Replaces departing Charlesworth November 23, 2007

Wright made acting high-performance manager

Cricinfo staff

John Wright has been appointed as acting high performance manager for New Zealand Cricket, replacing Ric Charlesworth, who left on Friday following the end of his two-year contract. It is understood Charlesworth has taken a role with the Indian hockey team.

"Many of the initiatives Ric has put in place are positive for the long-term future of elite cricket performance in New Zealand," said the NZC chief executive, Justin Vaughan. "His main initiatives include a world-class specialist coaching network which will expose many more cricketers throughout New Zealand to coaching at the highest level and a winter playing programme which will allow emerging players to train and play outdoors in Australia during the winter months.

"John will assume the role of acting high performance manager as we work through a process to determine the optimal structures for high performance in the future. John has been at NZC a short time but has already made a significant contribution. His approach towards creating winning performances is exactly what we need at the elite level."

Wright, who joined in August, was tipped as Charlesworth's long-term replacement last month, with the short-term deal providing further indication that he could be the man for the future.