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Crisis in West Indies cricket

West Indians need something to celebrate

Jul 29, 2009: The West Indian supporters are desperate for something to cheer from its cricketers, but are WIPA and the WICB listening?

Fazeer Mohammed

West Indies contracts row

Nothing short of a disgrace

Jul 15, 2009: What solution do we have for the chronic blindness on both sides to the reality of the increasing irrelevance of West Indies cricket?

Fazeer Mohammed

India in West Indies 2009

People of extremes

Jul 1, 2009: It is the quintessential Caribbean way in the face of any challenge, whether great or small, to either shrug your shoulders, cuss or wave your arms all over the place in frustration, and then move on

Fazeer Mohammed

ICC World Twenty20 2009

Windies need a new leader

Jun 17, 2009: So long as a premium is placed on Test cricket, West Indies are in need of a captain who endorses its primacy

Fazeer Mohammed

West Indies in England 2009

No respect for West Indies

Apr 29, 2009: Fazeer Mohammed says that England are still not showing West Indies enough respect

Fazeer Mohammed

Forget the excuses

Apr 15, 2009: Blaming the weather for Trinidad and Tobago's unsuccessful campaign this season is not only factually inaccurate, but shies away from addressing some of the more fundamental issues affecting the team

Fazeer Mohammed

Passing grade for Windies

Apr 3, 2009: Whatever happens, the West Indies have earned a comfortable pass mark for their efforts on the field so far at home in 2009

Fazeer Mohammed

To strike or not to strike?

Mar 30, 2009: How are West Indians and fans of West Indies cricket supposed to feel right now? Elated that their team is enjoying considerable success against England, or worried that all of this renewed optimism will inevitably come to nothing

Fazeer Mohammed

England in West Indies 2008-09

Backyard Blues

Feb 20, 2009: To say Kensington Oval has not been a happy hunting ground for West Indies recently is putting it mildly

Fazeer Mohammed

West Indies v England, 3rd Test, Antigua

ARG: A home away from home

Feb 18, 2009: The Antigua Recreation Ground is what an established Test cricket venue really is: a home away from home

Fazeer Mohammed

It's only one step forward

Feb 9, 2009: Only after the series will we know whether the patient, who has been ailing for so long, is really accelerating his recuperation

Why is your name still on it, Brian?

Jan 30, 2009: Our hands are essentially tied and we just have to keep throwing more and more money behind the proposed stadium in Tarouba

Batting minus scoring

Jan 26, 2009: A painfully pedestrian pace of scoring at the domestic level is not the happiest news in these deeply depressing times in West Indies cricket

Turning a blind eye

Jan 19, 2009: Are there players in the current set-up whose competitive edge has been dulled by recent successes and considerable financial rewards?

Calypso's decline echoes woes of first-class cricket

Jan 16, 2009: First-class cricket is really out of step with the pace of modern life, yet it survives

Are West Indies really that bad?

Jan 9, 2009: Whether or not England's team harmony will be compromised hardly seems to be an issue in relation to the imminent tour of the West Indies

Pakistan v West Indies 2008-09

Facing the facts of history

Nov 17, 2008: It is one thing to lament the seemingly unstoppable slide of West Indies cricket from incomparable superiority to almost laughable mediocrity, but it is entirely another thing to seek to minimise the degree of West Indies' dominance in the rush to hail th

Fazeer Mohammed

West Indies v Pakistan 2008-09

Falling through the floor

Nov 14, 2008: Jerome Taylor conceded 17 runs off the final over as Pakistan won the first match off the penultimate ball. Can he bounce back?

Stanford Super Series 2008-09

Let's cut out the hypocrisy

Oct 31, 2008: England's protests about being used and abused during the Stanford Super Series ring very hollow

Stats go, memories stay

Oct 21, 2008: Any appreciation of sporting greatness goes way beyond bland statistics

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