New Zealand news May 17, 2014

Northern Districts not in line with revamp proposal

ESPNcricinfo staff

Northern Districts Cricket Association has also expressed reservations over New Zealand Cricket's proposal to restructure domestic cricket, following Cricket Auckland's opposition to the same earlier this week. The Hamilton-based Northern Districts is unhappy with NZC's plans to allow up to 49% of private investments into the six major associations, saying it was an unnecessary move.

ND chief executive Peter Roach said the association was doing well in producing international players, and that it was a misconception that the domestic game in New Zealand was in need of private funding. Presently, the Ford Trophy, the HRV Cup and the Plunket Shield are driven by revenue gained from international cricket.

"We don't share that belief," Roach told the New Zealand Herald. "Domestic cricket has one very important role and that's to produce very good international players, and certainly from an ND point of view we believe we're doing okay in that regard.

"We don't think we should be sitting on our hands saying domestic cricket is achieving every goal it should be. But do we think private investment is the answer at ND? It's not something that's at the top of our tree at present. We haven't said no it should never happen. Just that it's not a priority for us."

A report submitted by David Cooper, NZC general manager of domestic cricket, outlined 18 recommendations that advocated the welcoming of private funding and a transformation of the T20 competition with a mind towards generating greater profit. The move is aimed at securing financial stability and helping local tournaments gain more interest and become self-sustaining.

The chief executives and chairmen of the various state associations are meeting in Auckland on June 11 and NZC is expected to have a board meeting a day later.

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  • Jordan on May 18, 2014, 1:29 GMT

    I think ND and Auckland are being pretty selfish. They have been under the impression that just because it isn't better for them it shouldn't happen, regardless of if it will help NEW ZEALAND domestic cricket and help create a stronger comp. They simply don't care about strengthening other teams (which includes the blackcaps)

    In both of these pressers NOT ONE non-selfish reason has been mentioned to not allow these changes.

    Let's be real, ND don't have to sell anything............ They aren't being forced to do anything.... The thing they have a problem with is the other teams who DONT have that money being on level ground with them. They are just saying "We have enough money, tough luck to the teams that don't" which is in all honesty the same mentality that starts civil wars.

    SELFISH & DISGUSTING and i hope these changes go ahead anyway even without these team's permission.

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