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India's NZ tour advanced to January

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September 2, 2013

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Pragyan Ojha had Martin Guptill caught on 53, India v New Zealand, 2nd Test, Bangalore, 1st day, August 31, 2012
India last played New Zealand at home in 2012 © Associated Press

India in New Zealand 2014

  • 1st ODI - January 19
  • 2nd ODI - January 22
  • 3rd ODI - January 25
  • 4th ODI - January 28
  • 5th ODI - January 31
  • Warm-up match - February 2-3
  • 1st Test - February 6-10
  • 2nd Test - February 14-18

India will tour New Zealand for a month in mid-January for five ODIs and two Tests, with the first one-dayer to be played on January 19 and the second Test ending on February 18. New Zealand Cricket's release came a day after the BCCI's working committee approved the tour. The announcement increased the uncertainty surrounding India's South Africa tour in November, the itinerary of which is yet to be finalised.

The New Zealand tour was scheduled to begin in early February, according to the ICC Future Tours Programme, but will now start around two to three weeks earlier, eating into the time allotted for the South Africa tour. In fact, according to the itinerary announced by Cricket South Africa in July, and objected to by the BCCI, the third and final Test in Johannesburg was to end on January 19, the day on which India will now be thousands of miles away commencing their New Zealand sojourn.

The make-up of the South Africa trip had already been put in doubt after it was left out of a list of upcoming series announced by the BCCI a day ago, which included a freshly-planned home Test series against West Indies in November.

West Indies will then will travel to New Zealand after playing in the subcontinent, for a series that starts on December 3 and ends on January 15, four days before the home team's first game against India.

David White, New Zealand Cricket's chief executive, said he was unaware about the itinerary of India's tour of South Africa but added that NZC had finalised the dates only after discussions with the BCCI. White did not want to speculate on why the BCCI's release on Sunday had not included the dates but confirmed both boards had worked together on the final itinerary. "Those dates have been signed off with the BCCI. We had been in discussions just before the (BCCI) working committee meeting and worked through the dates and that was ratified at the meeting," White told ESPNcricinfo.

He was understandably pleased about the prospects of a tour that is likely to be a money-spinner for his board. "It's brilliant that the Black Caps will be playing five ODIs against the world's top one-day side given the proximity of the World Cup in 2015," White said. While the boards have stuck to the five ODIs as laid out in the FTP, the originally scheduled three Tests have been cut down to two, while the Twenty20 international has been done away with. The venues will be confirmed in a week or so, NZC said.

India last toured New Zealand from February to April 2009 for a longer trip consisting of two T20s followed by five ODIs and ending with three Tests. While New Zealand won both T20s, India took the ODIs 3-1 and the Tests 1-0.

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Posted by cnksnk on (September 4, 2013, 7:13 GMT)

Folks. For all its faults BCCI wanted to honour its commitment to NZC and advanced the tour. One also needs to keep in mind that India wanted to play the Asia Cup and hence the window had to be squeezed. Between 3 tests and 3 ODI or 2 tests and 5 ODI I suspect that NZC would have preferred the latter , given that ODI's are revenue earners. Just hounding BCCI may not be right and it will be interesting to hear which options NZC considered and arrived at the final schedule. I think my conjecture of 5 ODI's and 2 tests being acceptable by NZC may be right.

Posted by   on (September 3, 2013, 21:09 GMT)

some ppl need to harden up and think positively about fixtures...Sir Richard Hadlee was in banglore not so long ago and he himself agreed that NZ should play stronger cricketing nations like India, SA, Aus and Eng more often. Now when India is ready to tour, why negative comments ?????also never forget that no one can clap with one hand. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. something that CSA has done which attracted these steps. Enough said I guess!

Posted by gandhala on (September 3, 2013, 19:44 GMT)

While I was disappointed with SA series progress. I am happy with the NZ series that too one day series. Considering the fact next WC is in Aus-NZ.Best bcci can do. Now this will show how rohit,dhawan,virat,dk,jaddu,ashwin,raina performs. Good Luck India.

