New Zealand v Pakistan, 2nd Test, Wellington, 5th day

Talisman Vettori steps down from captaincy

Andrew Fernando at Basin Reserve

January 19, 2011

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Daniel Vettori brings up his sixth Test ton, New Zealand v Pakistan, 2nd Test, Wellington, 2nd day, January 16, 2011
With bat and ball Daniel Vettori has led from the front throughout his time as captain © Getty Images

Daniel Vettori confirmed he would be stepping down from the captaincy after the World Cup, making the second Test at the Basin Reserve his last at the helm. Vettori has captained the side in 32 Tests since he took over from Stephen Fleming in 2007, and sits third on the list of most Tests captained for New Zealand, behind Fleming (80) and John Reid (34).

Vettori said that the plan had always been to step down after the World Cup and that nothing had occurred to convince him to extend his tenure as skipper. "I made that decision three and a half years ago," Vettori said. "So that's it. My timing was always to finish after the World Cup and that stays the same."

Vettori's stint has been a disappointing one for New Zealand, as his captaincy coincided with a significant dip in form for the Test team. Under him, New Zealand have won only six Tests in three years, with four of those wins coming against Bangladesh. They have lost eighteen Tests and drawn thirteen, with nine series losses out of thirteen.

Throughout his captaincy, Vettori has been New Zealand's most consistent performer with the ball, taking 116 wickets at an average of 33.38, ahead of Chris Martin's 93 scalps at 35.08. He has also been routinely called upon to provide stability to New Zealand's batting from the lower order. He's hit four centuries and nine fifties as captain and his aggregate since taking over - 1917 runs - stands behind only Ross Taylor's and Brendon McCullum's during the same period. For much of his captaincy, Vettori has been New Zealand's talisman. A tireless workhorse with the ball, and a courageous fighter with bat in hand.

"There are always regrets, you always want to perform better," Vettori said. "But I can walk away from the captaincy thinking that I gave it everything, particularly with my performance."

The captaincy hasn't been entirely joyless though for Vettori as he singled out victories that brought him satisfaction during his tenure as leader. "The Test win against England and the Test win against Pakistan last year were highlights. Just seeing a group of young guys come into the team [has also been a highlight]. It's a vastly different outfit from the one I started captaining and I think there are some really talented players there."

Vettori also sees a bright future ahead as long as New Zealand's young squad can capitalise on their talent, but claims the team lacks genuine strike power. "If we can get the most out of the likes Taylor, Ryder, McCullum, Guptill and Williamson in the years to come, I think there's an exciting team there. We still need to find fast bowlers coming in. You always want to find guys who can penetrate, so if they come along, that would be great."

Despite stepping down from the captaincy, Vettori confirmed he would continue to play Test cricket and has no plans for retirement as yet. "Test cricket is the part of the game I love. I want to play for as long as I can. There are still a lot of things I want to achieve, so there's no way I'm stepping away from Test cricket."

He will captain the side in the upcoming one-day series against Pakistan, before leading the team to the World Cup. "We've got six one-dayers and then the big World Cup, so there's still a lot of captaincy to come. So that last game-hopefully the World Cup final, that's when the weight [of the captaincy] will be lifted."

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Posted by   on (January 21, 2011, 11:23 GMT)

Interesting comment from Paul Henshaw that we would've won but for a quality bowler up front! That is a big BUT. We have what we have. And we were patently not good enough.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2011, 8:31 GMT)

Interesting selection of Jamie How as back-up wicketkeeper for the world cup since he has never kept wickets, his name has been mentioned before as captain but he has never been able to hold-down a regular spot in the team and his form now does not exactly warrant selection, if he does score some runs i reckon he,ll be the next captain and opener replacing MacIntosh

Posted by chad_reid on (January 21, 2011, 7:32 GMT)

why isnt my comments here about vettori cricinfo dont you guys like it when i praise players that are not indian stop being biased and put everyone's comment here unless they are harmful eg racist etc. Everyone has an opinion here whether you like it or not its you duty/job to put them on here stop being biased towards indians while indians are allowed to say whatever they want about other players and countries grow up

Posted by Scgboy on (January 21, 2011, 6:17 GMT)

i hope he does a tendulkar or dravid and once freed from the burdens of captaincy flourish like there no tomorrow.

Posted by MarkM33 on (January 20, 2011, 18:25 GMT)

Here's a random thought on this: NZ have been always been average but probably less than average over the last few years while Vettori has been in charge albeit due to no fault of Vettori. I think the poor performance of the team is due in large part to the fact the team doesn't seem to be much of a team. This, I think, will be John Wright's biggest challenge in taking the personalities and making them a team, buying into the setup and plan that he has. They could also drop the ridiculous name "Black Caps" and, like every other internationl team, call themselves "New Zealand" the country that they represent. That may help restore a bit of pride.

