Pakistan tour of New Zealand, 1st ODI: New Zealand v Pakistan at Wellington, Jan 22, 2011
New Zealand won by 9 wickets (with 196 balls remaining)
22 January 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, and the away swinger continues to work perfectly. Lands on a length outside off and moves away from new man Asad Shafiq who lets it go


Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, another one, this is superb use of the seam. Asad sees it carefully and does well to resist from flashing at it


Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, this time Southee foxes him into the shot, but does so much with the ball that Asad misses the drive. Lands on driving length as it comes in with the angle and then swerves away like a yoyo. He was driving in another zip code altogether.


Southee to Asad Shafiq, FOUR, unlucky for the bowler. Once again, Southee slips in the inducker after making the batsman look out of his depth with an away swinger. Asad did not see it coming, was taken by surprise by the slight shortening of length and then by the inward movement. He tried to cover the line in a hurry, but only got an inside edge that whistled past leg stump for four


Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, that's not a bad idea. Leave outside off as another one moves away

Pakistan 26/2   Asad Shafiq 4* (5b 1x4)

Oram to Asad Shafiq, 1 wide, this time he starts the movement from too far outside off and it is called a wide


Oram to Asad Shafiq, no run, short of a length and good bounce outside off, Asad lets it go after reaching across


Oram to Asad Shafiq, no run, pushes Asad back with a back of length delivery with decent lift. Defended compactly off the back foot towards the covers


Oram to Asad Shafiq, no run, and a spiffing legcutter now from Oran. Seam bolt upright, landed with purpose back of a length outside off and then it moves away with disconcerting bounce. Shafiq did well not to edge that


Oram to Asad Shafiq, no run, another one. It moved away lesser, making it more likely to take a wicket, but Asad played inside the line and did not get the edge. Oram has hit the ground running here.

Pakistan 28/2   Asad Shafiq 4* (9b 1x4)

Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, another one that goes away, Shafiq is more confident leaving those that begin well outside off


Southee to Asad Shafiq, no run, poor shot selection from Shafiq, stays back and looks to play an ambitious square cut to a ball that wasn't short enough or wide enough for the shot. It swerves away and misses the edge


Southee to Asad Shafiq, OUT, see you later Asad Shafiq. Having snared two with the away swing, he's now got one with the inducker. Shafiq was not reading the movement at all, and has been made to look out of his depth in his short stay. He came forward and across in hope this time and played all around it. Rapped in front of middle, and despite the angle, umpire Saheba reckons that was crashing into the furniture. Replays are in, that actually hit him well high on the pads. Might have been a rough call.

Asad Shafiq lbw b Southee 4 (11m 12b 1x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Pakistan 29/3   Asad Shafiq 4 (12b 1x4)





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