Match-fixing May 24, 2014

Vincent has 'no deal whatsoever' with ICC - lawyer

ESPNcricinfo staff

Lou Vincent's lawyer, Chris Morris, has said Vincent had not cut any deal "whatsoever" with the ICC in return for revealing information on alleged corruption in cricket. The talk of Vincent cutting a deal with regards to being spared criminal sanctions for cooperating was untrue, Morris said, especially as the ICC does not have jurisdiction over criminal procedure.

"Wrong, he has done no deal whatsoever," Morris told Radio Sport. "The ICC cannot give that guarantee in any event, because they are different from the people who would put him in prison, which is the Met [metropolitan] police. You can never get a deal from a sporting body that a law enforcement body isn't going to come and lock somebody up."

Vincent could face a jail sentence for admitting to wrongdoing, he admitted. "Correct [Vincent could go to jail]. No guarantees whatsoever. There has been no deal."

When asked why despite the threat of criminal prosecution Vincent made the revelations he did, Morris said he just wanted to shed the baggage. "He had got to that point in his life where he just wanted to start telling the truth about what had been happening," Morris said.

A former New Zealand batsman and wicketkeeper, Vincent was charged with 14 offences relating to two matches from 2011 - a T20 between Sussex and Lancashire and a 40-over game between Sussex and Kent - on May 22, after reportedly having given information to the ICC's anti-corruption unit on attempted fixing in several competitions around the world. The following day Vincent said he expected more corruption charges to be laid against him in the near future, even while insisting he had not made a plea-bargain with the ICC. He is expected to be charged with fixing offences, while playing for Auckland Aces, in the Champions League T20.