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'Hesson never supported me' - Taylor

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December 7, 2012

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Ross Taylor and Mike Hesson, New Zealand's captain and coach, at a press conference, Colombo, World Twenty20 2012, September 13, 2012
Ross Taylor said his relationship with coach Mike Hesson was "pretty poor" © AFP

Ross Taylor has said he was surprised by the timing of his losing the New Zealand captaincy but not by the decision itself, declaring he felt he never had the support of the coach Mike Hesson. Taylor, who on Friday was replaced as leader by Brendon McCullum, was told after the ODI series in Sri Lanka that there would be a change of captaincy after the end of the Sri Lanka tour.

On Friday, Hesson stressed that what he meant at that meeting, which was also attended by assistant coach Bob Carter and team manager Mike Sandle, was that there would be a change to the limited-overs captaincy, not the Test leadership. However, Taylor said he had been told his captaincy was not good enough and it felt clear to him that Hesson and the team management did not want him in charge at all.

"They told me I wasn't good enough as a captain, wasn't good enough for this team," Taylor told the Weekend Herald. "To hear I wasn't good enough was disappointing. It was interesting ... I was offered the Test captaincy a couple of weeks [after the Sri Lanka meeting], when it was clear to me from conversations, they didn't want me at all."

Taylor said he was not surprised by the course of events after Hesson took over from John Wright as head coach in July. "It wasn't huge shock," Taylor said. "Hesson never supported me through the whole time I'd been captain, but I was surprised by the timing."

Since taking on the captaincy full-time last year, Taylor led New Zealand to four Test wins from 13 matches, including rare victories in Australia and Sri Lanka, two wins from eight ODIs, and four victories from nine Twenty20 internationals. He conceded that he was still developing as a captain but said he had learnt a lot under Wright's coaching.

"I know I had areas to work on," Taylor said. "I was far from the finished product, but I lacked a lot of support from the management in a lot of areas, which was disappointing. Under Wrighty I was learning a lot; under Hesson, the relationship was pretty poor. I didn't think he supported me in that role."

After declining the Test captaincy this week, Taylor declared that he offered his full support to his replacement McCullum, but intended to take a break from the game. Taylor said he did not believe he could put in a complete effort under the circumstances and would return when the time was right.

"It's still fresh and raw," Taylor said. "It's been a pretty difficult five months for me. It's a chance to get away from it, spend some time with the family and have a Christmas. I don't believe I can give 100% to the game at this time. Cricket is my life and my passion. I love the game and I love playing for my country. But taking a break is the right thing for me right now."

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Posted by couchpundit on (December 10, 2012, 15:15 GMT)

Kiwis should be glad the John Wright agreed to coach National Team...if you cant retain his services there is something fishy there. you dont get "APOLITICAL" coach like John. Now this Hesson walks in and ensures his buddy becomes captain of the team? Sadly honesty is lost in NewZealand Cricket too.

Posted by edgie on (December 10, 2012, 7:04 GMT)

sseems the proteas are guarenteed an extended stay at no 1 with a weakened NZ side touring. what a pity thoguh, NZ's best player being treated like an amateur by a coach who clearly has no people mangement skills.

Posted by zenboomerang on (December 10, 2012, 2:18 GMT)

So Henson gives the selectors a negative assessment about Taylor - but what if Taylor had given the same report about Henson (as he deserves), would the coaches / team manager still have a job?... Being the captain of NZ looks to be a sacrificial job that suits management so they can sack someone rather than take the blame themselves... Another case of management stuffing their pockets while fans walk away in disgust...

Posted by zenboomerang on (December 10, 2012, 2:17 GMT)

@Greg Ranger... Always rated Ian Smith highly as a keeper & when retired he was by far the best commentator on the ABC when NZ toured to Oz; though think there are a number of excellent coaches floating around the cricket world that could (should) be coaching the Black Caps - ex-players are not always the best team coaches but better suited to specialist roles - bowling, batting, fielding coach...

