August 31, 2001

Superb tribute to New Zealand legend Bert Sutcliffe

Bert Sutcliffe Oval at Lincoln
Bert Sutcliffe Oval at Lincoln
Photograph © CricInfo

One of the features of New Zealand Cricket's annual report is its tribute to Kiwi legend Bert Sutcliffe.

His obituary, recording the feats of his cricket career, is superimposed over a magnificent photograph of the Bert Sutcliffe Oval and pavilion at Lincoln University.

The photograph is taken in the late afternoon sun and is a superb study of the ground named in his honour and which was the site of the CLEAR White Ferns' CricInfo Women's World Cup victory over Australia last summer.

His obituary noted: "Bert Sutcliffe is remembered universally for his modesty and personal integrity, and is most oft described as a true gentleman.

"Bert Sutcliffe was also one of New Zealand's finest ever batsmen.

"He played in an earlier era but retained a genuine interest and appreciation for the modern cricketer. He met with many of the CLEAR Black Caps in recent years and was an inspiration to them."

The Bert Sutcliffe Oval will be a permanent memorial to him, along with New Zealand Cricket's prestigious annual award, the Bert Sutcliffe Medal, presented annually in recognition of outstanding service to cricket.