New Zealand news February 10, 2014

Ryder dropped for Wellington Test

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jesse Ryder and Doug Bracewell will not be considered for the second Test against India in Wellington, New Zealand coach Mike Hesson has said. Ryder and Bracewell, who were in the squad for the first Test, are under investigation by New Zealand Cricket for staying out late at an Auckland bar the night before that match began.

"We'll be naming our second Test side tomorrow or maybe later on today and neither Jesse Ryder nor Doug Bracewell will be available for selection," Hesson said.

Bracewell suffered a broken foot during that period which ruled him out of any cricket for a while. He returned to his hometown Napier, while Ryder made an unbeaten century for Otago in an ongoing Plunket Shield match against Central Districts in Nelson.

Hesson declined to say anything on the duo's future while the investigation was underway but added that he expected players to make "good decisions" about their preparation ahead of a game.

"There's an investigation taking place and we'll let that run its course before making any bold statements about that sort of thing. Once we get the full information and facts, we'll be in a far better position to make a statement. It's important we don't jump to conclusions without getting the full facts.

"We need to make sure all our players prepare themselves accordingly for Test cricket and at the moment we don't have confidence that that's the case.

"We have faith in our players that they make good decisions around their preparation. We're dealing with grown men so if a player was to have a beer with their meal before a game we don't have an issue with that at all. These are grown men who can make decisions. There's a bit difference between that and what occurred the night before the Test."

Bracewell and Ryder have had a history of disciplinary issues. During the series against South Africa in March 2012, both were dropped from the ODI team after breaking team protocol, following the match in Napier. In November last year, Bracewell was dropped from the Central Districts side for an HRV Cup game after a late night out.

The ODI against South Africa in Napier in March 2012 was also the last match Ryder played for New Zealand until his recent comeback against West Indies. Following the incident, the batsman decided to take an indefinite break from cricket. In March 2013, Ryder was assaulted outside a bar in Christchurch and spent two days in a medically induced coma before making a recovery. In August 2013, he was given a retrospective six-month ban for failing a routine drug test while playing domestic cricket.

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  • Dummy4 on February 11, 2014, 20:16 GMT

    George Best? bad example come on.

  • khs on February 11, 2014, 18:31 GMT

    It looks that NZ want India to win 2nd test. Jesse dropped , Taylor going for his child birth, Sodhi is playing , what nonsense is going on?

  • Dummy4 on February 11, 2014, 1:31 GMT

    I disagree with everyone here. Sir Garfield Sobers described one of his best innings as being scored after a night on the tiles. Billy Ibadullah took a double stiff drink out to Glenn Turner on the field when Turner scored his 100th 1st-class 100. Turner went on to score 311 all in one day. The idea that perfect sobriety is at the heart of good performance is nonsense. Jimmy Greaves (England's star soccer striker) and George Best are other good examples. BTW, McCullum needs to learn how to set a good field for a leg spinner of Sodhi's class. His captain has not served Sodhi well.

  • Dummy4 on February 10, 2014, 23:32 GMT

    Sam Fischer, A leggie should be able to turn it both ways. The one thing NZ does not need is to do take a step back and go all one dimensional with a off spinner. I wish people would not try to plug holes before they are a real issue. As for Ryder, I can't see what the fuss is all about. He wasn't set to play, Taylor's missus was only due to give birth sometime after the 1st test. So everyone's crying about Big Jesse preparing for a Test he was going to play...Get a god damn grip and move on.

  • GREG on February 10, 2014, 23:28 GMT

    @Torbjorn Swenson Are you serious ?? Jesse Ryder best batsman NZ have got - better than Ross better than kane? Dream on!!! Jesse Ryder may deserve a spot in the test side but it would never be at the expense of Taylor and Williamson. These 2 are world class batsman, Jesse is not.

  • stewey on February 10, 2014, 23:18 GMT

    I for one was thrilled to see Ryder recover from his injuries last year, and make such a strong comeback into domestic, then international cricket.

    To see him now fall off the bandwagon is very disappointing. I really can't see his career picking up now on an international scale. He has also damaged his IPL stocks in my opinion. If he does get back into the fold, it will be a miracle.

    Really disappointed in you Jesse. You should have known better.

  • ESPN on February 10, 2014, 20:23 GMT

    It's sad as well for Ryder because there is a serious chance for him to wt back in te test side. Fulton and Rutherford are struggling and with some shuffling, it is more than a possibility the selectors were considering him. Ryder has to ask himself, do I want to be a test cricketer? Because te sad thing is, there is a opportunity there

  • Dummy4 on February 10, 2014, 20:15 GMT

    @Greatest_game Agree with you that Jesse should have been picked ahead of Fulton. I Think in normal cercumstances Jesses selection would be a no brainer because he is the best batsman NZ have got. Better than Ross, Better than Kane. The problem is he is considered to be a liability which he proved the eve Before the test. Despite Everything that has happened in the past NZ cricket should do Everything they can to get him back in the side. He obviously wants to be there and should get the backing to make this work.

  • David on February 10, 2014, 20:03 GMT

    To anyone saying this guy needs help and the NZC should stand by him - Yes Jesse does need help and I feel for the guy as he does have some big issues. But time and again NZC has tried and the guy just doesn't take responsibility and even though nothing happened this time he puts himself in those situations where they can.

    Even his manager who has stood by him for years has walked away. I want nothing more than to see this guy playing but enough is enough. Yes he is an adult but he is an international sportsman and very high profile in the cricketing world and NZC can't be seen letting this stuff fly.

    For me he lacks respect for his team mates and the silver fern. He ain't a young bloke any more so can't use the excuse boys will be boys etc. There have just been too many times now.

    Bracewell? Well who cares about him - rip up his contract and give it to someone who will take it seriously.

  • Alex on February 10, 2014, 19:58 GMT

    Team discipline is overrated. All these are used to control players than make a winning team. Every team will have odd players , you just have to manage until he do not perform well in the match.