Indian Premier League 2010 January 5, 2010

Injured Kyle Mills out of IPL

Cricinfo staff

New Zealand fast bowler Kyle Mills has been ruled out of this year's IPL as he is still in rehabilitation after surgeries on his left shoulder and right knee in late November. He expects to start playing club cricket for Auckland only in late March, while the Twenty20 tournament begins on the 12th of that month. Mills was contracted to the Mumbai Indians franchise for US$150,000.

The injury means Mills will also miss the home series against Bangladesh and Australia. His next target will be the ICC World Twenty20 in the West Indies at the end of April.

"The knee's fine," Mills told the New Zealand Herald. "I'm back cycling to try to strengthen it but my shoulder is taking a wee bit more time to heal. That's to be expected, though. The first eight weeks, I've had to take it easier on my shoulder but there's more movement in it now. In the third week of January, I'm going to look at doing some specific strength work.

"The expectation is that full movement will return. The shoulder's the major operation but I thought I should do the knee as well while I can. The biggest issue early on will be fielding, in case I fall on it awkwardly."

Mills had described the shoulder injury as a freak accident, which occurred after he dived for the ball which led to a torn rotator cuff. The knee injury, he said, was more a result of wear and tear over the last couple of years.

Besides the World Twenty20, Mills has also set his sights on a contract with Gloucestershire over the English summer. "I haven't had any official talks as yet this time around," Mills said. "But if asked, I'd happily go across to play because I'll be refreshed and looking for whatever cricket I can once I'm fit."