August 22, 2000

New positions announced by Cricket Wellington

Cricket Wellington has appointed two coaches to its regional training facilities in Hutt Valley and at the WestpacTrust Stadium.

Former South African Christie Van Dyke will be Cricket Wellington's development officer based at the academy in Lower Hutt, at the rebuilt facility at the Hutt Recreation Ground. Fire in the old wooden grandstand at the Hutt ground saw the indoor facility completely remodelled.

It will be complementary to the even newer facility developed in the bowels of the new stadium in the Capital.

Former Southland cricket development officer Carl McKenzie will be Wellington's development officer and will be based at the stadium.

Ross Bond has taken the overall position of Cricket Operations manager.

In his review of developments at Cricket Wellington over the last 12 months, the executive director, Ervin McSweeney said the Academy facility at the stadium would be the "glittering jewel in Cricket Wellington's crown, an outstanding investment in the future of the sport and in purely physical terms, the equivalent or better than any similar facilities in New Zealand."

Cricket Wellington chairman John Hunn reported that the new board, and The Management team, are close to finalising their strategic plan for the future development and delivery of cricket in the Wellington region in line with the review of changes in New Zealand Cricket made by the original review chairman John Hood.

Hunn also supported McSweeney's comments on the facilities now available to cricketers.

"The Wellington region is now exceptionally well placed in its range of outdoor and indoor facilities and there will be a strong management focus on using all of them to best advantage," he said.