I wonder if Vettori's resignation as captain will help this process.

Posted by LeftBrain on (January 20, 2011, 16:13 GMT)

Well I dont know, I guess it is good for world cricket that he resigned from captaincy. Vettori may be a good player as far as NZ cricketing standards are concerned, but the maturity and elegance needed for a captain wasnt his thing, the way he dealt with losses, the way he chose not to congratulate opposing teams after defeats, the way he tried to avoid looking into his and his side's weaknesses and work on them, his main focus used to be in degrading opposition and formulating excuses after excuses. I dont think it is any loss for world cricket that he is no more a captain. As a player he was the best NZ could afford to offer in last 5 years or so. But again only by NZ standards!

Posted by Arunprasad.M.S on (January 20, 2011, 14:45 GMT)

A true fighter for his fighter.... Gives 100% for his team on the field. His commitment & the responsibility he took during his tenure as a captain is immense. Good luck man!!!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 12:30 GMT)

as a captain he might not have done well but he has tried a lot with bat and ball.

Posted by GAJARAM on (January 20, 2011, 10:43 GMT)

Not a smart move from NZ point of view......But a good move from vettori's point........bcoz NZ dont want to think of it too much before WC whom to name after him........but vettori can relax and play......and can give 100% both as a player and captain........ALL THE BEST VETTORI AND NZ....who r very dangerous in any megatourney....

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 9:26 GMT)

He pretty much hit the nail on the head we lack a couple of strike bowlers its as simple as that no offence pakistan we would have won with a quality bowler upfront

Posted by nzcricket174 on (January 20, 2011, 8:57 GMT)

Guys stop commenting as if he is retiring! He is still going to play just not as captain.

Posted by durriya on (January 20, 2011, 8:57 GMT)

bye vettori we will not miss u

Posted by sunnymachoo on (January 20, 2011, 7:54 GMT)

Im not glad to see this! But its good he hasn't retired from playing! Best wishes for the future!

Posted by mokam on (January 20, 2011, 6:29 GMT)

a true ambassador of cricket.a gentleman in winning and loosing.did new zealand proud.unlike an argumentative captain i know of that has tarnished the game somewhat. good luck dan and i am glad to hear that you will still be wearing the black and white.

Posted by MinusZero on (January 20, 2011, 6:20 GMT)

NZ are missing a lot. They need accurate genuine fast bowlers and some more consistent batsman. Vettori can't be blamed for the down turn in the test team. Who was it who kept selecting McIntosh?

Posted by Samar_Singh on (January 20, 2011, 5:58 GMT)

Dear Editor , Pls correct me if i am wrong,The article says,

Under him(Vettori), New Zealand have won only six Tests in three years, with four of those wins coming against Bangladesh. They have lost eighteen Tests and drawn thirteen...

that is (6 wins + 18 Loss + 13 Drawn = 37 test in total ) , But he has only captained in 32 test as cricinfo stats suggest .... so where is the mistake ...Thanks in advance...

Now talking about Gentleman Vettori, he has been the most consistence player with both bat and bowl in last 3 years .. If there are few more like Vettori then NZ would be a very decent and sound team..

Posted by MH13 on (January 20, 2011, 5:51 GMT)

so one said ryder for captain ,i could imagin that hed have everyone on the drink be4 and after games lol

Posted by ysfcapricorn on (January 20, 2011, 5:46 GMT)

Dan, you are the MAN....... A real hero.... You deserved a better team than this... Good Job done, the sole her of NZ cricket.... We in Pakistan, and all Cricketing world love you.....

Posted by sickleinmybrain on (January 20, 2011, 5:26 GMT)

As captain, he averages 40 with the bat, 33 with the ball. I just hope he can continue that consistancy in the future.

Posted by butterBum on (January 20, 2011, 5:18 GMT)

gud call Dan! .... you are a man who tries many things in a cricket field capt. bat bowl n field. with all dew respect what NZ need now is a genuine n consistent wicket taker (some one like murali) they need old "Dannie de leg spinner" i hope they get him back instead of trying new things!

"Welcome to India again " n have gud WC!.

Posted by L.Pearce on (January 20, 2011, 5:15 GMT)

Daniel Vettori; Icon, Role model, modern day great. New Zealand Cricket = Daniel Vettori.

Posted by tikna on (January 20, 2011, 4:24 GMT)

Good thing is that he will continue to play

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (January 20, 2011, 4:22 GMT)

Good decsion Vitorie not like Pakistanies where every body wants to captain the team and PCB cannot decide WC captain for pakistan team how ironic.

