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Siddle ruled out of Christchurch Test


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Peter Siddle has been ruled out of the second Test against New Zealand in Christchurch due to back pain. Siddle bowled only eight overs during New Zealand's second innings in Wellington before back spasms forced him from the field after tea on day three; he returned on the fourth morning but did not bowl again.

"Peter experienced some discomfort in his back during the first Test in Wellington and has not recovered sufficiently enough to play the Test," Cricket Australia's physio David Beakley said. "At this stage the plan is for him to stay with the squad in Christchurch for the remainder of the tour before returning to Melbourne for further investigation."

Siddle's absence in Christchurch will likely mean a recall for James Pattinson, who played all three Tests against West Indies before shin soreness prevented him from playing later in January. Pattinson was ruled out of the first Test against New Zealand in Wellington as the selectors were unsure whether his fitness would stand up to five days of cricket.

However, captain Steven Smith said after the Wellington Test that Pattinson had been bowling well in the nets and appeared to be on track to be available for the second Test, which starts on Saturday. The only other bowling option in Australia's squad is the uncapped swing bowler Chadd Sayers, whose style is similar to that of Jackson Bird, who played in Wellington.

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  • Wayne on February 19, 2016, 19:58 GMT

    SC quicks don't bowl as many overs. A recent series saw the supposedly worlds #1 offie Ashwin open the bowling and nearly bowl all day!. Their quicks are only in the side to rapidly remove the shine on the dust bowls hence they are the low quality trundlers they are compared to Aus, SAF,NZ & Eng. Not many injuries if you don't bowl many overs. Simple.

  • Brendan on February 19, 2016, 2:33 GMT

    My personal opinion is injuries are high due to many weight sessions. Extra bulk means more stress, lean muscle mass is better. A fast bowler should look like a swimmer, not an AFL player. However Siddle's injury is probably more to do with age.

  • Merv on February 19, 2016, 1:49 GMT

    Cricket without truly express pace bowlers who can create fear in top class batsmen, would be like watching tiddly winks!

  • Merv on February 19, 2016, 1:47 GMT

    Hard to say. Johnson was express pace but hardly ever had an injury at all. He was however, a suburb athlete as well as cricketer. Some bodies are not as strong as others. Untested players should not be dropped in. Hastings does a good job every time he plays and should be next. Alternatively pick Hopes as a genuine all rounder.

  • Ross on February 19, 2016, 1:26 GMT

    I hope we can win as we deserve to be number 1 and well done to smith and boof. There is a lot about the way the Australian team is starting to shape up to think they could well be the team that dominates for the next 5 years. Our batting is once agains strong with smith, khawaja and warner being the pillars. If India can unearth a couple of good test quicks they could certainly be there, England have started to look better, you have to think that South Africa have the talent to eventually turn things around.

  • carl on February 19, 2016, 0:04 GMT

    Lillee was a tearaway fast bowler and young when he had stress fractures/ back issues not unlike Cummins who btw was 17 yrs old and just 22 now bowling mid 150's km/hr in last England one day series. Not for one minute would I discount Lillee from advising the Australian bowlers, but the ACB in their infinite wisdom decided not to up his pay packet. That move coincided with the downward spiral of the form of Mitchell Johnson as well. Now some are suggesting the modern medicos have no clue but you are forgetting back in the older times cricket was more a second job/ really a sport and guys played way fewer matches. MRI/ scans and tools like it now pick up problems earlier as well. The modern medicos are not idiots they are smart people with better tools and equipment working on guys who are putting stress on their body most of the year. That said I wonder how Cummins reh is coming along and in his shoes perhaps getting in the ear of the great DK Lillee would not be such a bad idea.

  • Graham on February 18, 2016, 22:04 GMT

    Is it really just Australian fast bowlers that are always injured - since the last world cup Boult, Southee, McGlenaghan, (now Bracewell), Milne have all spent time on the sidelines. Steyn and Philander have spent considerable time on the sidelines. Broad only plays the one format same with ANderson (yet ANderson has missed tests). Their are a lot of good bowlers down around the world. Subcontinental pace bowlers don't have that many issues as they rarely bowl, just look at the stats in the last India/South Africa series. Today's cricketers are going from one tournament to the next with no off season to recondition their body. And injuries have always occured with the express bowlers how much of SHane Bond did the world see and that was before day in day out cricket. But with AUstralia you have a niggle then the next bloke can do a better job so you dont play. Can they play well Yes but why when the next bloke can step in.

  • Alex on February 18, 2016, 20:01 GMT

    Bowlers get injured because of imbalance of the body when they release the ball. Some part of body stressed more than others and not much recuperation. Pattinson case its body shape problem. He got bigger upper body which creates more problem in lower body. He should just bowl with arms than bending too much. Like mcgrath used to do. But mcgrath had length control. Pattinson may not be effective if he reduces his speed. When someone hit him hard , he will revert to bowl hard and get injured again. Its a vicious cycle. He need to find another profession or play with 60% effort. Indian bowlers get injured because of poor diet. Fast bowlers need to hit gym and eat lots of meat to keep the bone joints not lose its liquid (what ever you call that glue). Once its gone they get injured because there is no cushion anymore.

  • TUSHAR on February 18, 2016, 15:07 GMT

    Who cares? Australia won both of the last two tests against NZ due to umpiring errors. Good riddance to bad omen.

  • subhasish on February 18, 2016, 14:15 GMT

    Green -and -gold@ stress facture not take 1 year to hill and bowlers should play with some injuries I think Australian players follows their medical staff advice to much players should knows about their body I don't think any medical staff knows your body batter then you