New Zealand v England, 3rd ODI, Auckland February 23, 2013

McCullum seeks more clarity on DRS

ESPNcricinfo staff

Brendon McCullum has said New Zealand will seek clarification about the lack of evidence on Hot Spot, when Ross Taylor was given out caught behind in the final ODI in Auckland. McCullum stressed Taylor's dismissal was not the reason New Zealand lost the match, and with it the series, but he said there were issues with DRS that needed to be resolved.

In the 25th over, Stuart Broad appealed for a catch against Taylor, and the on-field umpire gave it out. Taylor seemed to indicate to his partner, McCullum, that he hadn't felt an edge, and subsequently asked for the decision to be reviewed. Though there was a clear sound as the ball passed the bat, replays using Hot Spot did not reveal a definite mark on the bat. The on-field umpire's decision was upheld, and Taylor's exit left New Zealand on 67 for 5. They were eventually dismissed for 185 in the 44th over.

"We are looking at a clarification about the lack of an edge on Hot Spot. I would have thought that was conclusive enough evidence," McCullum said. "I don't know the technology behind it, but to me if you nick the ball it shows up on Hot Spot, and if you don't nick it, it doesn't … I think the [audible] sound was the reason [it] was given.

"I guess it has its good days and bad days," McCullum said of DRS. "Provided it's used properly, and there's some consistency in it, and it makes the right decisions, then I think it's a really good tool. I think there are still some issues that need to be resolved, and today was probably one of those cases."

New Zealand went down 1-2 in the series after losing in Auckland by five wickets, and McCullum said the "overall feeling is that of [a] missed opportunity".

"After going 1-0 up in the series, and on the back of such good performances against South Africa as well, the guys were determined to [win] the series. We had our opportunities in the last game, but we never grabbed them, and in this game we never really got out of second gear with the bat. There's disappointment in the dressing room, but we did some good stuff throughout the series, too. I still think we are [going] in the right direction, albeit without the series win."

New Zealand now take on England in the first of three Tests, in Dunedin from March 6.