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Taylor's treatment 'unfathomable' - Woodhill

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Former New Zealand assistant coach Trent Woodhill has blamed the New Zealand team management for the "unfathomable" treatment of Ross Taylor, saying he sensed the trouble brewing during the team's tour of the West Indies last year. Taylor took temporary leave of absence from New Zealand cricket after losing his Test captaincy in December 2012, and returned to the national side for the T20 series against England.

"During the West Indies tour I was really frustrated with the way Ross Taylor was being treated, not by anyone other than the manager and a few of the senior players who weren't giving him the support that he needed," Woodhill told Sydney Morning Herald. "I don't think it was ever about Ross and Brendon. It was always about management. To me, Brendon should want to captain his country and I was all for a split captaincy, but it's just the way it was done [that was the problem].

"After the World Twenty20 I closed the book on New Zealand, but the way Ross was treated and is being treated I just feel bitter towards their treating [of] one of the best human beings I've ever met. Ross Taylor is literally the nicest guy you could ever meet and the most respectful and down to earth, and the way they treated him [was unfathomable]."

Following his removal from Test captaincy, Taylor said he "never" received support from Mike Hesson, the New Zealand coach, during his time as captain and that he was "surprised" by the timing of the decision that came after he had led New Zealand to victory over Sri Lanka in Colombo.

Woodhill, who is from Australia, was involved with the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League and will be part of the Delhi Daredevils support staff during the IPL. When asked about why he wasn't appointed the New Zealand coach, instead of Hesson, he said, "The New Zealanders didn't want a foreigner. They had issues with [former Australian coach and director of cricket] John Buchanan - he was ostracised, and still is - and the manager, players' association rep and new CEO [David White] all just wanted a Kiwi in there."

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  • bharath74 on February 17, 2013, 3:17 GMT

    I dont think Brendon has the leadership qualities, It is right time to make Ross Taylor as captain as he is only 28yrs old, where as Brendon is 31 yrs old. Kane Williamson who is 22yr old and also a good allrounder will make a gud choice for vice captain and should groom him as a future captain.

  • Dion on February 17, 2013, 1:45 GMT

    No doubt the whole Taylor issue was done badly and I really think that is shocking. But I do think the McCullum is probably better captain material and to be honest i'm sick of hearing about what happened.

    We all know it was wrong but lets get on with it. We have a few very good players coming through and with Ryder and Ronchie to come in I think we'll be alot better in 12 months time.

    Time for all the past players etc to stop going on about what happened to Taylor as there is no point in banging on about it. There's been enough in the media

  • Roo on February 16, 2013, 23:50 GMT

    @markthespark... I was only talking about a few players, coach, management - not the general population :) ...

    Could be wrong, but I feel Wright has also been another victim of back room politics & should still be the coach...

    Buchanan is not my favorite for any role in cricket - any where... Has a very askew approach that many find disturbing - just ask any Oz Test player that had to deal with him...

  • Dummy4 on February 16, 2013, 14:25 GMT

    At last, an explanation of how a team with such good talent cannot duplicate the feats of their female counterparts. Talking about female players, I d hope that many of the people in Windies cricket understand that the team's showing is based on the leadership skills of Marisa Aguilera.

  • Dummy4 on February 16, 2013, 11:51 GMT

    History is repeating itself.remember Stephen Fleming? Best captain in the world But Vettori wanted the job and Stephen was the scapegoat. Now Warnie wants Stephen as the Aussie Coach!!! Who is this Hesson guy? No wonder the Blackcaps are in the doldrums. Sack the whole bunch of cricket administrators and have a bunch of proper retired crickers at the helm- until this is done...the rot will continue. Howzat!

  • dave on February 16, 2013, 10:45 GMT

    AlexK400 - dont think this a Maori -Taylor v Pakeha - Baz thing!

    sameold - seems Southee could be in the frame re senior players. I remember the look Taylor gave Southee when he pointlessly run him out last year - it looked like he thought it was deliberate and this was in the middle of the farcical sacking too. Sadly this sort of stuff is repeated year in year out. Fleming and his Canterbury mates, of the near past, were not perfect either. Lets have another Steve Rixon type coach please

  • Mark on February 16, 2013, 5:57 GMT

    @zenboomerang: That said, the best coach we've had in the last few years, in terms of improving team performance was Steve Rixon. I think most NZer's would have happily had Jamie Siddons or Woodhill. Although we would have happily kept Wright too, and they could have if they weren't so hellbent on Buchanan. Doesn't matter who you hire from where, it's a shambles at CEO and board level really. Maybe we need an Aussie board? What's Shane Warne doing? Sketch up a quick manifesto for us?

  • Roo on February 16, 2013, 5:01 GMT

    I must admit that I am a huge fan of Taylor & watching his captaining skills in the Hobart Test left me in awe of his capabilities compared to Clarke (this from an Aussie)... His ability to support his younger players by moving himself around the field to be close to them & encouraging their skills left me in no doubt that this was a man who could captain any international team with great skill... A pity a few of the other senior players are so up themselves that they don't understand what Taylor gives to the team nor by their treachery have lower the teams ability to function as a unit...

  • Roo on February 16, 2013, 4:59 GMT

    Think most fans realise there are major problems within the team management & nothing will settle down until there is some accountability from them...

    That a number of senior players & coaches want only Kiwi's is disturbing - I thought only Oz had this phobia up until recent times in cricket but Oz have overseas coaches in cricket, rugby, soccer & they have added to our knowledge & achievements in sport...

  • Beau on February 16, 2013, 2:12 GMT

    The part of this article I found interesting were the references to senior players, quickly qualified to make it clear Woodhill was not talking about Baz.

    Who are these seniors? I can't believe it's Vettori, it's clearly not Guptill.... Chris Martin? James Franklin? Southee, perhaps? Not sure who else would qualify as "senior"...

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