Posted by Nampally on (September 3, 2013, 19:06 GMT)

In my opinion the NZCB has drawn up the best & most sporting Itinerary for Indian Tour of NZ. ODI's preceding tests gives India a fair chance to acclimatize to the NZ conditions. However, It is difficult to understand the proliferation of (Test + ODI) series- 3 in a row- by BCCI.WI tour India for a Test series 8 weeks before India play SA in Dec. in a Test series before proceeding to NZ for the final test series starting Jan.19. - i.e. from Oct. 2013 to Feb. 2014, 3 Test series - 2 of them abroad. Unless India decide to field 2 separate squads- one for the home series + another for SA/NZ leg, it will be too much stress on the players. Dhoni has been playing non stop till the obvious resulting injury forced him to take a break. Fortunately India rested some of its regulars like Kohli, Jadeja, B.Kumar, Yadev, Ashwin & Ishant. But other stars like Dhawan, Raina, Rohit have been playing non stop. Can India risk injuries to their stars like Dhawan, Pujara, Kohli + bowlers before SA Tour?

Posted by   on (September 3, 2013, 18:44 GMT)

Well well ..... India has the track record of struggling in NZ pitches !! Hope this time we see something different.....

Posted by   on (September 3, 2013, 9:27 GMT)

@thoughtful_blabber:have you ever been thoughtful in your life mate test cricket neutral in the countries you mentioned are you joking aus, eng and sa as soon as they see a sub continent team touring they prepare green tops for their advantage so what's wrong with sub continent teams preparing spinning tracks, if the aussies, poms and the saffas can't play spin they should stop playing cricket.

Sub continental teams never complain about playing on green tops so why do you whine about playing on spinning tracks.

Posted by Srini_Indian on (September 3, 2013, 8:16 GMT)

@thoughtful_blabber: Gimme a break! SA pitches are nothing but a grazing field where even 3-5 cows will struggle to graze the pitch. The people who are complaining about the dustowls are the ones who struggle on it. Everybody knows why SA doesn't play more than 2 tests in sub-continent. Regarding the sub-continent team's performance in SA, the same can be said about SA in Asia too. The last 2 drawn series in India was due to the flat pitch, the next time SA comes, we won't be generous in serving featherbeds as Aus found out.

Posted by gt_doss on (September 3, 2013, 6:08 GMT)

To: Farce-Follower: India is not at all afraid of any team...It has won T20 World cup, World Cup and Champions Trophy...In fact, all other cricket teams are afraid of India...MSD is such a talented and shrewd captain, who has, in his kitty, very talented players such as Kohli, Dhawan, Raina and himself in the batting and Ishant, Ashwin and Mohit Sharma in bowling, besides a genuine all rounder in Jadeja...

Posted by KunzMan on (September 3, 2013, 4:57 GMT)

@SandipManjrekar: Mate, the score line you are indicating might be from the novice level of EA Sports version. When was the last time SA lost 0-2 to ANY of the subcontinental teams? And FYI, test cricket is far more neutral in Aus / Eng and SA where ball and bat compete, unlike the day 1 dust bowls in India

Posted by   on (September 3, 2013, 3:47 GMT)

South Africa can play with Sri Lanka, in SL.

Posted by SandipManjrekar on (September 3, 2013, 3:13 GMT)

@BravoBravo @LillianThomson

Where is the commitments made by BCCI? BCCI protested over unilateral announcement of SA tour way back in JULY. Moreover why does SA opting for 2 Test match away series in sub-continent against any team every time? I can say same way the CSA is always trying to abbreviate the sub-continent series because a 2-0 loss looks less bad than a 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0 one. When did SA play 4 or 5 away Test match series?

Posted by mensan on (September 3, 2013, 2:26 GMT)

I can see 2 reasons. First India wants to save 3-0 whitewash against South Africa; 2-0 is not the same thing as 3-0. Second, India wants to save Tendulkar from the embarrassment of failing in his last series and 200th test match on fast/bouncy South African tracks.

Posted by A.Sarkar17 on (September 3, 2013, 2:24 GMT)

Considering India's away record in tests, there is a clear plan to decrease away tests and increase home tests against weaker sides so that we can all gloat over our success and hide the deficiencies. The tragedy is that the present youngsters like Dhawan, Rohit, Pujara et al are currently in the form of their lives (which may not be the case after 1 to 2 years) and had a good chance of improving our away record. Unless the ICC ensures adequate number of Test matches are played by all the teams, Test cricket will take a further beating and BCCI can then have 2 IPL seasons per annum - to hell with quality cricket as long as money flows in and administrators can strut around proudly during presentation ceremonies being eulogized by some servile ex-cricketers as the real champions taking cricket forward.

