February 9, 2002

Speed will "chat" with Gavaskar over conflicts of interest

International Cricket Council chief executive Malcolm Speed will have "a chat" with the head of the ICC's cricket committee-playing, and former Indian batsman, Sunil Gavaskar about the conflict of interest issue raised this week when Gavaskar criticised England.

Gavaskar writing in an Indian newspaper, the Hindustan Times, described the recently departed England team as "the champion whingers of the world."

That has upset the English who complained about the conflict of interest Gavaskar faces when he comments about the game in which he has such a high profile administrative position.

Speed, who is in Christchurch for a meeting of the chief executives of the Cricket Committee - Management which is coinciding with the last stages of the ICC Under-19 World Cup, said he will be talking with Gavaskar about his comments and would be interested to hear his views.

"The view of the England and Wales Cricket Board is well known to me and I would like to talk the issue through with him.

"He performs a very important role on the cricket committee and does a very good job for them," Speed said.

The sort of situation Gavaskar found himself in was the sort of thing that happened to media figures who also had administrative positions in their sport, he said.

"It is a difficult balancing act," Speed added.