Feedback June 16, 2006

'It's all about money these days'

Cricinfo staff

We asked for your feedback on the fact that New Zealand only have two Tests in the next 17 months. Here are a selection of your comments. Click here to let us know what you think

I get the impression that Snedden is quite happy with NZ being a one-day specialist team, which to me is tragic. It's bad enough that Zimbabwe have commited Test-suicide without NZ following suit. But then, people like me who want to see less one-day cricket and more Tests are quite clearly in the minority in this country. As has been mentioned, it's all about money..Tithira Wijetilleke

New Zealand not only has tremendous tradition of Test cricket, but also has a record of remarkable Test performances. To deny youngsters in New Zealand the opportunity to enjoy watching their cricket team compete in Test cricket against top international teams would be a travesty. Nader Nanjiani

It's hardly a level playing field and makes a mockery of the notion of an ICC championship when three of the countries (NZ, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh) are effectively out of the running before the next six years start? Ah, but who cares, its all about money these days isn't it? Welcome Twenty20 and ODI's. I am waiting for the 5/5 to be played in the break of innings between the Twenty20. John Arnerich

What does he [Snedden] want to achieve for NZ cricket? Does he want us to become, with due respect, the next Bangladesh or Zimbabwe of world cricket? He and his board are dragging us back to the 1950's when we were the easy beats. Nigel Church

I do not expect the Blackcaps to play as much cricket as Australia or India but an adequate balance is certainly a necessity if NZ are to develop as a cricketing power. The lack of Test cricket will obviously hinder the chances of this happening. NZC is proposing an expansion of the four-day domestic competition, but what is the point if this is not to be transferred onto the International arena. Dominic Powell

New Zealand Cricket can blame the FTP as much as it likes. The real reason for our lack of Test cricket comes down to money. A Test in New Zealand would struggle to average a crowd of 1000 while with ODI's and especially the Twenty20 novelty they will attract a crowd and come out on the right side of the ledger. Granted, they are running a business but like other businesses, they have to be run according to what's in the best interest of the shareholders and as the viewing public It's us that are the shareholders. AJ Magson

I think it is a tragedy for cricket that the majority of nations are paying lip service to Test match cricket and favouring the formulaic and often dull one-day version of the game. England appear to be the only nation whose real supporters haven't deserted the five-day arena.There was a time when 70,000 fans would fill Indian Test match arenas even for a single session of play ... Test cricket today is probably more exciting than 20-30 years ago. What has changed is the mind of average 'cricket fan' who believes five days is too long to sit through in this age of quick quick quick...

When you read that New Zealand have only two Tests between now and and Nov 2007 it is deeply worrying and sends a very clear message. Martin Snedden was an average Test cricketer but even he played more than two Tests in a 18-month period. Shame on him to contrive to such a mess. Chris James

New Zealand Cricket will never move forward without creative visionary leadership. Ex-players do not necessarily make the best people to lead cricket administration. Unless this is recognised NZ cricket will continue to go backwards. Keith Benson