Posted by Farce-Follower on (September 3, 2013, 1:55 GMT)

Yes, India is afraid of a thrashing in SA. A NZ and WI combo looks more comforting.

Posted by Buggsy on (September 3, 2013, 1:45 GMT)

Well, well. Looks as though India will do anything to get out of the SA tour. This is really poor, they can't beat the better teams so they resort to this.

Posted by pmahone on (September 3, 2013, 0:10 GMT)

India should be playing in New Zealand but what is the use of five pointless ODIs. Give us another test and both these low-ranked sides might start to get their proper games in order.

Posted by 512fm on (September 3, 2013, 0:00 GMT)

Kind of disappointed there isn't a couple of T20s, its going to be kind of strange not having any International cricket here in March though as thats usually when our home test series gets played every year.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 23:56 GMT)

i have only one thin thing to say Stop Worrying About Sachin, He can Play anywhere, anytime

Posted by zn264 on (September 2, 2013, 23:49 GMT)

Yes I would prefer 3 or even 5 tests being played in NZ, but until we put a decent test side together and can actually win these 2 test series first...we should just bite our tounges.

As long we get a test at the Basin I'll be happy!

Posted by Testcricfan on (September 2, 2013, 22:16 GMT)

No armchair "expert" in this forum is looking into the realities of the cricket business before trying to shred BCCI for its supposed "arrogance". The cricket season of Aus & Eng, for eg. are set in stone - June- Mid Sept for Eng and Nov-Feb for Aus and they never compromise on their schedule. BCCI is similarly trying to protect its revenue and interests by scheduling series which will ensure constant supply of money for its development programs. Per the FTP, after ODI Series against AUS, there is no home fixture for India till the WC - That is a very long period to go without home matches. India is now just trying to make sure it has at least 2 home series every year between Oct-Nov and Feb-Late March and then the flagship IPL. I see nothing wrong with BCCI trying to protect cricket in India - that is the responsibility they have been entrusted with. Reg. the SA Tour, I think BCCI has given a 45 day window to CSA with which they can schedule 3 each of tests, ODIs and T20Is easily.

Posted by HolyShmoly on (September 2, 2013, 21:57 GMT)

@AndrewDouch - The guests this time however are the ones paying for the dinner. Like it or not, in current environment India pays the bills in world cricket. As much as I don't like the big bully India (though I am a fan of Indian cricket), there is not much anyone can do as long it is the cash cow. So unfortunately it is the black caps that need to get on with the program and be thankful the pretty boys are turning up and prancing around in PJ's whether you like or not. You can whine, moan, groan, sob all you want but the reality is big brother calls the shots and the whole world is waiting in line to have them just show up for the greenback, whether they are likeable or not.

Posted by ThatsJustCricket on (September 2, 2013, 21:55 GMT)

@Perplexed : that's one of the most sensible comments I have seen on this site. Why even bother to have a published FTP if every country is left negotiating with every other country for dates and number of matches. It would be much better if ICC can set up a schedule where every country plays each other home and away a fixed number of times in a four year period and the bilateral negotiations are limited to the venues. That would make sure everyone gets roughly equal number of games and the ranking systems will also make much better sense than they do now.

Posted by Robster1 on (September 2, 2013, 21:43 GMT)

An excellent summer of non stop home matches now for the Black Caps.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 21:04 GMT)

@nzcricket174 - Those pitches in 02/03 were completely doctored. They weren't regular NZ pitches - they were drop-in pitches. They were prepared in a lab specifically with an intention of making them unplayable and then simply dropped in to the grounds just before the matches. If that isn't doctored, then I don't know what is. Even during those times, in what other test has NZ themselves been bowled out for 94 - like in the Hamilton Test??? 6 of the 7 ODIs (except Napier which was a proper cricket pitch) ended with the team batting first scoring under 200 (and thus losing as the pitch eased out in the 2nd inns). No other series even in NZ has these kind of stats. In fact, the only reason NZ won the series was that they won the toss in both tests and 4 of the 6 ODIs on doctored pitches.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 21:00 GMT)

SA coming out with a Schedule of its own is totally wrong . What use is the FTP when countries are making their own schedule. The ICC is as dysfunctional and useless as the UN. The Boards of all countries should grow up and start working with each other SOON.

