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Williamson replaces Ryder for World T20

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February 16, 2014

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Kane Williamson hits one down the ground, New Zealand v India, 5th ODI, Wellington, January 31, 2014
The technically correct Kane Williamson is going to World Twenty20 © AFP
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Kane Williamson has replaced Jesse Ryder, who has been suspended after a drinking incident, in New Zealand's World Twenty20 squad. Anton Devcich, Trent Boult and Ronnie Hira are the other additions to their limited-overs squads over a successful summer. No other changes were made to the side.

Wiliamson has played 13 Twenty20 internationals for an average of 23 and a strike rate of 118, but he wasn't part of the Twenty20 squad when New Zealand hosted West Indies. Ryder's off-field issues created a vacancy, and Williamson walked into it. Williamson's part-time spin, and his ability to play spin, played no little part in the selection.

"We've had to exclude him [Ryder] from the tour. Character is really important as part of our selection process," Bruce Edgar, the general manager of national selection, said. "As we saw when we toured Bangladesh in October, the pitches will be slow and likely to turn. Consequently we were looking for batsmen who can play spin well as well as some more spin bowling options.

"Anton gives us both top- and middle-order batting options as well as spin. He performed well on the tour to Bangladesh and the New Zealand A tour to India and Sri Lanka before that. And Ronnie is an experienced Twenty20 spin bowler. He's an excellent fieldsman, and he had a very good HRV Twenty20 with Canterbury."

Fast bowlers Adam Milne and Matt Henry were not available for selection because of injuries.

New Zealand squad Brendon McCullum (capt.), Corey Anderson, Martin Guptill, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Adam Milne, Colin Munro, Jimmy Neesham, Luke Ronchi (wk), Kane Williamson, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Anton Devcich, Trent Boult, Ronnie Hira

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Posted by   on (February 19, 2014, 18:48 GMT)

Ryder need's to grow up and accept the consequences of his actions. A lot of people are missing the point that this clown is representing New Zealand in the international cricketing arena. He is also being paid a lot of money to do it. The fact that he has talent is totally beside the point. Another point his followers seem to be ignorant about is the idea that winning is what's the most important. Well it aint, it's not about winning or loosing, it's how you play the game people!

Posted by   on (February 18, 2014, 1:06 GMT)

I'm also really dissapointed to not see Jesse in the squad. Guptill is a solid opener, but I don't really see anybody else filling that void. Sure Jesse's been out of sorts, but he's still incredibly likely to whack a quick 20 off 10 a T20 this really isn't the end of the world. He also has a proven ability to whack a tidy 100 off 50 or 60.

To the selectors credit though, they've made their policy public, they've stuck to it, and it's been working well. Jesse knows what he has to do to be selected, and on this occasion he's failed.

Dissapointing for Jesse and the fans.

Posted by HairyKiore on (February 17, 2014, 9:51 GMT)

I am afraid Bruce Edgar/Hessen are still in the 1990's ..Its a T20 world cup not an ODI world cup and the team selected is out of balance..its crucial for NZ to have openers with the ability to attack from ball one and score at least 60 in the power play...apart from Ryder (who was not considered ) Hamish Rutherford should have been the first choice ...then there is the bowlers..Why Hira ?..if he is so good why is he not in the Test lineup ?? the reason of course is that Sodhi is a better bowler so why not select him as our main spinning weapon in T20 after all he did perform in the HRVcup..better still drop a pace bowler and have both spinners in the team..The player thats going to interest me is Ross Taylor ..will he bat like the rejuvinated Ross Taylor or go back to the leg side slogger of 2013...if he does that he should not be in the team..

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 7:37 GMT)

Jessie should have been considered, he has been fined already. What matters is how he can bat not his "character". Let his batting do the talking, nothing else matters. The press blown the issue out of proportions.

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 7:31 GMT)

Ryder has too much talent to leave out. He is not the first nor will he be the last that has issues with alcohol/drugs/bad boy behaviour. get him in there, work with him and let his talent shine. We (NZ'ers) have become a real goodie/goodie nanny society and it is rubbing off on NZ cricket hierarchy and some fans

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 7:09 GMT)

How many times have I seen the words: 'Ryder, suspended, drinking' together? This is poor especially from a sportsman.

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 4:11 GMT)

You stated that fast bowlers Adam Milne and Matt Henry were not available for selection because of injuries.Still I can find the name in the squad mentioned above!!Getting confused.Thanks.