Cricket is gentlemen game and Vitorie is truely a gentleman , NZ as team is most well behaved team in cricket and Vitorie as captain always stayed calm cool and collected.

Keep it up and keep on playing NZ as NZ needs you on long terms.

Posted by gzawilliam on (January 20, 2011, 3:24 GMT)

I dont agree with the Great captain comments. He led NZ threw a very tough time perhaps dragging them alone with his own performances. But a great captain he is not. Too often has he been way too defensive. Even on the last day of the last test he was giving Martin Guptill more attacking fields than for himself.

I think he was weighed down by lack of resources. But time and time again he showed no faith in his players. From Kane williamson's spin too Brent Arnels seamers.

I think a more attacking captain is needed. I hope Taylor is just that.

Well done vettori. Most players would of thrown in the towel by now with the amount of collapses ingood positions NZ have had recently.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 3:19 GMT)

Disagree with comments that Vettori is a great player ... He's a good player, not great. NZ only had a couple of great players - Hadlee and Crowe. He's an honest player that gives his all. Why not great ... yesterday was a perfect example. He had the chance to bowl us to a victory failed through a combination of negative tactics and lack of spin. Even Hafeez looked a handful on day 4, which Vettori didn't on day 5. That was disappointing. The team hasn't reached great heights under his captaincy. In fact it has gone backwards in both tests and ODIs.He failed to get most out of the players he had. That is a contrast to Fleming as a captain, who overachieved compared to the resources he had.

Posted by Ranura on (January 20, 2011, 2:05 GMT)

I feel very sorry 4 Dan coz his team let him down in his whole career as a captain!!! He was a very consistent player of his own but others did not. Good 2 c Taylor as replacement. Gd luck Dan Vettori!!!

Posted by vinzoid123 on (January 20, 2011, 1:18 GMT)

An absolute legend of the game...NZ Cricket will miss him sorely

Posted by ObserverUS on (January 20, 2011, 1:03 GMT)

Yes, Dan is the Man. It has been a pleasure watching him advance as both captain and player. An ordinary WL record as captain disguises the reality that he has had a shrinking hand to play on the field in the last four years. One could maybe have wished for a bit more risk-taking from Vettori's captaincy, but it hardly seems possible watching the current Black Caps that they made the quarterfinal in the last World Cup. Thin spots on fast bowling and middle order productivity have only gotten thinner.

His own effort has been exemplary. It is a real pleasure to watch a consummate cricket allrounder and student of the game at work, and he has improved every aspect, being especially creative with variations of pace to extend his mastery of bowling. And his 140 in Sri Lanka last year in a losing cause was as fine an innings as anyone has had in recent years. We are fortunate there is more to come.

Posted by NeilMacca on (January 20, 2011, 0:51 GMT)

Have to agree Dan is the Man - but trying to be captain to a team of boys who all have their own personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists etc how could anyone cope these days. Noone seems to remember what it is to be in a team of PLAYERS any more and it's not only our cricket team we have that trouble with....

Concentrate on what you are unequalled at Dan....!!

All the very best

Posted by bentleyjack on (January 20, 2011, 0:30 GMT)

Dan The Man, a true gentleman of the game. As an Aussie too I wish he could have played for us as he would be in any test teams first XI. Lest hope he continues on for a few more years and writes himself into the record books as one of the greatest spinners the game has ever seen.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 0:24 GMT)

Daniel Vittori will always remain in my mind as one of the better Captains of Cricket . A team with his makeup would be extremely hard to beat . He had excellent ability with both bat and ball , and always had control of his behaviour as a leader . In would put him into any Aussie Team . Even NOW . Well done Daniel , you have served your Country very very , well .

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 0:21 GMT)

I might be sounding hopeful but I disagree with comments about there being a lack of bowling 'talent' in new zealand. Along with Vettori, players such as Wagner ,Bennett, Milne , Southee, McCullum and Woodcock we've got plenty of quality speed and spin merchants who fight hard and with the right competition and coaching they will provide the agression and penetration needed to bowl teams out. Hopefully messrs Taylor, Vettori, Wrighty, Donald etc can all provide the guidance that will start achieving results- selections have been disappointing for the world cup and I do not believe we have the best players and correct balance in the country anyway all the best Dan for the World Cup and beyond!!

Posted by   on (January 20, 2011, 0:16 GMT)

Great captain with few resources. With he and McCullum shunning their additional duties i'm sure they'll both become even more determined in their roles.

Posted by MarkM33 on (January 20, 2011, 0:09 GMT)

I don't know how I didn't see why the NZ team management was rearranged before!!

