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Verity's war

Apr 9, 2013: Tracing the story of the great English bowler's time as a commander leading a battalion against the Germans in Sicily

James Holland

The Wisden Test XI

Team of the year

Apr 15, 2010: The Wisden Test XI of 2009 was chosen with no fundamental disagreements among the selectors, although some countries played too little Test cricket to supply much evidence of individual worth

Forever superstar

Aug 27, 2008: Modern fame is perishable; Bradman's wasn't. And his feats are just about half of what his legend survives on

Gideon Haigh

The small enforcer

Sep 1, 2002: It is a strangely conflicted mixture of rigorous self-denial and cathartic violence that make up Tendulkar's craft

Mukul Kesavan
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    A six-ton Test, and Imran's prolific 30s

Ask Steven: Also, c&b by the same bowler twice in a Test

Unknown cricketers

The Cricket Monthly: What can they tell us about India's singular obsession? Plenty - as is revealed in books by two players from times gone by
TCM November issue

    What's Shikhar Dhawan's problem?

He goes through long barren patches between big scores. Can he change his technique without harming his fast-paced batting? By Aakash Chopra

    Grumpy McGrath v annoying jumper

Ricky Ponting's favourite cricket story involves a fast-bowling colleague trying to take his sweater while it was still attached to the umpire

The batting record that stood for over a century

Stuart Wark: When Ross Taylor made 290 in Perth recently, he broke a record by Tip Foster that had lasted for 111 years. Other records by Foster still endure

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Terrified to transfixed, the Mitch effect

Mitchell Johnson finishes his career highly placed among Australia's Test bowlers. It might not have always been a smooth ride for him but when he got into frightening top gear, one could hardly look away

Five touches of Mitchcraft

A look back at some of Mitchell Johnson's best and fiercest Test spells

India's pace puzzle: Aaron or Umesh?

With India playing most of their Test cricket at home over the next 18 months, they will have to choose between their two quickest bowlers most of the time. A tricky choice, given Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadav's hit or miss tendencies

Buttler plunders England record books

Stats highlights from Dubai where Jos Buttler broke his own record for England's fastest ODI hundred

The forensic artistry of Kane Williamson

His game appears to lack emotion but it is not cold. Like Kallis, but more adaptable and with greater flair

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