New Zealand news September 4, 2008

New Zealand chairman steps down

Cricinfo staff

Sir John Anderson is set to retire as the chairman of New Zealand Cricket at tomorrow's AGM after 13 years in the post.

"Since 1995 Sir John has paved the way forward for a resurgence in cricket in New Zealand and his governance during that time has revitalised the sport and its finances, and has seen NZC successfully manage its way through some turbulent issues," Justin Vaughan, New Zealand Cricket's CEO, said. "His leadership will be missed."

Anderson, 63, was appointed chairman in 1995 and subsequently became the country's representative on the ICC board, a position he now relinquishes. A board member, Alan Isaac, will take over Anderson's position during the interim until a replacement is formally elected on September 29.

In addition, Chris Moller, the former chief executive of New Zealand Rugby Union, has been appointed as a NZC board director. The board also recommended that Don Neely, the president of NZC, who has concluded his second one-year term, be re-elected for a final term.