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Searching for the yorker

Apr 30, 2011: Did the term for cricket's most exciting delivery originate from that of the county with the similar name? Or was it derived from slang?

Liam Herringshaw

Adelaide Oval's identity crisis

Apr 25, 2011: By 2014 the historic South Australian ground is likely to become a stadium with vast stands and drop-in pitches. Will it retain a sense of its old self at all?

Daniel Brettig

Crashing down from cloud nine

Apr 21, 2011: The portly Yusuf Abdulla was dropped from the Dolphins side because he's no longer fast or fit. But how much does fitness have to do with physique?

Firdose Moonda

These pictures brought to you by

Apr 18, 2011: Ever wished you could be in the TV control room at the stadium during a cricket match?

Nagraj Gollapudi

Have kit, will play

Apr 17, 2011: The US Youth Cricket Association has started giving out free cricket equipment to schools. It may not seem much but it's a start as more and more schools put in requests for kit and training

Peter Della Penna

Papua New Guinea show the Associates the way

Apr 16, 2011: They are now the Ireland of the second-rung Associate teams, and a lot of their progress has had to do with the man at the helm of their administration

Robert Forsaith

In Tendulkar country

Apr 7, 2011: An American writer new to cricket experiences the first couple of weeks of the World Cup, navigating the madness of a billion fans and chasing the soul of the game

Wright Thompson

Cricket Australia eye the wrong ball

Apr 4, 2011: By turning to other sports for inspiration and ideas, the board may be diluting cricket rather than enriching it. Why not get help from other cricketing nations?

Daniel Brettig

All hail the king

Apr 2, 2011: On World Cup final day, let us remember the man who stamped his name on the first two

Sriram Dayanand

There's hope for Kenya yet

Mar 26, 2011: The national team may have embarrassed itself in this World Cup but the talent and enthusiasm for the game across the country are heartening

Peter Starkings

In the nets with Gary

Mar 24, 2011: On one of his last training sessions with the team he has overseen for three years, India's coach was, as ever, focused, attentive to the details and a glutton for hard work

Nagraj Gollapudi

India v Australia, World Cup 2011, Ahmedabad

Haddin aims for solid foundations

Mar 23, 2011: Brad Haddin is Australia's leading run scorer in the World Cup, and is confident that he is doing his job

Brydon Coverdale in Ahmedabad

Journeymen no more

Mar 21, 2011: Ireland's mostly homegrown World Cup squad is also their first full-pro side in 150 years. They have plenty of backing for their progress - except from the people who really matter

Gerard Siggins

Two men, a camera, a spark

Mar 17, 2011: A couple of Dutch film-makers came to India recently with their country's team, hoping to whip up interest in the sport back home

Nagraj Gollapudi

The day Bangladesh made Greenidge cry for joy

Mar 13, 2011: Bangladesh and Netherlands may have played each other only once in an international match, but they were involved in two World Cup qualification games that defined the future of Bangladesh cricket

Sidharth Monga in Chittagong

Look out, it's Bukhari v Chawla

Mar 9, 2011: It isn't exactly international cricket's new big rivalry but the Netherlands allrounder and Indian spinner have history, kinda

Firdose Moonda

The Homies and POPz bring it

Mar 5, 2011: While the rest of the cricket world waits to see if the game will catch on in the United States, one club out of inner-city Los Angeles comes to Australia and reminds us why we love our funny old sport so much

Adam Wakefield

The battle of Centurion

Mar 1, 2011: The fourth India-Pakistan match in World Cups was anticipated like no other. And when it finally arrived, it was a cracker. An insider relives it all, eight years later to the day

Amrit Mathur

The vet and the kid

Feb 28, 2011: The oldest and youngest players in this World Cup come from the same team: the man who made the tournament's fastest hundred eight years ago and a seven-year-old who watched him do so

Nagraj Gollapudi

Time-travel with Tillakaratne

Feb 27, 2011: Sri Lanka has just produced its first-ever cricket movie. Our correspondent donned the greasepaint and flannels

Richard Browne
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