Posted by   on (December 9, 2012, 17:30 GMT)

The whole thing really isn't cricket, is it chaps? Legally speaking, the buck stops with Chairman and the Board. They hire the CEO; they are the guardians of the game. Now as fans we have to wait to get our best side back together with not only Ryder on sidelines [50 off 16 balls the other night at T20, 75 off 27 balls] but now Taylor after arguably one of NZ's greatest ever performances to lead the win at home against SL. Our stocks are thin enough; all we can hope for is a miracle from the stand-in team. People should not be blaming Baz either; imagining fishy schemes is not one of his talents - he will nbe as unhappy as anyone as he has been cast as villain.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 22:37 GMT)

Hesson has lost all confidence from me in his coaching. He and Brendon McCullum are best mates, the whole thing smells very fishy.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 21:57 GMT)

Good time to take a break, the Saffers are going to hammer the Kiwis either way. Poor from the management though, unbelievable that at this level of the game, petty politics is rife. Frustrating they cant just make cricketing decisions.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 10:36 GMT)

What a sad day for the Kiwis, no seriously. Ross TAYLOR is a bloody good test cricketer and deserves to be supported 100% by management. If Mike HESSON is the best person to coach NZ, well I am no judge. They need either an ex Kiwi Test player of quality, think Ian SMITH, John BRACEWELL, not a person with no test experience or success of any kind. Nuff said, from a sympathetic Aussie.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 7:53 GMT)

dono wt nz gonna do without their best batsman ross!!! its very difficult to find replacement fr ross.! he s the oly batsmen who scores consistently fr nz in recent years.! :( :(

Posted by intelinvestor on (December 8, 2012, 7:16 GMT)

Mike Hesson...what a choice as a coach. No credentials whatsoever as a cricketer or a coach. It can only be in NZ that he could have been chosen as a coach! Taylor is a world class batsman and without him NZ are going to be whitewashed in SA. Hope NZ gets a better coach after that series!!

Posted by MWDZ on (December 8, 2012, 4:04 GMT)

Too good a player for NZ cricket to lose taking into account Taylor's class and ability, but am sure he will come fighting back, all the best to u Ross and also to Brendon, hope you all can work together for the benefit of NZ Cricket and also for your followers, how wish the best from you both every time you go out

Posted by Baundele on (December 8, 2012, 3:50 GMT)

No wonder they slipped below Bangladesh in the ODI rating. Inept coaches these days are more involved in politics than cricket itself. McCullum was pretty poor in his captaincy with the KKR. Hesson is making a double mistake here.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 3:48 GMT)

Rare to see such candour combined with a LACK of venom. Speaks well for New Zealand society!

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 2:35 GMT)

i hate u Mike Hesson!!! all new zealand cricket lover & throughtout the worls was very sad, u have no ida what u do !!

Posted by SixFourOut on (December 8, 2012, 2:35 GMT)

Without Ross Taylor in the team, the New Zealand side is little better than a third grade Aussie club side. The management would do well to remember that. Jesse Ryder, the second best batsman in the country isn't in the side, frankly their whole set up requires a major shake down. Their best players seem to retire around 32 when they could play on and pass down experience, but they seem keen to get out. I don't know what they need, but they need something. Taylor's side is terrible, that's not his fault any more than the coach's, so maybe Hesson should go.

Posted by hoodbu on (December 8, 2012, 2:30 GMT)

THis is very sad. Why doesn't Hesson step down instead?

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 0:59 GMT)

When the inevitable post-tour review takes place after the Blackcaps drag themselves back from playing the #1 test nation in their own backyard, will the role of the abysmal maladministration preceding their departure be one of the factors under scrutiny? I hope so, the players don't deserve this added handicap.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

Enjoy the time off Ross, and come back strong. I feel McCullum is potentially better suited as captain, asone feels he would be more aggressive and willing to take a gamble, but the circumstances in which this has happened are appalling. McCullum has to step up though, as ignoring the shocking LBW decisions (he's had a few of them lately, India and Sri Lanka come to mind), he hasn't produced in his other innings in a long time. Taylor averaged nearly 50 as test captain, which is outstanding, and if McCullum cannot produce as a batsman, he shouldn't be in the side at all, let alone captaining it, and in that case Taylor or Williamson are the only two choices for captain I can see.

Posted by BnH1985Fan on (December 8, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

Reminds one of Greg Chapell and Ganguly -- a fine mess when the team needs zero distractions off field.

Posted by cloudmess on (December 8, 2012, 0:24 GMT)

If you look at the best coaches, they always find a way to get along with their captains, even if there is disagreement or internal strain. The ones who don't usually lack people skills and have a disproportionate sense of their own importance. Judging by this, I'd be very surprised if Mike Hesson were to go on to make a success of his role. You read it here first.