Posted by regofpicton on (February 16, 2014, 21:59 GMT)

Surely not even Hesson is silly enough to write off Jesse Ryder permanently. One of the side-bar panels that came up on the NZIndia ball by ball yesterday pointed out that he is averaging 50 playing at number 5. You cannot just discard a player like that just because he has a drink. A better answer, as i suggested before, is to get Jesse MORE involved in the team, not less.

Posted by espncricinfomobile on (February 16, 2014, 20:50 GMT)

We have to accommodate are you joking! He wAs smashed at three in the morning when he was twelfth man the next day and on standbye for Taylor. Yeah we should also encourage. The openers to go out with him a few hours before the first balls bowled. Hangout lets go further. How a out straight rum and dri la break for the players. I actually can't believe the ignorance of some of these comments. He shouldn't play for nz again.. Period. He has the iq of about 5 and the attitude of an 8 year old.

Posted by Patchmaster on (February 16, 2014, 20:25 GMT)

I am a fan of Ryders talent, but I totally agree with this selection. Several people on here have said things like 'Ryder's been punished for being an adult' or Ryder's been 'unfairly treated'/ Personally, I think he's been treated exactly the way he should be, i.e. not selected. Whether he likes it or not, he's a role model, who was getting paid an awful lot of money. For example, if one of the batsmen had been injured in a net session on the morning of the test, how on earth could Ryder have stepped up to the plate - having been out drinking until 3am ? Answer is, he couldn't so he therefor let the whole team and country down. What a great shame and probably something he'll regret for the rest of his life, and quite rightly so.

Posted by BatBowlCatch on (February 16, 2014, 19:50 GMT)

A very strong team with hardly any surprises apart from Hira. I think we just need to forget Ryder and move on. He won't play for NZ again. I am disappointed at that but I can't see him getting any more chances, especially under Hesson. I think Williamson needs to be tried as an opener at this level. Let everyone around him play a more flamboyant role and he can tick the strike over at a run a ball and hold the innings together. I know many wouldn't agree, including Hesson and McCullum.

My XI: Guptill, Williamson, B.McCullum, Taylor, Anderson, Ronchi, Neesham, N.McCullum, Southee, McClenaghan, Milne.

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 15:10 GMT)

@njr1330, are you not aware this is an ongoing issue for Ryder? For years now. If it was anyone else they'd probably get a caution but he is a repeat offender and has been his entire career. Would love to see Ryder playing but if you let guys like Ryder dictate it'll just get a whole lot worse. He appears to blame everyone but himself and the last thing NZC needs is a disruptive influence like him during a major tournament. The players would love a guy like him in the team of course but I'm betting they are sick of his antics and being let down.

The guy is an amazing talent so do you wonder why he didn't even get an IPL contract???? For all the reasons I outlined above.

End of the day, the guy needs to grow up. Though he is almost 30 so I doubt he ever will.

Posted by kkk999 on (February 16, 2014, 14:29 GMT)

RYDER DROPPED!!! just to remind you ll devcich has played just two series in the subcontinent and he is selected for a world tournament.. bad decision by nz cricket..

Posted by njr1330 on (February 16, 2014, 13:32 GMT)

So, for our £80 per match, or whatever that is in local money; we won't get to watch KP smashing it everywhere, and we won't get to watch JR smashing it everywhere. We will, however, get the privilege of watching a bunch of trundlers and boring Yes men going through the motions. Thanks, but I'll keep my eighty quid! To anyone who talks about discipline; there is a world of difference between being out drinking and being drunk. Ryder was disciplined for being out drinking, NOT for being drunk. We have to learn to accommodate such talents, or the grounds of the world will be empty!

Posted by bobbo2 on (February 16, 2014, 12:36 GMT)

I love Ryder and I think he is our best natural talent with the bat but you cannot select him until he gets things together. The team seems happy and I think The coach and captain are doing a great job. It is still a very strong side with Guptill, Taylor, McCullum, Anderson, Ronchi, Nessham and Williamson will add some sanity if things go wrong.

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 11:08 GMT)

@jordanius77, also, Boult will not start - he is not really a t20 player as such. And the article above seems to name Milne in the printed squad even though he is not going.... ?? Bit confusing.... They mean Mills, who will play ahead of Boult for obvious reasons. Williamson in only because, disappointingly, Ryder is out. 96% of all t20 matches are won by the team that hits the most boundaries, so Williamson must step up there.

