November 13, 2000

ODIs to be played out over two days if rain-affected

One-Day Internationals in New Zealand will now be played over two days if the weather interferes with the first day of play.

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has decided to follow the English example of finishing games off from where they were placed when rain came.

NZC chief executive Christopher Doig said in Christchurch today that the International Cricket Council had approved New Zealand's stance on the basis that New Zealand's conditions were most similar to England's which plays to similar laws.

"There is more chance of a game being started and it is more likely to get completed," Doig said.

That was because at the moment umpires are less inclined to start a game if they know there is not going to be the chance for 50 overs of play.

The change of policy is also good news for spectators because New Zealand has decided to adopt a new attitude to refunds from rain-affected games.

Doig described New Zealand's old policy of anything more than 15 overs, or an hour's play, constituting a match as "anachronistic".

Now, if a game is not completed over the two days, spectators will get a 100% refund.

This will avoid the situation that occurred in Wellington last year when a game against Australia was abandoned on the first day, and then uncompleted on the second day and no refund being available.

NZC decided to have no charge on the first day of the Australia-New Zealand Test of the series as some recompense for disadvantaged Wellingtonians.