Kevin Pietersen has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative that uses cricket to help disadvantaged kids get their own leg-up
#PoliteEnquiries: Kevin Pietersen special

    In quest of a durable cricket ball

Scott Oliver: As the Dukes cherry gains popularity for its hardiness, its makers are looking to spread to markets outside of England

    'A classic player with classic technique'

My XI: Graham Gooch on the toughest competitors: Barry Richards had all the shots in the book

    What's the BCCI's hang-up about the UAE?

Osman Samiuddin: It refuses to let India play Pakistan there, but hasn't been forthcoming with reasons why

My TE and my Venkat long ago

Life is endlessly touched by the game when you're the child of a cricket-crazy parent. By Niharika Mallimadugula

News | Features Last 7 days

India's pace puzzle: Aaron or Umesh?

With India playing most of their Test cricket at home over the next 18 months, they will have to choose between their two quickest bowlers most of the time. A tricky choice, given Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadav's hit or miss tendencies

Ross Taylor treats himself

How Ross Taylor reconciled with New Zealand cricket and made the highest score by a visiting batsman in Australia

Buttler plunders England record books

Stats highlights from Dubai where Jos Buttler broke his own record for England's fastest ODI hundred

The forensic artistry of Kane Williamson

His game appears to lack emotion but it is not cold. Like Kallis, but more adaptable and with greater flair

Misbah breaks it down

The Pakistan captain talks about the many observations, plots and decisions that go into the game's most important task: taking wickets

News | Features Last 7 days