Events and people that shaped the game
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No. 28

The advent of reverse swing

Aug 7, 2010: Developed in Pakistan in response to unresponsive pitches, it revitalised cricket, but not before being greeted with fear and suspicion

Rob Smyth

No. 27

Lloyd's pace quartet

Jul 24, 2010: Till then fast bowlers had hunted in pairs; Clive Lloyd decided his attack would hunt in packs

Mike Selvey

No. 26

The first World Cup

Jul 10, 2010: Four years after the birth of ODIs, the format was given validation by what was perhaps the boldest and most ambitious innovation since the legislation of overarm bowling

Rahul Bhattacharya

No. 25

The one-day international

Jun 27, 2010: A format that is criticised today for being unwieldy and dull, was for three decades cricket's biggest bread-winner

Sambit Bal

No. 24

South Africa are isolated

Jun 19, 2010: Not only was a great team chopped down in its prime, the two decades of exile forced the establishment to address the evils of discrimination

Andre Odendaal

No. 23

The county pro

Jun 12, 2010: A hinge moment in cricket history when Test stars realised first-class contracts could be more profitable than playing for their countries

Gideon Haigh

No. 22

Covered pitches

May 29, 2010: The advent of covered pitches had significant effects on spinners, and served to make wickets all over the world uniform

Lawrence Booth

No. 21

The end of the amateur era

May 23, 2010: Cricketers today see little of life outside grounds and dressing rooms. Are they better off than those in the past who had to earn their living outside the game?

Scyld Berry

No. 20

Worrell's West Indians in Australia

May 15, 2010: In the drabbest hours of the game came a contest that breathed life back into it and gave birth to one of cricket's great rivalries

Christian Ryan

No. 19

Worrell becomes captain

May 8, 2010: A cricketer and a gentleman who gave a sense of unity to West Indian cricket and championed the cause of player rights

Vaneisa Baksh

No. 18

The partition of India

May 2, 2010: An event that resulted in one of the most intense rivalries in sport

Amit Varma

No. 17

The first television broadcast

Apr 24, 2010: Seventy-two years ago, video cameras broadcast a Test for the first time, from Lord's. The coverage has evolved since, but the good still outweighs the bad

Steven Lynch

No. 16

Constantine and Headley

Apr 17, 2010: With their outstanding talent the two forced the cricketing elite to reconsider their view about the ability of black cricketers

Vaneisa Baksh

No. 15


Apr 10, 2010: There was outrage over England's tactics in the 1932-33 Ashes, but in the years that followed bouncers shocked no one

David Frith

No. 14


Apr 3, 2010: Cricket's greatest batsman was a colossal contradiction: a young visionary and an old reactionary; and he triggered the sport's first two great cataclysms

Christian Ryan

No. 13

India's entry into Test cricket

Mar 20, 2010: A CK Nayudu innings against the visiting MCC in 1926 made all the difference

Amit Varma

No. 12

Neville Cardus' writing

Mar 13, 2010: The man made matches come alive - so what if at times they read vastly different from what actually happened on the field

Scyld Berry

No. 11

Cricket on the radio

Mar 6, 2010: Commentary began in the early 1920s, but it really got going with "synthetic reports" by four men in a Sydney studio during the 1938 Ashes

Christian Ryan

No. 10

The googly

Feb 27, 2010: The delivery synonymous with subcontinental wizardry was invented by an Englishman; and the most famous of those was also bowled by one

Rob Smyth

No. 9

The golden age

Feb 20, 2010: Before the First World War came a period in cricket marked by the brilliance of dashing amateurs

David Frith
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