Anyhow, team will be (for big games):

1. Guptill 2. B. McCullum 3. Williamson (floating batsman or, if was my eleven, he might miss out and everyone comes up one) 4. Ross Taylor 5. Anderson 6. Neesham 7. Ronchi (wk) 8. N. McCullum 9. Mills 10. Southee 11. McClenaghan

The only viable alternative option is no Williamson and Munro in for him, or Hira in for Mills. Otherwise, that is (above) your line-up for the world cup t20 matches. And we can win this thing... but our chances dropped slightly losing Ryder. Please stay strong Jesse and we shall see you again.

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 10:49 GMT)

@Jordanius77 - Nice essay but you don't have Neesham in the middle-order or starting for sure? Um, he is one of the first four picked for t20... hence his IPL contract. Wait till the tournament begins.

Posted by android_user on (February 16, 2014, 10:45 GMT)

Ryder like KP is a fan's favorite and immensely talented. But he has management issues. People criticizing NZC should understand that neither has he had the amount of impact on NZ cricket as KP has had on Eng cricket and nor do NZ have no one to replace him. I was surprised that KW wasn't in the squad in first place as he is the future ,a much more reliable batsman is in great form and can change gears. As for top order I think Bmac does a more than decent job opening in this format and Guptill is their best opener.

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 8:43 GMT)

Ryder isnt suspended. He just hasnt been selected due to his behaviour on eve of first test. He doesnt hold a Central Contract so NZ Cricket legally couldnt suspend him. Can just choose not to select him.

Posted by Toyohashi on (February 16, 2014, 8:25 GMT)

Very good idea to have Williamson in. Just because he doesn't usually slog, doesn't mean he can't. He won't give his wicket away and he plays spin impeccably at a good run rate while rotating strike. Shame about Ryder though, would ideally have both of them in.

Posted by Jordanious77 on (February 16, 2014, 7:37 GMT)


Guptil, B.McCullum, Taylor, Anderson, Munro/Williamson, Devcich, Ronchi(w), N.McCullum, Southee, Mcleneghan, Boult/Neesham/Hira

Heres a few reasons why i've selected this team and a few problems i can see.

Guptil & B.McCullum Opening combo = It was a toss up between Devcich and McCullum opening for me. McCullum playing a more leading role recently has convinced me that he is ready (atleast in T20) to open an innings and build a partnership while keeping the RR higher with Guptil up the top.

Williamson = Is a great player (even in T20) and will make a solid 6-7 RPO. Williamsons problem is he won't be slogging so playing him too far back would cause issues. I would like him to play a floating roll incase we lose quick wickets.

The 3rd seamer role = Hira is a near T20 Specialist and could be required on a spinning deck. Neesham would be great on a deck with a low par score, and Boult is for a geniune 3rd seamer

Also worth noting that i'd open the bowling with Southee/boult

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 7:15 GMT)

"When Ryder comes to team NZ start winning crucial matches, now when he is expelled they start loosing"

yea because his failure to make over 20 in the recent one day series made all the difference..

And no dowden they didn't give up on him over 'one night'

He's no real loss

Posted by dowdenpatr on (February 16, 2014, 6:49 GMT)

Jesse if you read this don't give up prove the selectors wrong! As for NZ cricket and its selectors you are a disgrace! You have given up on one of your best chances of being one of the most competitive teams in the world. Talent wise Jesse Ryder is one of best batsmen NZ has and I would rate him up there with Taylor. All he needs is some understanding, trusting and loving guidance and he could be performance wise the same if not better than Taylor. Giving up on him for one night where he broke curfew is ridiculous and frankly if I was Jesse I would not want to play for such a pedantic cricketing organisation. The selectors have obviously bowed to media pressure which is a sad pathetic shame. If this was the All Blacks he would get a slap on the wrist and then get a chance to prove to his country what a great player he is and how much he loves playing for his country.Think Dagg and Jane 2011 RWC they broke curfew and then played brilliantly as if inspired to prove the doubters wrong.

Posted by cricketlover111 on (February 16, 2014, 6:43 GMT)

I have always been a big Ryder fan and am very disappointed he has not made the team. However, NZ has finally developed a great team culture, and what we don't know is what the other players think. I don't think this decision has much to do with how good Ryder is. How his behaviour affects the team is the more likely issue, no one should be bigger than the team. I hope he can come back but I think we have seen the last of him at international level.

