October 13, 2000

Plenty to play for in Sunday ICC KnockOut final

New Zealand's cricketers have a lot to thank Craig McMillan and Scott Styris for, $US150,000 in fact.

McMillan and Styris helped New Zealand home in their semi-final win over Pakistan on Wednesday and immediately ensured the team a minimum take-home payment from Sunday's final with either South Africa or India of $US230,000.

That is because it won $US40,000 for beating Zimbabwe and $US50,000 for beating Pakistan.

The losing team on Sunday will earn $US140,000.

If New Zealand wins on Sunday, it will take the winner's purse of $US250,000 which will be added to the $US90,000 it has already won.

If India qualifies today by beating South Africa, and then wins the final, it will take home $US370,000, because it played a qualifying round game.

South Africa, like New Zealand, entered at the quarter-final stage, and is chasing the same final prize.

It is a win-win situation for the CLEAR Black Caps. They are not only being paid in United States dollars, but they are also benefiting from the lowly status of the New Zealand dollar.

On today's currency rate that equates to a total of $NZ835,175 should New Zealand win or $NZ564,971 if it loses.

The money goes to the players. Their share will depend on what payment is made to the 15th man Daryl Tuffey, who is outside the 14 allowed for the tournament.

If he is not included it would be $NZ59,655 each for a win or $NZ40,355 for a loss. Should he be included it would be $NZ55,678 for the win or $37,664 for the loss.