Posted by mzm149 on (September 2, 2013, 20:30 GMT)

New Zealand recently leveled series with England who are excellent players of seam bowling and themselves have extra ordinary seamers. How will Indian batsmen survive on New Zealand's fast tracks. How will they Indian pace bowlers take wickets there who are quite ordinary medium pacers at best.

Posted by Jatin. on (September 2, 2013, 20:08 GMT)

To all the guys who are bashing Indian team & BCCI on the change in Future Tours Program, to some extent I am with you. But please understand the logic behind it. CSA announced the IND-SA series as 3 Tests, 7 ODIs & 2 T20s, I mean who on the earth plays 7 ODIs on a full tour. The BCCI objected because CSA announced the tour itinerary without their consent; BCCI wanted 3 Tests, 5 ODIs & 1 T20. To all India bashers, Go and ask English, Australian, South African or other boards for that matter, they make incredible amount of profits when Indian team tours them. England or Australian boards don't make same amount of profit when they tour each other for Ashes but instead they make more money when India tours them. Look at the elation of NZC in this article, for them it is going to be "Money Spinner". SL, WI, Zim boards all are in debts & they don't have money to pay salaries, they want India to tour them as often as possible. Don't just mouth bad words against India just for heck of it.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 19:50 GMT)

Best thing for any bilateral series is to schedule - 3 Tests, 3 ODI's and 3 T20's. I wonder why boards are fixated on minimum 5 ODI's . Look at india australia test series. 7 one day internationals are obscene.

Posted by SandipManjrekar on (September 2, 2013, 19:10 GMT)

@BravoBravo @LillianThomson

Where is the commitments made by BCCI? BCCI protested over unilateral announcement of SA tour way back in JULY. Moreover why SA opting for 2 Test match away series in sub-continent against any team? I can say same way the CSA is always trying to abbreviate the sub-continent series because a 2-0 loss looks less bad than a 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0 one. When did SA play 4 or 5 Test match away series?

Posted by alarky on (September 2, 2013, 19:10 GMT)

India has the best cricket captain in the world, the Gt Mohinda Singh Dhoni - he's one of my favourite cricketers. He's one of those cricketers who likes very keen competitions - keen competitions separate the men from the boys. And, South Africa is the No.1 test team in the world; and I know that MSD is very eager to take his youthful team to show the world the true mettle from which they're made! He can't be relishing this snag that the SA tour has picked up, where he cannot play an adequate number of test matches; and unleash his young team against the South Africans and beat them right in their back yard - thus, proving that the respect that he's getting worldwide is not by fluke - it's real leadership talent and skill! But as usual, I know the strategic importance of a reduction in the number of tests is to reduce Kallis' chances of reaching 52 (100s)! It's the said reason that WI is asked to play 2 tests in India, to try to help SRT to go to 53! How do I always know these things?

Posted by Cricfever_PM on (September 2, 2013, 19:07 GMT)

India should have played three tests but something is better than nothing!!! I still don't accept playing one warm up game in tour match!!! India is making this mistake again and again!!! Hope SA tour will happen!!!

Posted by KallisTheGreatest on (September 2, 2013, 19:00 GMT)

no t20's.not a surprise ! because NZ have 100% record against India.FTP is becoming a joke along with ICC, infront of BCCI.

Posted by hokeypokey on (September 2, 2013, 18:28 GMT)

As a test tragic I am very disappointed at nzc and David White for being happy with 5odis and trumpeting as it is a succes..Two tests is dissapointing.Again our test game comes second under this administration.

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (September 2, 2013, 18:26 GMT)

Some fans here suggest that India is scared of losing to SA 3-0 (they expected similar things in 2010-2011 but we almost won the series). SA in SA is less to be feared than Eng in Eng. I was personally looking forward to 4 match series

@BravoBravo We may not be the best Test playing nation but atm we are miles ahead of your mighty pakistan team

@LillianThomson Care to explain if SA's decision to hold 7 ODIs With out Consulting BCCI is not blatant?