Posted by ronman2 on (February 16, 2014, 6:13 GMT)

To NZC - These are cricket players not Corporate Heads or in the Army where you setup Book rules and expect them to follow word to word. Very few have even finished High School and their life is all about cricket and nothing else. Barring them from what they love the most will put them back where they started with.

You really need to find better ways to manage your players not thru "rule books". There are very few players who is as naturally talented as Jesse in your team and you are just flushing his prime down the drain.

Jesse has just been thru a lot in life and honestly if anyone at all needs a soft hand - its him. Don't push him back to where he was.

Its painful to see that hes being punished becoz he wasn't tucked up in bed before the match day.

Posted by mensan on (February 16, 2014, 6:08 GMT)

I really hope that NZ should do with Ryder. I think even AUS did not give Symonds so many chances. Too many discipline issues!

Posted by dogandbone on (February 16, 2014, 6:04 GMT)

its 20/ 20...I would either open with Guptill and McCullum and have Taylor at 3 and Williamson at 4 floating, or open with Taylor and Guptill with McCullum at 3....these two guys need to face most of the overs....cant afford to have Williamson opening then add pressure to the likes of Taylor and co further down the order....

Posted by Greatest_Game on (February 16, 2014, 5:31 GMT)

Nice move. Drop the best for being an adult. Way to win NZ

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 5:24 GMT)

When Ryder comes to team NZ start winning crucial matches, now when he is expelled they start loosing

Posted by AjberPukkaattupady on (February 16, 2014, 5:20 GMT)

My eleven 1. Guptil 2. B Macculam 3. Williamson 4. Ross 5. Anderson 6. Ronchi 7. Devich 8. N macculam 9. Tim 10. Maclenaghan 11.Hira. Hira Nathan and Devich along with williamson will bowl good on spin tracks. Tim can do magic with his experience

Posted by   on (February 16, 2014, 4:38 GMT)

Fast bowlers Adam Milne and Matt Henry were not available for selection because of injuries. New Zealand squad Adam Milne LMAO this makes sense because?

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (February 16, 2014, 4:27 GMT)

Can't believe Ryder's been dropped that's a huge loss for them and cricketing fans also might be hard to see him ever playing again for NZ again now .

Posted by cdhu on (February 16, 2014, 4:19 GMT)

thats disapppointing...

Posted by anuajm on (February 16, 2014, 4:10 GMT)

Adam Milne is not available but shows in the 15!!

Posted by android_user on (February 16, 2014, 4:02 GMT)

very good line up

Posted by kiwicricketnut on (February 16, 2014, 3:08 GMT)

just doesn't look as strong without ryder does it, what ever team takes the field, williamson, taylor and munro have to play, they are the 3 best players of spin in the country and will probably be the best in bangladesh, williamson will probably have to open though, surprised to see boults name added but he is to good to leave out i suppose, hira doesn't inspire me at all but the rest of the squad looks ok

Posted by android_user on (February 16, 2014, 2:25 GMT)

nz can't afford to play without ryder.

Posted by regofpicton on (February 16, 2014, 2:24 GMT)

There is no doubt about it - Jesse is exasperating! But given his value, batting, bowling and fielding, I have to think that a slightly more creative answer would have been preferable. As well as his own runs, he has also been allowing Guptill to get starts. Devcich was good in BD last tour, but is he going to do this as effectively? We can only hope so.

NZCricket seems more willing to accept sustained on-field failure than occasional off-field lapses. And this is after all a cricket team, not a monastery. Perhaps Jesse might begin to value himself a little more if we showed that we really do value him too, by selecting him as an opener in his own right rather merely than as cover for Taylor on family leave [Congrats Victoria & Ross, welcome Jonty!!]

So Jesse is not going to the World T20. What about the Windies tour? We should be a little less keen on punishing our friends, and a little more determined to keep them close and involved.

Posted by ketaann on (February 16, 2014, 2:07 GMT)

no mills then forget about newzealand's chances in tournament. If NZ cricket doesn't need him then they should ask india.

Posted by KBCA on (February 16, 2014, 0:52 GMT)

Dropping Jesse makes me so mad! why cant we just choose the best players, all this pc nonsence makes me sick. very dissapointed

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