Netherlands news February 26, 2009

van Troost quits as Netherlands CEO

Cricinfo staff

Less than five months after taking up the role as the Netherlands board's chief executive, André van Troost has quit. He will be replaced by Jan Zwart, at present the treasurer.

The circumstances are not entirely clear but it appears that van Troost wanted to return to the business world where the challenges are greater.

van Troost made clear that he had only accepted the job on a trial basis and that there had been no rift with the remainder of the board.

"André sees his future elsewhere and although it would have been great if he had chosen to stay, we must accept the decision he has made," board chairman Marc Asselbergs told Cricket Europe. "The board is delighted that he wishes to remain involved in a voluntary capacity, and we shall certainly find a way of making use of his talents and experience."

Zwart only joined the board in November and will take over on an interim basis.