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Ryder has to 'help himself' - Greatbatch

Cricinfo staff

Mark Greatbatch, the New Zealand coach, has said the team management will continue to work with Jesse Ryder but added that the batsman needed to "help himself" and sort out his disciplinary issues. Ryder, who has had a troubled career, was recently fined by New Zealand Cricket for "intoxicated and rowdy" behaviour in a hotel during an indoor cricket tournament in the first week of July.

"I have spoken to him and he [Ryder] says he wants to commit to doing that [being responsible with his behaviour as an adult and professional sportsman]," Greatbatch told Radio Sport. "We will work with him but he's also got to help himself. So we want to be positive with that - but he obviously has some work to do."

Greatbatch is in Dambulla, where New Zealand are competing in a tri-series, which Ryder will miss of because of an elbow problem. "He's missed this tour initially with the elbow injury, so what's come out since then is disappointing," Greatbatch said. "It's about him getting it right now - he loves the game but he's got to learn the part which is about getting himself ready [to play] and being responsible as an adult and as a professional sportsman.

"Everyone makes mistakes, I suppose, but Jesse's made a few more than others and he's got to address that so we can move on from here."

Ryder had said he feared for his career while NZC was investigating the complaint against him but the board eventually let him off with a fine. However Geoff Allott, NZC's general manger of cricket, said the incident had been viewed "very seriously" and that another indiscretion from Ryder in similar circumstances would have more serious consequences.

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  • Reg on August 17, 2010, 1:53 GMT

    There is no doubt about Jesse's talent: NZ Cricket wouldn't be this pateint with just another plodder. But they are surely right when theysay that he has to help himself.

    You could be a big star, Jesse, but stardom is for grownups, and it's well past time you showed some maturity. In addition you should spend some time thinking about just who your real friends are, and your real friends should start thinking about how they can help you get the best out of yourself.

  • Dayne on August 12, 2010, 8:21 GMT

    I think about Andrew Symonds when I read press releases issued by a (rightfully) concerned NZL management team. I have no doubt in my mind that, when sober, Andrew Symonds was 100% committed to the team, and also to improving upon his 'extra-curricular indulgences'. It seemed that the problem was specific to times when Symonds would drink, then his priorities, attitudes and actions greatly differed from those he stated when sober. In my opinion I feel that Ryder is cut from the same cloth. I concur with KiwiPom that such players were perhaps a decade or two too late, and as such are outliers from what is now deemed to be 'the norm'. I disagree with Arachnodouche, or at least think their statement of 'the age of metrosexuals' to be considerably exaggerated. Clarke is squeaky-clean, no doubt about it, but is there really anything wrong or negative about that? Cricket is now a multi-million dollar, global event, it is natural that such antics are no longer tolerated.

  • Arachnodouche on August 11, 2010, 18:14 GMT

    Agree wholeheartedly with KiwiPom. It's the age of the Clarkes, Watsons, and assorted metrosexuals. Anyway, I love Ryder to bits, feel he's one of the best going around in world cricket. If NZC won't have him, please send him over to India. We'd be more than glad!

  • Geoff on August 11, 2010, 3:02 GMT

    I feel sorry for people like Jesse Ryder who have come into the world at the wrong time. He should have been a contemporary of Denis Compton or Freddie Trueman - or even Doug Walters or David Boon. Nobody used to care in those days. The truth is that nobody cares these days either apart from a few sponsors who are concerned with "image". NZ cricket doesn't have that much talent that it can afford to hang what talent it does have out to dry. But they know that and just wish Jesse would pull his hair in a bit. Come on Jesse, there's nowt wrong with you lad but just humour them for goodness sake.

  • Sunil on August 10, 2010, 12:30 GMT

    Its sad,the Kiwis being a small nation produce cricketers of rare talent.But the modern rock and roll lifestyle of these stars seem to have an adverse effect.So much cricketing culture the Hadlees,the Crowes,and even further back Graham Dowling,Mark Burgess,Ian Smith used the talents they had to have long cricketing careers.Ryder has talent,but the "Wild thing"" image is taking its toll.

  • rohit on August 10, 2010, 8:18 GMT

    He seems to be a young Ricky Ponting of New Zealand. Give him a chance harness him & then see. He will b a star in future. He got talent abundance.

  • Dummy4 on August 10, 2010, 8:06 GMT

    he deserves the fine...!..............

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