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Ryder testing patience - Wright

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John Wright, the New Zealand coach, has admitted Jesse Ryder is testing his patience with his indiscretions. Ryder was dropped from the third ODI against South Africa after breaking team protocol following New Zealand's defeat in Napier. He went out to a hotel after the game, along with Doug Bracewell, who was also dropped, and got into an argument with a patron.

When asked if Ryder, who has had problems with alcohol and has been involved in three other such indiscretions as an international cricketer, was testing his patience, Wright said, "It's fair to say that." He added: "He's a talented cricketer and it's up to him and certainly everyone has the opportunity to play if they perform and are fit and abide by some of the rules that go with being in the team.

"The door is open for any player but there are standards you need to reach.

"It's a distraction to be honest. We have talked about it, we are over it and we have a big game tomorrow - we are up against a good side. You do get a little bit disappointed. But it's part of life and people make mistakes and you get on with it. We wouldn't want this to be happening regularly."

Ryder was recovering from a split webbing in his hand and Bracewell from a hamstring injury; team protocol dictated that players "rehabilitating from injury should not consume alcohol." Asked if other players should be looking out for Ryder, Wright said, "That can be difficult. Most players at that time of night are in bed ... the professional ones."

Brendon McCullum, the New Zealand wicketkeeper-batsman and captain for the ODI series, also expressed his disappointment. "You've got a very disappointed bunch of players, and hopefully New Zealand Cricket will take that on board as well,'' he told Radio Sport.

"There's obviously some contractual obligations which need to be met along the way, which Jesse isn't meeting at this stage, and I'm sure that there'll be some intense discussions between Jesse's people and New Zealand Cricket around that contractual stuff.

"The players wanted Jesse back when he was playing well and in the right head-space, but the team did not want these sorts of distractions'.

"From our point of view, we'd just suffered another tough loss, our fourth in a row, and it certainly wasn't the time to be out socialising and being seen in public drinking."

Ryder has also been left out of the first Test against South Africa, though for form reasons. McCullum, however, admitted such breaches were frustrating for the team. "This is probably one of the more minor events, but ultimately it's probably one of the more definitive ones as well. So from a team-mate perspective, it is frustrating because you just want your team performances to be doing the talking rather than any off-field behaviour.''

Bracewell's father Brendon Bracewell, who played six Tests for New Zealand, said his son was "extremely embarrassed" by the incident. "Hopefully he'll learn a lot from it. I said, mate, you've got to take this kind of stuff on the chin. Doug's a young guy and it's a steep learning curve but there's no excuse not to stick with the team protocol."

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  • Kevin on March 3, 2012, 8:35 GMT

    At least Ryder has some excuse for not playing well! What reason can the rest of the NZ side give? Maybe a few drinks would actually help their performances.

  • Srinivas on March 2, 2012, 21:10 GMT

    If NZC is smart and can do this, they need to request Ricky Ponting to come down to NZ and mentor this kid. Remember that Ricky also went through such a phase in his life, but wisened up enough to lead the Oz team. Ryder is obviously very talented (even for me, for being an Indian and Indian team fan). What he needs is a friendly hand over his shoulder to guide him through. Read "Mentor". John Wright being "school master" is not going to help. Reach out to international cricketers and hire them on "consultant" basis. That will greatly help youngmen like Ryder.

  • Douglas on March 2, 2012, 13:47 GMT

    Jesse Ryder another tremendous talent that may never be fulfilled. How anyone with such talent can squander it is beyond me, I would have done anything (almost) to have a similar ability. He has to get his head around what he really wants, if it is nightclubs and boozing then forget international cricket and hope to get some games in the IPL and so on. If he wants to be an international player then make the effort and be disciplined in his behaviour. It's really quite simple.

  • Dummy4 on March 2, 2012, 9:37 GMT

    In both Hershelle Gibbs's book as well as Mickey Arthur's bio, the story goes how Hershey was on the thinnest of thin ice after getting absolutely slaughtered yet again - the night before a critical ODI series decider against SA's greatest foe, Australia. He couldn't even make catching practice that morning and was due to get dropped once and for all on completion of the match - no question. Of course history shows he went on to make 176 odd in chasing down 434 for the win. Bought him a few more years in the side...

  • Moses on March 2, 2012, 8:44 GMT

    Jessie Ryder is proving to be a 'spoilt brat' for New Zealand cricket! So what's the best place for him? IPL, I guess!

  • Andrew on March 2, 2012, 8:39 GMT

    These comments, from coach and captain, are very telling. It appears that Jesse Ryder is isolated now and may struggle to get back in the side. One thinks of George Best and his ability to booze heavily a play brilliantly each week. The difference was that Best was super fit and trained incredibly hard. Ryder doesn't give the impression he posses the same determination.

  • Dummy4 on March 2, 2012, 8:39 GMT

    It's sad .. Ryder is a clearly talented lad. He has had his problems in the past, he's earned enough leeway with his performances, and has talked about how he wanted to shrug off such habits. It's about time he walked the talk. Glad Doug Bracewell feels embarrassed, as he should be. They need to know, the days of Boon guzzling 52 cans of beer, or Sobers playing after whole night of drinking are long gone..

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