Dan was the king until 3-6 months ago at which point they rearranged the management setup to take away some of his responsibilities and eventually replaced the coach, Greatbatch, with Wright with Vettori's captaincy "retirement" in mind.

Here's my thoughts: Even though he hasn't had much to work with, Dan hasn't been much chop as a captain - Fleming was the king. His bowling (these days) can't be called spin, just slow left-arm that is threatening but not dangerous. His batting is unorthodox but he has succeeded with his technique. Having said that, he's taken more wickets than any other NZ bowler although I suspect that's merely because the rest are less than average (Bond excluded).

He seems a nice guy and he's performed admirably in a less-than-average team so all power to him. Who to take over though?? Taylor and McCullum are the only options really.

Posted by tjdo on (January 19, 2011, 23:49 GMT)

Sad news for NZC but not completely unexpected. His Test captaincy has not been marked with great results but there is more to leadership than that & he leaves it with his dignity & integrity intact if somewhat frustrated by a mercurial team prone to play well one day & be a complete disaster the next. He has dominated NZC like a bearded & bespectaled Colussus. He is the teams' lionheart & its life-support unit - the glue which has held the shaky ediface together over the last 4 years. Goodness knows where NZC would be now without his sterling efforts. Holding aloft the World Cup in a few weeks time would be a fitting end to his time in charge so come on guys, bring it home for Dan the Man, my favourite cricketer by miles! He has earned the pride of all New Zealanders & the respect of all cricketers. Best Wishes for the future, Dan.

Posted by Soupietwist on (January 19, 2011, 22:23 GMT)

Vettori is one of the most underrated players still in world cricket, to average over 30 with the bat mostly at 8 and 7 and to toil on seam friendly pitches to get 300 plus wickets all speaks for itself. The NZ team actually does have a great future if they can find one more fast man (maybe Bennett), I like the fact that they have stuck with Southee even though the rewords are yet to come as he shows great potential and the 6 batters all have shown promise at different stages, they just need to develop consistency which often does not come until players reach 30 tests (Ponting, Clarke, S Waugh great examples of this) I am an Aussie and I can tell you that Vetorri is one of the most respected international crickets in this country and we would love him to be playing for us.

Posted by hedleyvertiyisgod on (January 19, 2011, 21:42 GMT)

Dan is a great player and is one of those guys I always want to do well. Just seems to a grounded bloke. All the best

Posted by oops282 on (January 19, 2011, 21:41 GMT)

J Ryder OR Kane Williamson for captain

Posted by On_me_head_son on (January 19, 2011, 21:37 GMT)

To @Muhammad Hanif Shah & @ice6430 have you noticed by all the other comments on here that you are in the very small minority - like 2 or 3 people - who are knocking the great man? What does this tell you? That you guys obviously haven't been watching the same Vettori as everyone else on here. And if you have then I apologise if I come across rude - you have absolutely no clue about cricket. The guy is a LEGEND & I just wish NZ the best as they play the game with a smile on their face regardless of winning or losing.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 21:25 GMT)

DV is an (almost) unsung superstar. Top player - would make any teams 11. Sad to see him go - hope he stays in the game for another 5 years though - he's got a lot to offer.

Posted by c5nv2838a47i on (January 19, 2011, 21:12 GMT)

I remember when this guy first played against Australia at the WACA. Mark Waugh hit him for six and I thought "This Vettori guy isn't going to last long in Test cricket". Good to eat my own words.

Posted by smudgeon on (January 19, 2011, 21:10 GMT)

Well done Dan - there might not have been a lot of victories, but you've lead the team with grace, humility, integrity and determination - and from the front. So...who now? Ross Taylor is the only one who stands out as a potential captain, but he seems a bit unsettled at the moment. I wouldn't like to see McCullum captain the team, although he has matured a fair bit in recent years. Maybe it'll be a completely left-field selection...

Posted by Octa on (January 19, 2011, 20:30 GMT)

If you are surprised by Dan's ending his captaincy then you don't follow NZ cricket closely - he had talked about this for quite a long time it was a plan set upon from the outset he only wanted to Capt til the 2011 WC.

Ross Taylor will make a good Captain and he will improve his batting consistency because of it.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 20:05 GMT)

stepping down is the best thing for dan people dont know how hard it is to lead a team or a group of player that dont have will to win anymore and i thing blackcap forgot how to win and the need a different approch to game and the player . the cap are a very good team the just lost there way right now and some thing or some diffrent can change that

Posted by On_me_head_son on (January 19, 2011, 19:46 GMT)

Just want to wish Dan Vettori the best for the future. The guy was one of those cricketers who was so under-rated and yet done the business for his team. Cricket needs more people like Dan Vettori - Great performer...Model sportsman and down to earth humble guy. GOOD LUCK DAN!! From a Pakistani supporter.

