West Indies in New Zealand 2013-14 December 23, 2013

Gibson, Pybus to plot way forward for West Indies in Tests


The future of the West Indies Test team will be mapped out early next year with the coach Ottis Gibson and the new director of cricket Richard Pybus set to meet to discuss how to respond to the recent slump in results.

Four of West Indies' last five Tests have been heavy defeats and without rain in Dunedin it would have been five losses on in a row, undoing the strides made over the previous year where the side had strung together six straight Test victories.

Their next Test assignment is not until May when they host New Zealand in a return series, but although Gibson wants to use the gap to make a considered judgement on his team, it seems inconceivable that significant changes won't take place. Pybus only joined the WICB in late October, shortly before West Indies went to India, so there has been limited opportunity for him to work with Gibson.

"We've had some discussions already about where we are and my thoughts on what we need to do to move forward," Gibson said. "There's a meeting pencilled in for us when we get back, including the selectors, to try and plot the way forward. We have five months before the next Test series which gives us some time."

West Indies were hampered in New Zealand by the absence of Kemar Roach, due to a shoulder injury, and Chris Gayle, but the discussions between Gibson and Pybus will also need to focus on the status of players such as Ravi Rampaul and Fidel Edwards, who have doubts over their viability for Test cricket, and whether to recall other experienced figures such as Ramnaresh Sarwan and Dwayne Bravo.

In the aftermath of the 2-0 loss against New Zealand, which was sealed by a collapse for 103 in the second innings in Hamilton where all 10 wickets fell in a session, Darren Sammy spoke about careers being on the line but Gibson said there will be no hasty decisions.

"When you've just lost a series, and the way we've lost, emotions run high and people start talking about careers being on the line and it's a bit premature," he said. "We can get home, let the dust settle and assess where we are. We can come up with a plan, but also decide who the right personnel are."

He did, though, concede that patience was wearing thin especially when it came to the batting performances. "Batting collapses happen. In our team they happen too often. It's a sickening feeling when it happens to your team."

In the short term Gibson has the limited-overs leg of the New Zealand tour to focus on, which brings with it a change of captain - Dwayne Bravo replaces Sammy for the ODIs, but not the T20s - and Gibson hopes for a fresh approach.

"Dwayne brings his own energies," he said. "Sometimes what is going on in the Tests can drain the players, it can have a drain on the captain as well. Having a new figure head in the one-dayers, and some new players, means we aren't taking too much baggage into the series."

There is also the chance that Gayle will be available for the two Twenty20s that round off the tour next month. Gayle picked up a hamstring injury during the one-day series in India and was ruled to have not recovered in time for the 50-overs segment of this trip. He is currently in Sydney, believed to be as part of his rehabilitation programme, and Gibson said the main target for him was the World Twenty20 defence in Bangladesh.

"We're in communication with him and the people he's working with in Australia," Gibson said. "He's still injured so would be an unnecessary risk to fast track him with what lies ahead. The World T20 is coming up - a format where he is king. He should be available for the two T20s."

Andrew McGlashan is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Derek on December 25, 2013, 23:16 GMT

    I can never understand the logic of West Indians coaches do not have to have even played the game in order to impart CHOACING techniques. If one follows that logic then why do they not ask themselve how many times has Bolt's coach won olympic gold or Mourinho won the champions league or worldcup soccer as a player. Those who can't teach! That is why the WI team has the largest selection panel..views and opinions lack full thought. I'm no fan of Gibson based purely on my assessment for the backward steps ALL players have taken under his tenure and his inability to manage the most important part of the coache's role. Ensuring all the psychological aspects of each player is intact in order to ensure TEAM stability and performances that produce positive results.

  • Ali on December 25, 2013, 3:17 GMT

    @ VisBal

    pick individual teams based on regional performances in each format ?

    wow, wow, slow down....

    that is such a novel concept it just might work ...

    now please help us re-word that into something cognitive that the WICB would understand your suggestion..

    They would say that your suggestion is "complicated" and "far fetched" ....

    Perfect Exmaple.. the # 1 spinner in 4-day cricket for the last 5 years is Nikita Miller (not Shilingford, Benn, Narine, Permaul or Bishoo) ..

    Miller was given 1 Test 5 years ago, did not do so well, but has dominated regional 4-day cricket to vie for a recall .. Miller is a pretty average ODI bowler, and Narine and Bishoo, Badree and even Shillinford are better in that format ..

    So what does WICB do ? Recall Miller to the ODI squad of course ....

    Narine + Miller would have destroyed New Zeland.....

