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The return of Vicious

Sep 18, 2010: Six months after his back gave way, Peter Siddle has done the hard yards and is ready for action again

Sriram Veera

Rubbing shoulders with giants

Sep 9, 2010: All the game's greats started - or end up - at local clubs alongside local players. So what is it like sharing your home dressing room with a legend?

Josh Burrows

Coming back to life

Sep 6, 2010: Zaheer Khan talks injuries and comebacks, and frustration and patience involved between the two

Sidharth Monga

Under the shadow of the IPL

Sep 5, 2010: The Champions League already has better cricket to offer than its Indian sibling. And this year it hopes to replicate the audiences of the IPL as well

Tariq Engineer

No third man

Aug 17, 2010: Imran Khan and Javed Miandad started out as polar opposites but then settled into a marriage of convenience where each understood the other, perhaps better than others around them

Saad Shafqat

Where's South Africa's next major fast bowler?

Jul 31, 2010: For a country where allrounders seem to be a dime a dozen, the number of quick bowlers ready for national duty are surprisingly thin on the ground

Firdose Moonda

A whole (almost) new ball game

Jul 20, 2010: Rather than trimming a format slowly being reduced to un-coveted ashes, Cricket Australia is involved in a dramatic redesign of one-day cricket

Peter English

Where Malinga was made

Jul 17, 2010: Down Galle way lies a village where one of the world's leading fast bowlers delivered slingers with a softball on the beach and swam in the local lake

Sidharth Monga

The quick and the deadly

Jul 5, 2010: Their physical make-up and bowling actions might be different but when it comes to taking wickets and making batsmen quake, Steyn and Morkel seem identical

Telford Vice

Ten Years After Cronje

A decade's worth of scandal

Jul 3, 2010: A ten-year timeline: from the revelations of Cronje's involvement to the recent inquiry into Pakistan's series in Australia

Siddarth Ravindran

The Grinch who stole cricket

Jul 1, 2010: Just when his country had made it back into the fold after the years of apartheid came Cronje to end the innocence

Telford Vice

Elton Chigumbura

'I'd like to become one of the world's best allrounders'

Jun 26, 2010: Zimbabwe's new captain, talks about the progress his team is making, his experiences as captain, and the possibility of a return to Test cricket

Interview by Liam Brickhill

Ten years after Cronje

In the eye of the storm

Jun 26, 2010: We look at the names who made the news in cricket's biggest scandal

Siddhartha Talya

Live from the Warne-Waugh affair

Jun 24, 2010: A look back at how the story of the involvement of two leading Australian players with bookmakers broke, 12 years ago

Malcolm Conn

Why bring up match-fixing now?

Jun 21, 2010: It's been 10 years since the Cronje scandal, but despite preventive measures the threat is very much alive

Osman Samiuddin

Never mind the heckling, we're cricketers

Jun 8, 2010: Players must smile even as they are abused, harassed and vilified. In India it's worse than elsewhere

Sidharth Monga

Bounce isn't India's only devil

May 22, 2010: While the focus has been on India's inability to play short bowling, their poor preparation and the issue of player fatigue have been brushed under the carpet

Sidharth Monga and Nagraj Gollapudi

Where are Australia's spin discards?

May 21, 2010: They hoped to fill the void left by Warne and MacGill, but Casson, McGain, Cullen and Krejza are out of the picture now, though they will take heart from Hauritz's comeback

Peter English

His Holiness meets Yuvraj

Apr 18, 2010: Cricket may not be top of the mind for Dharamsala's Tibetan exiles, but a certain player is much in demand

Nagraj Gollapudi

'If you hit in the air against SA, expect to be caught'

Apr 5, 2010: Every South African fielder has had a role model to look up to: Jonty Rhodes, Peter Kirsten and Sybrand Engelbrecht explain why the country has never lacked fielding talent

Telford Vice
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Both batsmen seemingly have buckets of talent at their disposal and the backing of their captains, but soft dismissals relentlessly follow both around the Test arena

Hazlewood completes quartet of promise

Josh Hazlewood has been on Australian cricket's radar since he was a teenager. The player that made a Test debut at the Gabba was a much-improved version of the tearaway from 2010

Australia in good hands under proactive Smith

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