Posted by Alexk400 on (January 19, 2011, 19:44 GMT)

What NZ needs is a anchor tyep player who is technically sound and loves to grind grind liek dravid , yousuf and kallis, then other stroke makers can play around. They need that glue to be successful team. At present NZ is brittle. With vettori around nz won't be pushovers , they will fight tooth and nail if they have bullets in the gun. At present it is kinda empty if u remove vettori. Also they need atleast one 145kmph bowler to threaten the opposition. Captain is as good as a TEAM.

Even though i admire Vettori's fighting abilities , he did not make others fight along with him. He lacked that extra intangibles like sehwag lacks in captaincy. He thinks captaincy is a job. People who are successful in leadership are people who like to play with people's minds And wants to be in control of their legion all the time. We all know rahul dravid sucked with same indian team when it comes to captaincy. Ross taylor will have same success level as sourav ganguly better than vettori captaincy

Posted by Faizal23 on (January 19, 2011, 19:42 GMT)

one of the worlds greatest player....................... his player led him down......

Posted by Jonnyboy77 on (January 19, 2011, 18:57 GMT)

This is good dan does not like kane williamson if he had of bowled after lunch on day 5 we coulld have won the test .kane will be a future captain in about 5 years he took 5 wickets in the domestic one-day final last year against a very strong auckland batting line up (bopara,vincent,de grandhomme and CO.) he would have done just as well as hafeez the day before.But i will say thank you dan for your constant captaincy has saved us from losing a test against bangladesh(i feel that will happen soon.He has chosen a good time to leave.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 18:17 GMT)

Dan... really a great player & true fighter of the game, but he was little unlucky and could not win more Tests under his captaincy. He should have stayed little more, as New Zeland still need someone like him.

Posted by Pits76 on (January 19, 2011, 18:16 GMT)

its sad to see such a great player step down. Dan was not necessarily a poor captain, he just had a team of under performing players who could not execute the plans on the field. As Ponting proved, captain is only as good as the team.

I do hope, this step does wonders for Dan's career and he goes on to become one of the biggest players of all time.

Posted by vinvin2210 on (January 19, 2011, 18:07 GMT)

A brilliant player who just didnt have a team worthy of him ... I dont think Taylor is ready though to captain in tests... But there are hardly any other options!!!

Posted by cricPassion2009 on (January 19, 2011, 17:57 GMT)

Saddened by Vettori's decision.

My heart goes out for him. He has been nothing short of extraordinary for NZ. He has performed beyond expectations and beyond his limitations.

I'll rate him as one of the best triers and players ever and it's good that he will continue to play test cricket.

Posted by Shri080 on (January 19, 2011, 17:55 GMT)

One of the Gr8 Player in Current season and all time. Gold by character.. All the best in future. At least he can enjoy cricket without captaincy..

Posted by muski on (January 19, 2011, 17:23 GMT)

Vettori has been the wrong man in the worng team at the wrong time. In the last 25 years if NZ cricket has produced any International cricketer worth its salt, its Hadlee, Martin Crowe and Daniel Vettori. The fact that Vetorri will the only second cricketer after our fabulous Kapil to achieve in due couse( he is just about 60 odd wickets away) the double of 400 test wickets and 4000 test runs will give a perspective of how underrated an allrounder he is. NZ cricket like that of their neighbors is going nowhere at the moment- they can only whip the Bangladesh team now. Just as well Vettori may dream of a world cup final spot, its a far fetched one. Their young guns including Taylor and Bevda are highly inconsistent. They bowling department looks woeful. Cant see a light at their end of their tunnel for the moment

Posted by asadkum on (January 19, 2011, 17:17 GMT)

Mohammad Asad from USA ................................................................. Dan is a great fighter !!!!! a good human being as well ............................... As a captain; he does not have success in recent times --- but right now who else is there to replace ?????????? may be Tayler ............................................ I guess NZ will come back in WC and may surprise ..................................... So far I remember in '92 WC they did really well - won almost all the matches except with Pak ...............................................................................

Posted by wiseshah on (January 19, 2011, 17:15 GMT)

franklin should be the captain

Posted by Fareen on (January 19, 2011, 16:23 GMT)

Yes,he was not performing well as a captain..but who's there to lead the side? Mccullam gave up the glove work to concentrate on his batting and everyone saw how bad a captain he is when he led KKR.Taylor is short of runs and confidence.Who else? Guptill? Not a permanent member of the side till now.You can't depend on Ryder too.So,I think there's no replacement for Daniel.