Posted by   on (December 8, 2012, 0:10 GMT)

Just sounds like lousy management to me. Not the first time bad management has characterised NZ cricket.

Posted by Woodsy71 on (December 8, 2012, 0:01 GMT)

RIP NZC. The only player in the country who could hold his own consistently in any other team in the world, and you put him to the sword. Your incompetence has reached a new low. I recently purchased over $300 worth of Black Cap merchandise. Im sending it back out of sheer disgust. I can't support a team who can't and won't support itself. Shame Shame Shame

Posted by Dr360 on (December 7, 2012, 23:29 GMT)

When you get your national cricket captain go out like this it shows the amount of degradation in the system as a whole, they did not respect their captain, who happened to be their choice at one point.

And the other thing strikes me most is the role coach is playing in this team, I think he is way over his head, and I wonder why selectors are still not asking him to take over the captaincy for himself.

Ross Taylor, way to go man, don`t back down now, the world is watching and most of them are on your side buddy!

Posted by MrWaka28 on (December 7, 2012, 23:22 GMT)

The one thing that really surprises me is that there is no mention anywhere of John Buchanan. this whole fiasco reeks of Buchanan and I find it hard to believe that he did not have a hand in this debacle.

Posted by   on (December 7, 2012, 23:20 GMT)

Awesome - any chance NZ had of competing with SA is now gone for certain, not for Ross's omission from the starting line-up, but the negative impact this whole fiasco must be having on team spirit & culture. We all love cricket and we all own the game, maybe NZC need to be reminded of that from time to time. Dumping Ross from captaincy fresh after our first win since the late 90s in Sri Lanka makes me soooooo angry (particularly when he picked up MOM performance LEADING from the front). Don't get me wrong, Bas is a master at the shorter format, but they could have handled this better. It's a bit rich justifying the sharing of captaincy over different formats and then handing Bas the leadership for all 3 formats - do you think we fans are idiots?

Shane Bond for judge, jury & executioner (hopefully Crowe will come back too)

Gutted NZ fan.

Posted by aavalentine on (December 7, 2012, 23:10 GMT)

Hesson must go. His subsequent turnaround is disgusting.

Posted by Bring_back_Wright on (December 7, 2012, 23:02 GMT)

Good on ya Ross. Look forward to having you back. Hopefully Hatchet Hessan will be gone by then!

Posted by   on (December 7, 2012, 23:02 GMT)

If Mike Hesson never supported Ross Taylor...then the people like Stephen Fleming, Daniel Vettori who was in that coaching interview panel during Mike Hesson appointment also never supported Taylor...that's the truth as now both of them support Brendon McCullum as skipper. No question about Taylor's ability about Batting...but as ODI & T20I captain...his records speaks for itself. I still feel Taylor made a mistake by not going to South Africa. Teams comes first...Captaincy & Coaches comes & go...but the team mates stays...

Posted by anilkp on (December 7, 2012, 22:42 GMT)

We will never know the inside story; but I feel Ross has been a committed guy. He deputed Vettori for long and knows his strengths and weaknesses. It is irony that when people feared Buchanan to spoil the party, it is actually their own boy Hesson. Such a tiny country with so few to choose from, and these people are hell bent on ruining any tiny pieces of positivity! Ideally, Wright should have been retained at all cost--even if that meant complete overhauling of everything. A kid knows what Wright did to India, a foreign country; and a kid also knows what Hesson did and is doing! I pity the NZ supporters.

Posted by BG4cricket on (December 7, 2012, 22:41 GMT)

Very ham fisted and short sighted decision from the coach and management which has alienated their best player and deprived the team of his services against the no 1 team. Taylor was perhaps not a great captain currently but worth persisting with - given his age he is the future and certainly hasn't harmed his batting.

Posted by   on (December 7, 2012, 22:33 GMT)

Can anyone remind me how this Mike Hesson got the job in the first place? What is his international track record other than coaching a poor Kenyan side which got very poor results?

And why did John Wright leave so soon after NZ's first win in Aus for 26 years? The Kiwis seem to be experts at shooting themselves in the foot. How many coaches have they got through in the last 5 years?!!

Posted by GCKelly on (December 7, 2012, 22:17 GMT)

It's a sad end to a captaincy era that could have turned great. Now NZ has their two best batsmen missing from the side - Taylor and Ryder.

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