@Seether1 Although i agree that sachin in recent times has not been performing well he scored some brilliant centuries in SA. His 169 in SA against the likes of donald is on par with his lat 2 hundreds in SA.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 18:10 GMT)

@Perplexed that is because club cricket is funded by the organizers and they decide the schedules. In this case most of the ICC's funds come from the BCCI. the truth is that cricket is only played and supported by handful of countries and if it was popular in more nations then ICC would be richer and will be able to make its decisions independently. It was Eng and Aus boards dominating for so many years and now its BCCI. two wrongs does not make it right, but as cricket fans we just have to live with it i guess.

Posted by android_user on (September 2, 2013, 18:09 GMT)

I prefer India vs SA test match on boxing day. Hope ind will beat SA in their land.

Posted by android_user on (September 2, 2013, 16:59 GMT)

after 5 years India r touring nz. so I think 3 test,5 odi, 2 t20 must been much better

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 16:54 GMT)

whether the series schedules of indian team need more attention and thinking to go in scheduling the is quite confusing and colliding tours programme of team india.will bcci give serious thought to this at an early date.yesterdays bcci tour schedules have created more confusions in this regards. the sa tour will be greatly affected by these changes.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 16:33 GMT)

This was very much expected that India will try to shorten NZ series, wrap it up early. Perhaps this is to make sure IPL may begin earlier in 2014 to make sure they either happen before general election or after.

Posted by MaruthuDelft on (September 2, 2013, 16:32 GMT)

When did India do a thing right?

Posted by LongLiveTestCricket on (September 2, 2013, 16:25 GMT)

Yet another 2 test series.. Hate the raw deal that test cricket gets. BCCI leaving no stone unturned.. Unfortunately very soon we may have one-off test and 5-7 odi series

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 15:34 GMT)

This tour was promised a long time ago. India have been trying to get out of it for ages, or at least shorten it. So will India now get their wish of playing 2 test series and a bunch of one-dayers against SA and NZ? India need to get with the program, you're doing none of us a favour by turning up with your pretty boys, prancing around in pajamas. There's pleanty of time here to play 3 tests against SA and 3 against NZ. It's our summer, be thankful guests and play the old game.

Posted by Pot_Blou_Gevaar on (September 2, 2013, 15:18 GMT)

If the BCCI wants to play big brother (which I suppose they're entitled to if one look at their coffers), CSA should just look to get who-ever else is available during that window and finalize an itinerary with that nation. It's summer time/ festive holidays throughout December and January - I have no doubt that with the balmy weather we're South Africans normally experience this time of the year even a sub-par WI tour would fill a boxing day test at Newlands, or a new-year's day test at the Bullring (Wanderers). We need to play more tests, that's obvious and the tour should include 4 tests at least.

The ICC as the mother board should impose hefty fines upon whatever nation which deliberately tries to undermine tours in such dubious fashion.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 15:10 GMT)

Hate the concept of a 5 or 7 match ODI series. This isnt 1997. We need to squeeze in 3 formats. Also these days most countries opt for a 2 test series. Why not reduce the 50 over matches to 3 and squeeze in a test? Also the schedule doesnt make sense. With the T20 world cup approaching these teams are playing a lame 5 match ODI series with no T20. Ill stick with my perfect tour of 3 tests, 3 odi, 3 T20 matches. I hope we see some pitches favoring the fast bowlers in NZ. Too bored of batsmen pludering runs in this era.

Posted by BravoBravo on (September 2, 2013, 15:08 GMT)

Its a matter of shame that not keep your commitments. It is more than apparent now than IND is a mediocre team and is afraid of playing in SA against SA. White wash would have been on the card. NZ and IND are equally competitive, both playing for 85+ years with worst Win to Loss ratio in each format of the game. I am pretty sure that the proposed ENG tour in 2014 will also be truncated and SL or ZIM will be squeezed in somewhere in the itinerary. IND is trying to clinging in by nails on #3.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 14:28 GMT)

Delighted to hear the Indians making te NZ trip. It is good for th gam of cricket tht all nations should be exposed to stringer teams like England, Inda, Australia. The game will be richer for it.

Posted by ksmkumar on (September 2, 2013, 14:25 GMT)

The way SA and India are performing over the past few months, it is not sensible to think that India are afraid or that they will be whitewashed. It might be that BCCI is planning a bunch of tests close by for Tendulkar, as he is not left with much time and would not be around till England tour.