Posted by CricketChat on (January 19, 2011, 16:19 GMT)

I think the humiliation at the hands of Bangladesh in ODIs last yr must have forced him to make up his mind to quit. It is no fun to lead when your teams gets bashed up time after time. Now, he can just concentrate on his own performances which also suffered due to captaincy stress. I think Ross Taylor is the best bet. He is young and has at least a good 7/8 yrs at the top still.

Posted by AussiePhoenix on (January 19, 2011, 16:15 GMT)

Yep, Dan is THE MAN. I really admire his integrity and sportsmanship. He could come live in Australia any day - but he never would. He lives and fights for NZ, which is what makes him such a legend. Agree with comments about him being more of an allrounder from mid-career to present.

Posted by Hero557 on (January 19, 2011, 16:07 GMT)

What has he not done for NZ cricket, leading wicket-taker and scoring runs like a regular batsman in recent years. Without him NZ cricket would have sunk very low. Feel a bit sorry for him since he is surrounded with so many under-performing players. This should free him up now. You are a great cricketer dan!

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 15:59 GMT)

@Ravi Kant Yadav is spot on in his comment! quite sad.. Dan was one of greatest hard working fighters of the game in his era. he always did his best - I cannot think an occasion he faulted. and I was shocked to see he hadn't put more test wins under his belt - I thought NZ were a better unit in this period of regime. prime reason NZ couldn't win more in recent times i think is lack of match winning strike bowlers and couple of match winning batsmen whom the world will fear.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 15:57 GMT)

Really he is a great fighter ,............. the KIWI allrounder found for an era.......

Posted by lamecoolguy on (January 19, 2011, 15:55 GMT)

Vettori was a great fighter, hard worker and a man with grit determination. Whether it be with a ball or bat in hand, he gave a 100%.

Posted by crictejas on (January 19, 2011, 15:37 GMT)

Dan the Man...thats what everybody call him..he is one of the best of his time and played amongst not so good team but still made max of it..i still remember endless number of test matches where he will come in at 120/6 and take them to 300 + total. All the best..!

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 15:32 GMT)

One of my all time favourite players, and I'm an Aussie!!

Posted by Cricket.Nellore on (January 19, 2011, 15:28 GMT)

I predict the NZ will come/be as an underdog in worldcup and surprise everyone by winning the World Cup. I still see them a very potential team. I see that all the players are failing at the same time in this season.

Posted by nzcricket174 on (January 19, 2011, 15:23 GMT)

Ross Taylor will take the reigns for sure. All we can hope is that Taylor ends up like Misbah - a better batsmen after gaining captaincy.

Posted by Rakesh.Sinha on (January 19, 2011, 15:22 GMT)

He is certainly a good spiner and a good captain also inspite of ups and down in performance of their team mates he is consistently performing during his captaincy. But it is good decision by Daniel Vettori. He has to do alot more than captaincy in cricket ...................

Posted by shameerpvt on (January 19, 2011, 15:17 GMT)

New Zealand team is almost the best behaved team in cricket... Wish them for success....

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 15:17 GMT)

I have always admired Dan who is one of the finest all rounders in the world. His bowling is a pleasure to watch and he went about his cricket in a calm, clever, and a well spirited manner. I hope that everything works out for him and that he will play cricket for many years to come.

Posted by iammadhu on (January 19, 2011, 14:57 GMT)

gentleman - too bad his team was not consistent to deliver results

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 14:54 GMT)

thank God he hasnt decided to retire...... otherwise i thnk he will join the grp of players retiring with as lkot of potential left... bt still its a sad that he has decided to leave was his underperforming team rather vthan his captaincy which was not allowing new zealand to win consistently...

Posted by amclean on (January 19, 2011, 14:32 GMT)

I find this very odd, probably because I can't remember a situation where a captain stepped aside as if it was like hoping off a bus. It's not like there is a better option, or someone who has been groomed for a long time, or that it was his form that was an issue, or that he has fallen out with the board, nor is it a new coach that wanted him out.

Posted by nzcricket174 on (January 19, 2011, 14:29 GMT)

The only way forward for NZ is for us to doctor our pitches in our that when the sub-continent teams come over they can't handle them. I'm sorry but I admit that's the only way we can do it.

Posted by Lakpj on (January 19, 2011, 14:28 GMT)

It is not Dan's fault that NZ r struggling as a team,just that the team doesn't have enough quality players other than Ross and himself.His stepping down won't solve the team's problem. It might make the problem more complicated.Anyway he is gentleman and a good sportsman.Wish him and the team all the best..