  • dexter on December 25, 2013, 3:13 GMT

    Exactly how does the WICB expect to go forward with Otis Gibson, if they are really serious about going forward where the hell dose Otis Gibson fit in to that picture. I am not a part of the selection panel and I am not going to pretend that I even know anything about the process but when u look at the records of the coaching staff of this West Indies team it is fair to say that they are all capable of doing anything but going forward. Take for instance Stuart Williams the man never had a spectacular career with the bat how in the world does he become a batting coach, he never knew how to bat properly just look up his stats it leaves alot to be desired so exactly what is he teaching these current WI batsmen. Otis Gibson was never an outstanding player either, I support with the WICB view of hiring Caribbean blood and I respect that but they may be better of hiring Sir Viv I mean the man never lost a test series as a captain so he had a tremendous record something the team can use.

  • Dummy4 on December 25, 2013, 3:01 GMT

    Too much talk from coach OG and no action plan to remedy the situation.Heads should/must roll after 3 yrs. of failures and it should start at the top.Wrong coach,selectors and choice of players.Actually,wrong Board.There would be no forward movement without a complete shakeup:

  • Dummy4 on December 25, 2013, 2:54 GMT

    Why is Gibson still calling the shots . He should be sacked immediately. He cannot see that he is part of the present problem, so he should not be the one to chart the course for WI cricket, the WICB should sack Gibson, RR , and Sammy. A careful look should also be made of the selectors. It is inconceivable that no one will even be reprimanded for such dismal , spineless, and brainless performance by the WI, yet Gibson is talking - business as usual, we will see what happens after our assessment. What other assessment does the WICB need to confirm that the selectors, RR, OG and DS has failed miserably and should be replaced immediately.

  • K on December 25, 2013, 2:33 GMT

    Do not let Dwayne Bravo bowl the death overs in the limited overs cricket.

  • Dummy4 on December 24, 2013, 19:03 GMT

    The results from the India and NZ tours should surprise no one. West Indies cricket has been dreadful for the last 15 years. Other countries have had a core group of stars retire and have successfully recovered; WI remains mired in a 15 year slump. Why, because WI cricket is sick in the head, sick at the leadership level both at WICB and the players association. With sick leadership comes sick players, mentally and physically they are unprepared to play at the highest levels. As long as the same cast of characters run cricket in WI things will not change. As for Otis Gibson; two words-- fire him.

  • Dummy4 on December 24, 2013, 16:01 GMT

    ok to draw a parallel in Tests Australia is ranked 2 places below England like us & New Zealand, so imagine England agreeing to a tour of India just so Tendulkar can reach a landmark & retire in front of his home crowd amid extravagant celebrations. They also agree to an Odi series which ends on the same day their 1 & only 3 day warm-up game before the Test series in Australia begins. They lose both Test Matches in India by an innings inside 5 days. They decide to take the same squad on the Australian tour including a spin bowler with a history of throwing & was reported in the just concluded series + 2 pacers who cant buy a wicket . They then decide to send 5 English cricketers a day or 2 ahead of the start of the Australian tour to play the warmup match. The other 5 are unknown Australian cricketers + 1 of which is going to represent Australia in the 1st Test Match lets say Warner. the remainder of the squad arrive 2 or 3 day before the 1st test

  • Dummy4 on December 24, 2013, 14:36 GMT

    you see if the people making the decisions were using common sense & vision to put correct plans in place we would not be in this situation now. & even if we were, then the blame could be placed squarely @ the feet of the players. It was all well & good to go to India for the Sachin celebrations but to agree to the ODI series (which we were always going to lose anyway) that ended while the KIwi tour was actually in progress was a humongous display of imbecility. & then the fact that no1 , not Mr Pybus, selectors Mr Gibson or his assistants saw any merit in sending the Test squad to New Zealand in time to recover from jet-lag, acclimatize & get in sufficient training ahead of the warm up matches. that would require @ least 5 days. Instead we ended up with 2 or 3 of our cricketers playing in a team of kiwis labelled as 'the West Indians' ! of those kiwis even represented New Zealand in Dunedin. Calling that an oversight or mistake would be the understatement of the year.

  • Dummy4 on December 24, 2013, 11:28 GMT

    Gibson, should plot his way out of WI Cricket, he has failed as a coach and the results are embarrassing to say the least. In any professional organization someone with those results would be fired. Never in history has West Indies cricket public, and West Indies cricket supporters been so humiliated . The issues with the team were also not managed, one could clearly observe that the body language on the field indicated that all was not well with respect to team dynamics

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