Posted by HawK89 on (September 2, 2013, 13:09 GMT)

Would of been better if they could fit 3 Test matches, but I'm glad they took ODI and Test over a T20 match being inserted somewhere. Also I'm happy that the ODI's start off and then end on a high with the test matches. Something for the losing ODI side to redeem themselves with.

Posted by LillianThomson on (September 2, 2013, 12:37 GMT)

Methinks Cricket South Africa is now going to be mightily angry towards India for blatantly doing this, and that New Zealand Cricket should not be waiting for a Christmas Card from Johannesburg.

I understand that the BCCI is trying to abbreviate the South African series because a 2-0 loss looks less bad than a 3-0 one.

But all the same, audiences in England and Australia are already sick of endless series against India in which they are slaughtered on the road and then graceless on doctored wickets at home. (That applies to all three sides). It's boring.

Does the BCCI not understand that English and Australian fans are sick of endless repetitive series too close together?

Posted by Perplexed on (September 2, 2013, 10:58 GMT)

When we play club cricket we are given a schedule of our matches and that is when we play. No two clubs negotiate with each other what dates would suit us best, that is done by the league administrators. You know what? It works!

Why does the ICC not also do this? The only thing the boards should have to arrange is suitable venues, the dates and types of matches should be set in stone by the ICC!

Posted by goindiago2012 on (September 2, 2013, 10:47 GMT)

While I agree it's brilliant for NZ and India (although it'll probably be somewhat one sided) to play 5 ODI's, I don't understand why there's not at least 1 T20I from both sides' perspective. With the World T20 so close (much closer than the 2015 World Cup, anyway), you'd think both India and NZ, neither of whom are the best sides in the world (India can claim to be in the top three but are way too inconsistent and disappointing in my opinion, especially given the opportunities young T20 Indians are given at the IPL) would want to get as much practice as possible. It just doesn't make sense to me. I understand that maybe T20 is not valued much by both countries (just a guess) but still, NZ can beat any side on a given day with McCullum, Guptill, etc. and India have all the weapons, but just need to hammer out their starting XI. It just puzzles me, especially with the World T20 happening in only 2 months time from then...

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 10:02 GMT)

After long time ind will be in Newzeland.....

Posted by murali_88 on (September 2, 2013, 9:39 GMT)

I have another great idea for the BCCI- make india play Bangladesh, WI, NZ only for the next few years. Make the tests on home and on flat tracks so you get about 400-600- but more importantly 5 days of cricket for the advertisers. And if you bombard the schedule with 10 ODI's and 15 T20's- all the better !

Posted by naren1983 on (September 2, 2013, 9:36 GMT)

Ever since Lorgat's appointment as CSA chief, BCCI lost the interest to send the team to SA to play maximum cricket. Don't know how all of a sudden, BCCI has managed(begged) to arrange WI to tour India to play. And even NZ tour is finalised, in-between SA tour is hanging. BCCI should not take advantage of being power in the international scenario for Cricket, rather it should always consider improvement of Indian Cricket in positive moves. Now, BCCI will plan to 3 odis, 2 tests for SA tour or even may cancel the tour.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 9:01 GMT)

I certainly liked the decisions taken by BCCI. By declaring the schedules of INDIA's tour , CSA did a Oneway way traffic job. They should have get the approval prior approval from BCCI. Some people may think this is because of the Money power of BCCI( YES we are) . Those people should understand CSA made a big mistake. If India declaring a trip schedule before not getting the approval from the counter part, every body will loudly cry & cry. in this case it was CSA so nobody wants to respond. There are some people sitting in western countries , only to blame India unnecessarily.

Posted by Kingzzzz on (September 2, 2013, 9:00 GMT)

India should just play 3 T20s and 3 ODIs against South Africa mainly for coming tournaments like World T20 and World Cup or just 3 test matches since they are really busy.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 8:43 GMT)

It is rather pathetic that India are afraid of playing South Africa, the way they see it, the more they play against SA the more they will lose.. To be the best, you have to beat the best... not playing West Indies who were humiliated by Pakistan, and New Zealand who rank bottom of the decent teams in World Cricket

Posted by Sachin_The_Greatest on (September 2, 2013, 8:24 GMT)

Posted by Seether1 on (September 2, 2013, 6:56 GMT)

Just to clarify further on my previous point. Sachin not only India's Best batsman on SA pitches but he is World's best batsman in the current Era(ex. SA players ofcourse), only player to score more runs is W Hammond & with due respect to sir he has played in 1920 & 30's.

even B Lara & Ricky ponting are averaging 46 with 3 centuries.