Posted by zn264 on (January 19, 2011, 14:27 GMT)

This is good new for New Zealand cricket, it's time to put these tough 3 years behind us, and get on with what looks to be a bright future. We seem to have put a team together that can beat top sides, we just need everyone to fire and be in top form, not just one or two allowing us to limp along and never put pressure on the oppistion. We saw it this series, Taylor plays OK, Ryder is terrible, Martin bowls well, Vettori is so so. Time for a captain to unite this team! Good luck to dan though for the world cup, NZ will do well no doubt.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 14:15 GMT)

Good & Great Player of all the time

Posted by cricinme on (January 19, 2011, 14:12 GMT)

I am an India fan but I have always liked Dan as an allrounder. Now that the burden of captaincy is not there I think he will perform much better. Wish you good luck, my all time NZ favourite, after Chris Cairns.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 14:10 GMT)

He is always a great fighter..

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 14:05 GMT)

I'll remember Vettori as a great player that lacked captaincy skills. Hope he continues to play for the next 4-5 years (form permitting), and hopefully NZ can find someone that does have natural captaincy ability - and soon. This series and WC should have been Flemings swansong (he's now 37), but instead the internal wranglings saw him retire 3 1/2 years too early at the peak of career.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 14:04 GMT)

He was allowed to do everything apart from captaining the team...he was always required to bat, take wickets with all 10 players occasionally fielding... good he a-tleast can concentrate on bowling...hope he can play longer though he has resigned captaincy...he is great ambassador for the game.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:57 GMT)

It's Really Sad..he's a great player and sports man. I wish him luck and may he continue playing in the near future :) Regards from Pakistan !

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:50 GMT)

Vettori is a class act and a class player. It's a shame his captaincy reign was when NZ was in such a massive talent drought.

Hope to see him do well in the side in the future.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:36 GMT)

Any thoughts as to who will succeed Vettori as leader of the Black Caps? My money's on Brendon McCullum at the moment.

Posted by Philip_Gnana on (January 19, 2011, 13:33 GMT)

Daniel has been the Lone Ranger for the Black Caps the past few years. Not only has he been their chief wicket taker, but has been consistent with the bad. A good allrounder for the Black caps. The good news is that he is only resigning his captaincy. Who is going to fill that gap when he decides to call it a day? Some of the countries are still struggling to fill the void created by their former great players OZ, SL, Windies, Paks....

Daniel has been a great servant to Cricket. Philip Gnana, Surrey

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:33 GMT)

Danny, have a great life ahead. Though, obviously being a cricket fan I hate to see you step down from captaincy (knowing that you are best person for the job), but I'm happy things are working out as you had planned. I just hope your team had a better record than what it has during your captaincy, you deserve far more than that. Wish you luck, Dan.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:21 GMT)

using lower order batting seems to classify him as a tailender of which he is far from hes a genuine all rounder to everyone except cricinfo he has more centuries than flintoff, cairns,oram,hadlee etc

Posted by Jak007 on (January 19, 2011, 13:20 GMT)

good thinking from Vettori, he should resign to concentrate himself fully on his bowling as well as batting. he is good cricketer but he need to be free with no responsibilities to improve his skills.

Posted by ammarh on (January 19, 2011, 13:20 GMT)

Most well behaved and calm cricketer of this time

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:16 GMT)

Dan the Man has been the most consistent cricketer I have ever seen in the last 3 years. I know I have made a very out going and a bold comment here claiming him to be the most consistent performer, I do this because he has always made his presence felt in the game whether it is with the bat, bowl or fielding changes but he has been there. I reckon with time and the coming generation looking into his laurels that he has done in and off the field has to be called a real true legend ever born in the world of cricket. I would not be surprised if he were to be given the knighthood and hence named Sir Daniel Vettori. You are the real deal Dan. I look forward to seeing you play until you are 38. Three Cheers for you Sir Dan. Hip Hip Hooray (x3 times) :P

Posted by Alexk400 on (January 19, 2011, 13:15 GMT)

Vettori is a Great Fighter!

Posted by OutStumped on (January 19, 2011, 13:03 GMT)

Respect, mate. Atleast you knew when to step down, unlike some of the other captains. Hoping to see you perform even better once the burden of captaincy is lifted off your shoulders. Coach, Captain, Backbone - no team would've asked more from a player. Legend!

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 13:00 GMT)

gr8 character! well done and good luck for future!

Posted by crackers134 on (January 19, 2011, 12:57 GMT)

What a brilliant player Vettori has been, perhaps the greatest kiwi ever? As an Aussie I have loved watching him play, he would be most welcome in the baggy green! Have watched the Pakistan series and he is still a fantastic cricketer with bat or ball and should have many years at the top level left, don't know who will replace him as captain though. Pity he hasn't captained a top ranked team.

