West Indies in New Zealand 2013-14 December 27, 2013

Bowling gives us the edge - Dwayne Bravo

Renaldo Matadeen

Dwayne Bravo, West Indies' ODI captain, believes his bowling attack will give his team the definitive edge in the five-match ODI series against New Zealand. Following a tense two-wicket win to lead the series 1-0 at Eden Park, Bravo heaped praise on his new-ball attack of Ravi Rampaul and Jason Holder.

"There's a confidence in the bowlers and it showed. They put the pressure on the Kiwis and helped our fresh faces integrate into the lineup," Bravo said. "I've had honest and open chats with them and as the frontline, it's important to discuss our brand of bowling and the attitude out there. This is what I'd like to see as a leader. Our bowling from Ravi and Jason was tight and precise and factoring in Sunil Narine, this gives us an advantage."

Bravo himself picked up 4 for 44 while his opening bowlers took two apiece. He indicated that their bowling was something he felt they underplayed in the recent Test display as well as the visit to India.

"Over the past few years, we've always had strength in bowling and we must play to this. We made sure to execute our game plans with the ball against New Zealand and I, myself, had to improve after coming into question as a death bowler this year," he said. "So we all knew we had to step it up. Our bowling and fielding were spot on and we still have to note that there's room to improve with the bat. The pitch wasn't the best to bat on but it was a good one to deliver to."

While Darren Sammy (43*) and Lendl Simmons (34) shone with the bat, the captain reiterated that his bowling attack was one that could easily adapt and interchange among the various pitches in New Zealand. He added that while their batsmen may have a more testing time acclimatizing, his bowlers were quicker geared to adjust to different situations.

"With our bowling display so far and our net sessions, I can see they're (bowlers) all relaxed and definitely, after yesterday, the morale is high. I will look to carry on my momentum also but as long as our bowlers keep at it like we did in the first ODI, we'll stand a great chance of taking the series," he concluded.

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  • Mark on December 31, 2013, 0:42 GMT

    Would this current set of selectors keep their job, after this farce: Failure to play Narine against a team(NZ), which he has been very successful in his very short test career; failure to pick an informed A team player, ahead of Gabriel (What did he do to deserve a pick? He looked so out of form in every aspect of the local cricket, and yet he was selected?); Tino Best who cannot even hold a line( even if he was given a fishing line to hold), why was he in NZ? What about Holder or Beaton from Guyana? I am sure that they could not do no worst that Gabriel and Best: It so obvious, that our highly respected and intelligent and observant selectors could not see. Oops I forgot, with very poor mediocre test results.

    Are we going to wait until we are in the minnows, with Kenya, Canada and the like, before we make the right selection decisions?

    I am crying out for the WI Cricket Board to do the right thing.

    Put the hurting cricket fans first, and make all other criteria secondary.

  • Roy on December 29, 2013, 15:10 GMT

    I thing West Indies board have a hard time picking players, cause there is so many different board within WI, every board wants players from their's to play. After the inter WI games are played, they pick there best performers, with there best performers from previous WI games. Most players who comes in new in the team, does don't make it in the international level, as they would in WI inter games! What I think the board should do! Is to examine each player performance, there good and bad, who could bat spin and who could bat swing, and who could bowl good in what conditions, then pick a team according to that series! I think Narine, Dwaye Smith and those players who plays in India would of made a difference in the Indian series, I think the WI board need some good advise

  • Ali on December 28, 2013, 8:27 GMT

    @Wilfred Sucess...

    I understand the frustration with Doenarine ....

    He is easily the 2nd Best test bowler after Roach ....


    (1) Why he only gets between 5-10 overs per innings per test (2) Why is he in the ODI team with 7 bowlers ? I mean Sammy's bowling in the 1st ODI was atrocious . Deonarine sits idly by as the # 6 allrounder and the captains don't use him !

  • adit on December 28, 2013, 5:55 GMT

    Seems like confusion in the ranks. Sounds like is there an elephant in the room. Let's see how the rest of the matches go before drawing any serious conclusions.

  • Dummy4 on December 28, 2013, 1:50 GMT

    i simply think bravo is trying to show up his ambition. and he may only succeed in causing dissention among the ranks with his small talk

  • asiba on December 28, 2013, 0:45 GMT

    Bravo captain of Test Side ? I don't think so. Test cricket is on the way OUT !!! The last flicker of hope is the Ashes and that will soon burn to ashes -ha ha ha

  • Dummy4 on December 27, 2013, 22:08 GMT

    Why was Dwayne Bravo made captain? He is a T20 entertainer (inconsistet like Chris Gayle) and has shown little improvement over the years, although promising so much at the beginning of his career. Sammy has shown that he is a warrior and has the mindset to win. The captaincy should revert to him.

  • Dummy4 on December 27, 2013, 21:18 GMT

    Thanks James, NZ have beaten Wi, thank the WI selectors for making some of the worse selections, but please don't gloat too much, remember it is NZ you are talking about, not some world beaters. Wi are still the only team in the history of sports that went unbeaten for 15 years.

  • Dummy4 on December 27, 2013, 20:52 GMT

    I don't think that Bravo should be the captain of any of the teams, as I don't see his place in any of the teams as secure. As there are no other keepers on the horizon for the next couple of years, make Ramdin the captain, Shiv doesn't want it, and other the Darren and Narine, I see no one else as a fixture.

  • Dummy4 on December 27, 2013, 20:45 GMT

    Why all this whining? Why is everyone blaming the selectors, the coach and the administration and not the players? The fact of the matter is that the cupboard is bare. What you see is what you have. Everyone that can hold a bat and can bowl a ball has been tried. West Indian players are some of the highest paid but the results are not compatible with their earning. Lloyd, Richard, Garner etc, has all had their hands at administration. Its the same old song. You people just clamoring for players from your territory. You only criticise the players from other territories and and the fans from the other territories criticise players from your territory. What you have is cricketing mercenaries. If someone were to put 20 million on the line like what Sanford did, you will see a different West Indies team.

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