Its high time now that people should pay respect to Master considering the fact he played in weakest fast bowling attack in the world.

cricinfo's link for you;home_or_away=2;opposition=3;template=results;type=batting

Posted by Sachin_The_Greatest on (September 2, 2013, 7:43 GMT)

Posted by Seether1 on (September 2, 2013, 6:56 GMT)

In which world are you? Sachin is india's most successful player on SA pitches, He has scored nearly twice as many runs then the second most succesfull player which R Dravid (who is averaging 29 against sachin's 46).

Sachin has scored 5 centuries in SA pitches against the best bowling attack (includes Donald) even if you take out 2 centuries on last tour, he is still left with three. and please read this line carefully "No other Indian Player has scored more then 1 Century on SA pitches" cricinfo's link for your reference


Do you think that any of our current player has a class ( & temprement for test) of Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly, Azhar? (apart from pujara may be, even he has played 2 matches agg. just 20 & may be kholi)

It is imparative that Sachin playes in SA, NZ & ENG to guide the inexperienced batting lineup.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 7:40 GMT)

First, a surprise WI tour in talks and now this New Zealand tour preponed. Fact is India are just scared to Play a 3 tests in SA. Every columnist in cricinfo talks about how test cricket should be played more and that is the priority yet these meaningless bileteral ODI series takes precedence. Tell me what do you get by playing 2 tests and five ODI's in a tour. I know the answer, its huge money for the BCCI and as far as a good contest or player development is concerned, we get nothing. You need at least 4 matches in a test series. 2 test series are just a waste of time

Posted by Seether1 on (September 2, 2013, 6:56 GMT)

If India is looking to shorten the SA tour, then by all means reduce the number of ODIs played to 3. The planned 7 ODIs is overkill anyway. But if India is planning on scrapping the tests, then it seems that they are either afraid of SA humiliating them or they are punishing them for Lorgat's appointment. Sachin, with the exception of the last tour, has never fared well in SA.

Posted by mzm149 on (September 2, 2013, 6:51 GMT)

How about arranging a test series between India and Pakistan in UAE or India. It will be quite interesting to watch test cricket between these countries after a long time,

Posted by Scazza95 on (September 2, 2013, 6:49 GMT)

I can't help but wonder if wether or not that their looking to protect either there young players or the current world rankings by shortening their tour of South Africa and the bringing forth of the New Zealand tour and the recent announcement of the West Indian tour of India. While both teams are respectively good, in comparison to South Africa, the power house of cricket, one must wonder wether or not this was in the mind of the ICC

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 6:33 GMT)

This is wonderful news for South Africa, with only 2 tests or maybe none at all, there is no way that India can come close to overtaking them at No. 1 in the world in the next few years. By prioritizing series against the No. 6 (West Indies) and No. 8 (New Zealand) in the world, it does seem like India is rather afraid of losing to South Africa. Who would have thought that!

Posted by Srini_Indian on (September 2, 2013, 6:02 GMT)

@nzcricket174: If the pitches in 09 series were roads, why NZ was bowled out for less than 300 in 1st test in Hamilton and for 197 in Wellington? The only road was Napier test which is a traditional road anyway. If not for rain, your team would have lost the 3rd test by over 300 runs. India comprehensively outplayed NZ in juicier wickets in Hamilton and Wellington and survived for a draw in road in Napier. Now who enjoyed the road? Care for some reply?

Posted by Arrow011 on (September 2, 2013, 5:35 GMT)

Sachin's career is taking precedence over a tour, it is time BCCI gives him a longer rope & not spoil the South Africa series.

Posted by nzcricket174 on (September 2, 2013, 5:12 GMT)

@Kapil Choudhary - Those pitches were not doctored, that was how all pitches in New Zealand were back in those days. You guys got reward, though, since the pitches in 2009 were all roads where 600 runs could easily be scored and India thrived.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 4:48 GMT)

Abhisek Mitra : get ur facts corrected first. BCCI is not reducing the test series in SA instead they arent happy with 7 one day series which actually doesnt make sense, why have seven one dayers instead we can have 3 and make window for other test series.

