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He's gonna look like England after Bangladesh got a hold of 'em.

WWE commentator JBL can't resist a dig at England when commentating on English wrestler Bad News Barrett

Mar 10, 2015 Tweet | Share

It's not a big deal getting players up for the game. It's a World Cup. Everybody is like a kid at Christmas.

England captain Eoin Morgan wasn't really satisfied with his team's performance on the field against Sri Lanka

Mar 1, 2015 Tweet | Share

Tough times don't last, but tough blokes do.

Brendon McCullum on his "champion" friend Eoin Morgan

Feb 19, 2015 Tweet | Share

I remember the 1992 World Cup final. It's my earliest memory. Inzamam-ul-Haq was skinny. Well, skinny-ish.

Moeen Ali dials back 23 years

Feb 7, 2015 Tweet | Share

There are probably Australians stubbing their toes today because of my work.

Stuart Broad is modest about his masonry skills while laying slabs at a swimming pool in Melbourne as a 17-year-old

Feb 7, 2015 Tweet | Share

All the muppets who are on £18 grand, £15 grand, either you become better or you go and do something else

Kevin Pietersen has a suggestion for improving quality in English domestic cricket, the day before failing to take Melbourne Stars into final of BBL

Jan 25, 2015 Tweet | Share

We're happy to tootle along in a two-litre diesel in a Formula 1 race.

Graeme Swann remains a staunch critic of England's one-day strategy

Aug 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

I have seen fewer hookers in Soho on a Saturday night.

Bob Willis remarks on England's handling of the short ball at Lord's against India

Jul 22, 2014 Tweet | Share

Dharmasena is behaving like Dickie Bird now. Everything is not out.

Wasim Akram on the umpiring at Lord's

Jul 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

I've seen 5-0 a few times's not the end of the world, Brazil!

Kevin Pietersen tweets his take on Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-final

Jul 9, 2014 Tweet | Share

At least you don't have stones being thrown at your houses.

Ravi Shastri looks at the bright side of the criticisms faced by Alastair Cook

Jul 1, 2014 Tweet | Share

I hope my attack is better than a county attack.

Angelo Mathews, the victorious Sri Lanka captain, responds to Michael Vaughan's claim that the side had "a glorified county attack".

Jun 25, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'm a fair dinkum pom

A few days after Sam Robson's debut, Sam Hain nails his colours to England's mast

Jun 18, 2014 Tweet | Share

I was called a donkey, wasn't I? So, yes, I do remember that

Alastair Cook remembers his first series as ODI captain, against Sri Lanka

May 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

I can't bear to watch them. They are so boring.

Kevin Pietersen airs his opinion on ODIs

May 5, 2014 Tweet | Share

Contrary to popular belief I actually have a really good relationship with most of the guys in the [England] dressing room.

Shocking revelations from Kevin Pietersen

Apr 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

Part of me would love to put my name into the mix, but I would want KP in the team and lose 10 support staff. I could go on.

Shane Warne responds to being asked if he is interested in becoming the England coach

Apr 7, 2014 Tweet | Share

It's unrealistic to get your yorkers going bowling with a bar of soap.

Stuart Broad on the challenges of bowling in dew-ridden conditions, like in Chittagong for England's World T20 match against South Africa

Mar 30, 2014 Tweet | Share

We're not too sure about them but at least you can tell where your fielders are.

England spinner James Tredwell finds the team's new t-shirts useful

Mar 20, 2014 Tweet | Share

I wouldn't get in the Scotland team now. I told them that

Paul Collingwood admits the T20 game has moved on dramatically in just a few years

Mar 8, 2014 Tweet | Share

I stood next to her because I thought height-wise we were pretty similar.

Sunil Gavaskar recalls meeting the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace during the 1975 World Cup

Feb 14, 2014 Tweet | Share

His [Pietersen's] relationship with English cricket has been like an illicit affair. Full of thrills and excitement, but destined to end in tears.

Former England captain Andrew Strauss' opinion of the sacked Kevin Pietersen

Feb 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

It's going to be really hard not going to breakfast with a miserable Jimmy Anderson every morning, breaking him in slowly through the day and seeing a smile about tea-time

Graeme Swann on what he'll miss the most after retiring from international cricket

Dec 22, 2013 Tweet | Share

If I was Andy Flower I would be saying either [Pietersen] goes or I go.

In a newspaper column, Geoff Boycott writes that it's time for England to drop Kevin Pietersen

Dec 21, 2013 Tweet | Share

We finished third in a two-horse race.

Matt Prior is honest about his team's assessment down under

Dec 17, 2013 Tweet | Share

It's a cute little smile that he's got. I didn't mind giving him a little one back as well.

Mitchell Johnson compliments Joe Root and promises plenty of "mindgames" in the Perth Test

Dec 11, 2013 Tweet | Share

I am very happy and it will allow me to have lot more rice

Eoin Morgan on being given a rice cooker for being Man of the Match in a Dhaka Premier Division game

Nov 30, 2013 Tweet | Share

I'd dry retch for the next three days

Merv Hughes gives an unsurprising response to England's leaked menu

Nov 8, 2013 Tweet | Share

It does change your blood pressure slightly

Alastair Cook responds to repeated criticism of his captaincy from Shane Warne

Nov 6, 2013 Tweet | Share

There's a bit of pressure on me now if anything electrically goes wrong in the dressing room

Michael Carberry says his other skills as an electrician can come in useful

Nov 1, 2013 Tweet | Share

We are not playing for a cheese sandwich.

Stuart Broad defends himself over a feisty reputation

Oct 29, 2013 Tweet | Share

He wouldn't stop until he had got my elbow sticking out properly.

British prime minister David Cameron on getting batting tips from Geoffrey Boycott, an event he called the his most exciting moment of the year

Oct 19, 2013 Tweet | Share

Admitting to being a Tory in Scotland is seen as weird, like cross-dressing or liking cricket.

The plight of Scottish cricket fans, as explained by Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Spectator, to members at the Conservative Party Conference

Oct 3, 2013 Tweet | Share

I've obviously got a bit more photogenic in my old age.

James Tredwell's reaction to being the cover star of the one-day series guide

Sep 13, 2013 Tweet | Share

No, I don't have an extra long bed, I kind of lie across the bed a little bit on the diagonal. I haven't got round to buying a bigger bed at the minute but I will do

Boyd Rankin explains one of the difficulties of being a tall fast bowler

Sep 10, 2013 Tweet | Share

I think the call of nature might have come once or twice but it was nothing untoward

Graeme Swann is oblique about allegations that England players urinated on the Oval pitch during their celebrations

Aug 26, 2013 Tweet | Share

I know the fans get a refund for their ticket today but maybe they should have for yesterday

Australia's James Faulkner subtly expresses his displeasure at the pace of England's play on day three at The Oval

Aug 24, 2013 Tweet | Share

I just hope the Australian public give it to him [Stuart Broad] right from the word go for the whole summer and I hope he cries and he goes home.

Australia coach Darren Lehmann has clearly not forgiven Broad over the controversial walking incident in the first Test

Aug 21, 2013 Tweet | Share

My phone went into a bit of a meltdown.

Left-arm spinner Simon Kerrigan after being included in the England squad for the final Ashes Test

Aug 19, 2013 Tweet | Share

He cuts, I pull. He flicks it, I drive it.

Ian Bell on how he and Kevin Pietersen have different answers to the same ball

Aug 12, 2013 Tweet | Share

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