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A World Fund for Cricket: The saviour of our noble game?

Jun 6, 2001: My proposal for a World Fund for Cricket has drawn so much interest and somany questions

Nigel Kerner

The contract system - pros and cons

Jun 5, 2001: A system of graded payments and contracts that will bind a shortlist of players to the Board of Control for Cricket in India but protect those not selected from that list to represent India seems to be on the anvil, according to a recent statement

V Ramnarayan

Ganguly is too good a player to be counted out

Jun 5, 2001: The Indian captain has been giving interviews to the media claiming how stronger he has emerged after the India-Australia Test series

Santhosh S

What is more important, victory or batting practice?

Jun 4, 2001: What is more important for a touring team, batting practice or victory

Partab Ramchand

Steps against cricket corruption must start at the grass roots level

Jun 2, 2001: "These are to inform gentlemen, or others who delight in cricket playing, that a match at cricket of ten gentlemen on each side will be played for £10 a head each game (five being designed) and £20 the odd one." This was a notice of a

V Ramnarayan

Zimbabwe selectors cover all options

Jun 2, 2001: The Zimbabwe selectors have covered all options in their nominated squad of 16 to play the First Test match against India and Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo, beginning June 7

John Ward

Slow to change, cricket must move with the changing trends

May 31, 2001: Cricket has traditionally been slow to change

Partab Ramchand

Wright's attempt to infuse team spirit is commendable

May 29, 2001: Even as the Indian tour of Zimbabwe is just getting underway, I thought I would focus this time on my impressions from the preparatory camp in Bangalore

Erapalli Prasanna

Tension, uncertainty mark India-Pakistan cricket ties

May 26, 2001: The news that India and Pakistan will finally meet on the cricket field during the Asian Test Championship in Pakistan in September will be welcome news for cricket lovers all over the world

Partab Ramchand

The Condon report and Indian cricket

May 24, 2001: Not unexpectedly, Indian cricket figures prominently in the Condon report - both in the plus column and the minus column

Partab Ramchand

Leading Indian politician on different wicket

May 22, 2001: There is something in sports - call it power or glamour or what you will - that attracts leading political figures to it

Partab Ramchand

AC Muthiah - A players' president

May 21, 2001: Ian Chappell might be dismissive of cricket administrators, but it must be said that at least a few of them have been selfless, hard working and even dynamic individuals who have had nothing but the welfare of the game and the players at heart

Partab Ramchand

I am confident the team will come back victorious

May 20, 2001: As the Indian team gets ready to pack its bags for the Zimbabwean tour, the subject which has been discussed threadbare by the press and public is our poor overseas record in the last 15 years

Erapalli Prasanna

Will the Indian pace gamble pay off?

May 19, 2001: Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly says he is getting fed up with being repeatedly asked why India does so badly abroad

Sankhya Krishnan

NCA's move to a federal structure augurs well

May 2, 2001: The National Cricket Academy's second batch commenced training in Bangalore on Tuesday and the twenty probables selected for the enterprise comprise almost exclusively of players aged 19 and less

Sankhya Krishnan

West Indies and South Africa with everything to play for in final Test

Apr 23, 2001: There are those who believe that Test cricket is supposed to be flashing blades and tremendously fast bowling coupled with great catching

Colin Croft

Great chance for West Indies to recover some pride

Apr 22, 2001: The West Indies have put themselves into an almost impregnable position and with a tremendous opportunity to pull back some pride

Colin Croft

At last the West Indies look like a team

Apr 21, 2001: I have been touring and following the West Indies cricket team for about six years now, and with the exception of the that first Test match in New Zealand at the turn of the last millennium, when they were 282-1, and yet lost, the West Indies would

Colin Croft

West Indies woefully lacking in cricket sense

Apr 20, 2001: The West Indies continue to stumble from farce to funny to fantasy

Colin Croft

DaimlerChrysler confirms cricket ties

Apr 15, 2001: Vehicle manufacturer DaimlerChrysler confirmed their sponsorship of cricket on the Border for a further three years to March, 2004, at a glittering ceremony at Buffalo Park, headquarters of Border cricket, here last night.

Peter Martin
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