Posted by Happy_hamster on (September 2, 2013, 4:48 GMT)

In the light of this development some sort of criteria has to be made to how many away tests a country is required to play; other than the quick series in WI (slow turning pitches) when did India play away from home. And SA have only played 24 test in the qualifying period compared to England's 38, given player fatigue and injuries how is any of this mullarkey allowed. The India issue smacks to me of a traditionally weak test nation (and an endemic inferiority complex) finding itself with new found power due to TV money and acting with a complete lack of class very nouveau riche.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 4:40 GMT)

2 Tests is a bit annoying. Id like the Black Caps to have as many tests as possible! We need the experience to get better after all. 5 ODIs is pretty excellent though. Shame it cant be accompanied by 5 T20s.

Given that there are only 2 tests, its hardly a proper series, so id rather have 5 ODIs, 5 T20s, and 1 test. Though i would prefer 5 ODIs, and 3 or 5 tests (and have no T20s at all).

Posted by tanstell87 on (September 2, 2013, 4:35 GMT)

BCCI is playing tough with CSA for appointing Lorgat as their CEO who was opposed to BCCI during his ICC reign...also why will BCCI will let go their money from television rights to South way they can do that....i personally think India should play 3 tests on tour of South Africa & then head for NZ tour..and its a possibility that the South Africa tour may be scrapped as Australia ODI series ends on November 2 and if India start WI tour by 6 or 7 November..then 2 tests + 5 ODIs will take almost 25-26 days to end...which means first week of India can play 3 ODIs & 3 tests against South Africa between December 10 & January 15.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 4:33 GMT)

Is BCCI afraid of a humiliation in SA that they are reducing that trip to Play with a weaker NZ that too in INDIA. Then pls call ZIM , Bang to play test in INDIA to patch there record in TEST

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 4:27 GMT)

2 test series are a joke, they should be banned. 3 tests at a minimum and they need to be tied into the amount of ODI and T/20s played. IE if 2 test series then only 3 ODI and 1 T/20, 3-4 tests 5 ODI 2 T/20, 5 Tests play as many ODI and T/20s as you want.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 4:18 GMT)

Funny how things change. Few years ago NZC was BCCI's enemy no. 1 and BCCI essentially punished it for providing atrocious and doctored drop in pitches in 2002/03 by cancelling the 2006/07 tour. On the other hand, CSA was BCCI's biggest ally - coming to its aid in 2009 by hosting the IPL and jointly launching the Champion's League with it. Now, NZC has bowed to BCCI pressure and made amends by providing flat tracks on the 2009 tour whereas CSA committed the ultimate sin - openly defying BCCI when it was specifically told to not appoint Lorgat (never mind the fact that BCCI should really have absolute ZERO say in that). And thus we, the fans, are left with two nearly meaningless 2-test series - one cut short because CSA needs to be punished and one anyways planned as short because NZ are anyways likely to be a pretty ordinary test side on the flat tracks they'll be forced to roll out. DISGUSTING BY THE BCCI !!!

Posted by Cricket_Froth on (September 2, 2013, 4:13 GMT)

Madness. India should be playing FOUR or FIVE Tests against South Africa. The BCCI should invest wholeheartedly in promoting what would be amazing series between the world's best, and one of the better up and coming Test sides. There are two reasons Test cricket is struggling; administrative dysfunction and politics. Nothing to do with the game, it's a great game, the best on the planet.

Posted by sramesh_74 on (September 2, 2013, 3:58 GMT)

Looks like the WI series is being arranged to facilitate a farewell series at home for SRT. Moreover, he has a better chance of scoring a few runs at home against the WI attack as against facing Morkel/Steyn/Philander in SA conditions.

Posted by   on (September 2, 2013, 3:54 GMT)

If Indian need to be no.1 in Test Cricket, then they need to play better ranked sides on their home turf. by cutting this SA tour won't help. Also, India will play only two matches against WI & NZ each. BCCI gotta give at least three/four test matches. ICC must make it mandatory to make a test series of minimum three matches.

Posted by Narbavi on (September 2, 2013, 3:48 GMT)

What is going on here? Is the BCCI looking to scrap the south african tour then? That would be terrible for the fans, we badly want to see our new crop of batsmen face the world's best bowling line up on their own backyard, we may lose but it will only make us stronger for the 2014 england tour where we play 5 tests!!

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