Pakistan tour of New Zealand, 1st T20I: New Zealand v Pakistan at Auckland, Dec 26, 2010
New Zealand won by 5 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
26 December 2010 (20-over match)

Mills to Shahid Afridi, SIX, Ho, ho hoick, Santa would say. Afridi does not have to shuffle across for the whip this time. It was in the slot, full on the pads and he lofted it cleanly off the wrists. The side boundaries are longer than usual at the Eden Park, not long enough to keep this in. Beats deep square leg for a six. Afridi is away.

Pakistan 13/0   Shahid Afridi 7* (6b 1x6)   KD Mills 0.3-0-6-0

Mills to Shahid Afridi, SIX, well, the side boundaries are short - the straight boundaries are in another league altogether. Afridi throws his bat at a back of length delivery outside off and gets an outside edge. Not much pace on that ball, yet the edge flies straight over the third man fence.

Pakistan 19/0   Shahid Afridi 13* (7b 2x6)   KD Mills 0.4-0-12-0

Milne to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, that's been brutalised. Milne serves one on the length and Shehzad is ready. Stays back in the crease and whacks the lacquer off that one. It lands a couple of moments later, well over wide long-on.

Pakistan 51/1   Ahmed Shehzad 14* (4b 2x4 1x6)   AF Milne 1.4-0-24-0

McCullum to Umar Gul, SIX, forget footwork, forget everything if you can hit it that hard. It helps that the ground is particularly short in that region towards midwicket. Gul doesn't move forward or back. He stays where he is and slams a reasonably good delivery straightening into him over the midwicket stand

Pakistan 109/7   Umar Gul 29* (29b 3x4 1x6)   NL McCullum 1.5-0-10-0

Milne to Wahab Riaz, SIX, Riaz has decided time is running out. Milne gives him a half volley on middle stump and that's all he needs. Digs deep back in the crease and blasts it over long on. Easily clears the boundary.

Pakistan 118/9   Wahab Riaz 13* (14b 1x6)   AF Milne 3.1-0-37-0

Milne to Shoaib Akhtar, SIX, boy, this ground is even smaller than I thought. Milne lands one back of a length, angling into Shoaib at good pace and the batsman plays a rather ungainly lofted tonk towards the leg side - I'm afraid there's no better way to describe the shot. And it carries almost out of the ground. How? Go figure.

Pakistan 125/9   Shoaib Akhtar 6* (3b 1x6)   AF Milne 3.5-0-44-0

Mills to Wahab Riaz, SIX, launched away. Wahab gets average connection on that one. The commentator on TV expects it to be hauled in, but he doesn't seem to have figures just how small this ground is. Another six over midwicket

Pakistan 133/9   Wahab Riaz 20* (17b 2x6)   KD Mills 3.2-0-27-3





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