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NZC backs Moles to stay on as coach

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New Zealand Cricket has moved to back the coach Andy Moles after a report in Thursday's Dominion Post said senior players wanted Moles sacked. Without naming any individuals, the paper reported that the players believed Moles was not up to standard as an international coach, despite guiding them to the final of the Champions Trophy.

NZPA has reported that Moles is set to enter mediation talks with NZC to deal with the players' concerns before the team flies out on Monday to play Pakistan in the UAE. Earlier on Thursday Justin Vaughan, the NZC chief executive, issued a statement to confirm that Moles remained the coach and was preparing the side for the upcoming tour, although there was a team review in place.

"Following the Black Caps' return from Sri Lanka and the Champions Trophy we are undertaking a review of the team's performance," Vaughan said. "This looks at all aspects of individual and collective performance with a view to continuous improvement."

The Dominion Post reported that the senior players had a list of concerns including that Moles had not given them enough tactical or technical support and that the captain Daniel Vettori had effectively been coaching the side for the past six months. The paper said that mediation was taking place.

Moles took over from John Bracewell 11 months ago and has a contract until the 2011 World Cup. New Zealand have continued to be a competitive one-day side during his reign, winning nine of 19 ODIs, but they haven't won any of their seven Tests since Moles took over.

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  • Sam on October 23, 2009, 10:44 GMT

    Sorry to go on! I've just read the stats and McCullums average of 33 isn't much to write home about and to have 1 century and 9 50's in 57 innings doesn't suggest that he is the sort of person who is influencing that many matches. Contributing yes. Influencing ,no!

  • Sam on October 23, 2009, 10:34 GMT

    In response to NZCampbell. You don't need to be rude and to imply that anyone with a different opinion to yours doesn't have a brain is just rather silly. It's meant to be a friendly forum. My point is that in the 50 over game, the batting side choosing a power play is taylor made for McCullum to take advantage of the older ball / tired-ish bowling attack. If Guptill and Ryder can forge a strong pairing they should be able to score runs at a more than decent clip. With Oram out injured more often than not, I can't think of anyone better suited than McCullum to come in with 100 needed from the last 15 overs (something that Lance Klusener in his heyday was rather good at). I've just read that Vettori is keen for McCullum to bat lower down the order. Is he brainless too?

  • Blair on October 23, 2009, 7:23 GMT

    If there is a problem with Moles Coaching Ability then you can hardly hold Mr Moles to fault here. The problem lies with NZ Cricket appointing him. It looks like he was only one of a few candidates interested at the time. If Snedden was still in charge then we may not have had this problem - his only fault was best buddies with Bracewell who hung around for too long. I also wonder how far Vettori went with endorsing Moles from the start - he certainly must have known his coaching style and ability from playing under him at Northern Districts. The players also must put up their hands for recent dismal performances. Some of them appear to be getting too big for their booties...I'm not suprised by the big money on offer. Take McCullum for example - he has massive talent, however is a hot-head on the field and makes bad decisions. Once you are out, you stay out mate. Even I'm not sure if all the coaching in the world will fix his problems stemming from the top 2 inches...

  • Joseph on October 22, 2009, 23:04 GMT

    I think it was Ian Chappell who said that the only coach a team needs is the one that takes them to the ground. I've got no problem with Moles, my only concern is Vettori being our number one test batsman, number one bowler, captain AND coach - he can't keep that up forever. Re. NZ batting. I think between taylor, mccullum, ryder, guptil, elliot(?), we have more raw talent than I can ever remember, *(look at their averages). Three or four years time that lineup COULD be looking really quite formidable; they're all so young. Problem with McCullum is he has a terrible head. He gets himself into such a mental tangle thinking about how he should approach the innings, premeditating shots etc that he just blows his fuse and does something stupid. I like the blank glassy look of Guptill, there doesn't seem to be anything going on except "watch the ball", and he's climbing the rankings because of it. And ryder doesn't dance around the crease, he watches and hits, beautifully simple.

  • Kristin on October 22, 2009, 21:46 GMT

    If these reports are true, then I think this is rather harsh on Moles. The players need to stand up and have a look at themselves, as they are not playing with any consistency, with the exception of Dan Vettori. If they focused on getting their games right, then perhaps they wouldnt be feeling so bad after they started winning a bit more. Also, the fact that NZ has only played 7 tests in 11 months highlights the poor efforts of NZC with regards to scheduling. NZ has hardly played any test cricket over the last few years, and they cannot expect to see any improvement if they keep neglecting the longer form of the game.

  • Jitendra on October 22, 2009, 20:10 GMT

    Someone mentioned in these comments... Who cares of NewZeland cricket... WILL I DO. I AM FROM INDIA and living in US for past 8 years... but i still respect NZ... they are the best underdog's ever..... what they need is support from NZ people and good couch..... Hope to see one day they win some big tournaments

  • Mark on October 22, 2009, 18:48 GMT

    Moles deserves a little more time to prove himself, I totally agree with aaron11 - it was Bracewell that screwed up NZ test cricket. It isn't Moles' fault that his team hasn't got enough batting talent... For me, the poblems with cricket in New Zealand (and our international batting woes) stem from the first class and grass roots levels. If you take one look at our first class scene every team is littered with failed Black Caps - particularly batsmen. Once you remove these players from the equation and then siphon off the young talent that are still too green for the top level then there are only a mere handfull of possible options - and not very good ones at that. Take a step down from first class level and most club teams across the country are playing on sub-par pitches that are hardly condusive to grooming young batting talent... It is clear where NZ Cricket need to focus their attention if they want to strengthen the Black Caps and continue to grow the game in New Zealand.

  • Sanjay on October 22, 2009, 18:19 GMT

    Talking about the coach, 11 months is not a good enough time span to judge a person. You often see teams going through bad patches and sometimes through purple ones, people generally try to single out a person and make him the scapegoat when things tend to be bad. Sometimes results are not readily evident. But Moles' inputs have to considerably go up. I personally feel coaches only shape players' mindset, it is ultimately the players who have to go on field and prove a point. I can only wish Moles better luck for the future. Talking about Mc.Cullum, my personal opinion is that if you have someone like him, bat him up the order. In powerplays you need those players who are capable of serving your team with those strong blows and technically sound chips in the air, clearing the in field and going for the boundary ropes, he can dothat, he can do this. He is a clean hitter of the cricket ball. Mc.Cullum at 1,2,3,4 is my call.

  • Philip on October 22, 2009, 17:41 GMT

    Some of the greats of NZ cricket already mentioned would probably be good options as coaches, or as being involved in some way at least but I think you need to have guys who are really dedicated to being coaches, guys who want to make a career out of coaching, rather than those who have already been greats just trying their hand at it. I think Mike Hesson (Otago coach) might be a good option in the future, Otago cricket has come along incredibly since he's been there, and one of the most promising things has been his development of the younger players (esp. batsmen).

  • Mark on October 22, 2009, 13:35 GMT

    Paulimus - probably. Guess this has been going on for a while behind the nets... reminds me a little of when Fleming had a lot of control as captain before NZ Cricket put Bracewell in charge. Let's hope they don't go for another mad scientist this time - hopefully John Wright will be able to take the reins for a while. NZ's batting woes are of the top two inches variety, and to me Shake is just the chap to fix 'em.

    Kewlman - you should, if you want to enjoy a genuine international sport!

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