Posted by Dr_Van_Nostrand on (January 19, 2011, 12:47 GMT)

Sad news, but we all knew it was coming. May he continue to play for many years to come.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 12:46 GMT)

Sad news. Hope he will play few more tests. Great personality and sportsman. Wishing vettori and NZ team all the success in worldcup.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 12:45 GMT)

Without his leadership newzealand cant progress much. Thy havent got that in ross taylor.

Posted by ice6430 on (January 19, 2011, 12:36 GMT)

bye bye vettori, youre no good

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 12:32 GMT)

Great Player... Well Done Matey...

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 12:30 GMT)

Good man to be around but over rated cricketer for a captain. Stephen Fleming was the real captain.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 12:22 GMT)

Daniel Vettori is the world's top all-rounder today and has been so for the past several years. His performance has been simply amazing. True, Australia and Englnad have had some star all-rounders like Watson and Flintoff, but they (a) did not have to face their own bowling or batting in anger, and (b) they got to practice against those stars every day in the next. Vettori's performance has been so far above that of his teammates. When I note that he bats and bowls in Test cricket wearing glasses, it really boggles the mind.

New Zealand is a small country, and it is remarkable that they have managed to field competitive teams at the world level. But no one told Vettori this, as he kept pulling off the most incredible feats of sheer determination. What a fighter! What a star!

Posted by MH13 on (January 19, 2011, 11:50 GMT)

this a gud move for nz cricket ,vettori made a few mistakes in india ,its time for a change so he can focus on bowling, i think nz team looks gud in a few years ,with Wagner ,Bennett, Milne , Southee to carry the attack all the batters are young guys. would be great to find another gud young spinner.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 11:49 GMT)

Good work Dan buddy, your a legend mate!

Posted by rzi-BDML on (January 19, 2011, 11:35 GMT)

Great man, greaet player and reasonabley gud captain among the people around, we'll miss him

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 11:32 GMT)

Will miss ya Dan... Or shud I say, will mis ya Mr.NewZealand :(

Posted by robheinen on (January 19, 2011, 11:32 GMT)

We're very fortunate to still be able to enjoy watching you play, Danny. Onya!

Posted by Sprewell on (January 19, 2011, 11:30 GMT)

Alot of admiration for Vettori. He seems like a top bloke, a real cricket brain and a great player. I hope you continues to perform well despite giving up captaincy.

Posted by ozwriter on (January 19, 2011, 11:28 GMT)

sad loss to new zealand's cricketing landscape. vettori is a cricketing hero not only with his skills and passion on the field but his behaviour, humility and good character off the field. wish him all the best for the rest of this career.

Posted by katandthat3 on (January 19, 2011, 11:27 GMT)

Well done Dan for your efforts despite not always getting the results you were after. Will still continue to be a huge player for NZ and offer the next logical captain Ross Taylor some excellent support.

Posted by nzcricket174 on (January 19, 2011, 11:24 GMT)

Hopefully this will allow Vettori to play with less weight on his shoulders making him a better player. Also I hope this doesn't ruin Ross Taylor as he has just come back to form.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 11:24 GMT)

Daniel U R Great mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:)

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 11:21 GMT)

great loss for NZ, a captain should always be a performer too, and there is no better performer than Dan for the Kiwis, gud for him though, can concentrate more on his performance and be a better player..and with him around anyone who is named next (taylor, if not for any surprises) always have some one to look around...

Posted by GoodSelector on (January 19, 2011, 11:20 GMT)

good job dan. u are the teams best player and best leader. well done Your team may not have won a lot of test matches but u are a winner in my books.

Posted by sathishbabu4u on (January 19, 2011, 10:54 GMT)

very good cricketer , but not a good captain.. better newzealand will find good captain soon. newzealand needs somebody who is more aggressive and see more wins for newzealand

Posted by pom_basher on (January 19, 2011, 10:49 GMT)

Hope New Zealand gets some better results under the new captain

Posted by Haleos on (January 19, 2011, 10:44 GMT)

Good luck to Vettori. He has been NZ's best player for many years now. NZ needs someone like Bond to lift them. Also the pitches in NZ need to support them. They looked more like sub continent pitches during the current series.

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 10:42 GMT)

I really don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. To be really blunt, the Kiwis have a real shortage of talent right now as the new breed of players, aside from Taylor and Ryder, simply don't have the talent to be considered world class players. I really don't think a new skipper will make much of a difference...

Posted by   on (January 19, 2011, 10:41 GMT)

poor vetti.... wish NZ could reach FINAL.. It s real difficult.. but not imposible. They got the tallent.. If they dire on there luck and the team performs in WCUP only.. it would be great..

Lets wish IND-NZ filan :) and IND wins... LOL...

INDIA is so unpredictible everytime...

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