New Zealand news November 15, 2012

Turner, Crowe to be NZC's talent scouts

ESPNcricinfo staff

Glenn Turner and Martin Crowe have been recruited by New Zealand Cricket (NZC) as "high-performance talent scouts", to identify potential New Zealand cricketers by watching domestic cricket. The duo will suggest names to national selection manager Kim Littlejohn and coach Mike Hesson.

Turner returns to the payroll of NZC after being removed from his position as the national selector, after six years in the role, by current director of cricket John Buchanan last year. Turner, days after being displaced by Littlejohn, had said he and New Zealand Cricket were "better off without each other".

But now he is happy to be back in the fold. "I've only been a year out of it and the six years prior to that meant that I got around the provincial scene and I've had an opportunity to see more domestic cricket than anybody else," Turner told Fairfax. "It's an opportunity to keep up with that knowledge and increase it again and get right up to date. Obviously cricket is still important to me and there's always the saying that you're better inside the tent than outside it."

The other recruit, Crowe, was diagnosed with a "very treatable" cancer a month ago.

Buchanan said an increase in the budget as the reason behind the new positions: "We're trying to increase the breadth of coverage. It's to do with budgeting, in that we were able to increase our budget in that area. [It's] also for [Littlejohn] to get a good handle on NZC and the sort of people that would be appropriate to fill those scouting roles."

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  • Matt on November 17, 2012, 0:00 GMT

    Back in my day 2 guys watching domestic cricket and promoting players were called selectors, not talent scouts. Why all the confusion and double handling? NZ has 6 domestic teams. Not that hard to get around and watch the games for selectors is it? We arent like England or India where there are 10+ teams to look at.

    NZ always seem to make things by trying to make hard by trying to make players into something they are not.. Recent examples are: McCullum from a keeper to a opening bat, Watling from an opening bat to a keeper, Frankiln from a bowler into a no.6 allrounder, Vettori from a spinner into a no.6 all rounder.

    Its a pretty simple process to pick a cricket team I say, especially with the talent pool NZ has. Pick the 6 best batsman for the top 6. Then the best keeper. Then the best 3 fast bowlers and the best spinner. To make a tour party add the next best batsman, the next best fast bowler, the next best spinner and maybe a reserve keeper. Pretty simple theory really.

  • Dummy4 on November 16, 2012, 20:12 GMT

    @ LewisDuckworth, Not sure i follow your selection process there. Boult has to be, along with Southee, our first choice pace bowler surely? Easily the most threatening in both the recent odi's and the last test match against India. Browlee is in terrible form and Im not sure where you get the idea that hes so much superior to Flynn in talent anyway, same for Nethula vs Astle. Care to give any reason for these calls?

  • Ankit on November 16, 2012, 11:53 GMT

    I tell u, remove that clown John Buchanan & everything is gonna be okay for New Zealand cricket.

  • Dale on November 16, 2012, 4:57 GMT

    Crowe and Turner will be good, both great batsman. But man --- does this whole system seem complicated. They are not selectors, but their role is to offer names to the people that are selectors. What are the selectors doing? Are they now not going to watch any more cricket, is that now Crowe and Turners job? Is Littlejohn going back to bowls and Australia? Why not just make Crowe and Turner selectors? Surely the best talent scouts are the domestic coaches, shouldn't they be suggesting names?

  • Stephen on November 16, 2012, 2:55 GMT

    I can help them. For a start Matt Henry, Hamish Rutherford, Tom Latham & Adam Milne are the future of NZ cricket.

    Milne & Latham have seen some experience, but how Henry missed selection in the New Zealand One Day squad and how Rutherford missed selection in the Test squad is beyond me!

    Instead they've gone with the same players like Flynn, Nicol who simply aren't up to it and the team suffers.

    The current test squad over there now has 6 players who should be replaced. Out should be Nicol, Flynn, Franklin, Patel, Astle & Boult. In should be Rutherford, Brownlie, De Grandhomme, B. Martin, Nethula & Watling.

    I think it's good that Cricket NZ have this in place but it's well overdue in my opinion.

  • Tim on November 15, 2012, 18:23 GMT

    Justin Vaughan is not NZC CE. David White is. Has been for approx 12 months.

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