December 21, 2001

Nash suspended for 13 days after code violations

International and Auckland all-rounder Dion Nash has been suspended from all cricket from December 22-January 3 following a code of conduct hearing during the Otago-Auckland State Championship match which ended in Dunedin today.

New Zealand Cricket chief executive Martin Snedden announced tonight that Otago code of conduct commissioner John Henderson imposed the penalty after a hearing last night in which Nash was cited by umpires Dave Quested and Steve Dunne for unacceptable behaviour to an umpire and unacceptable language toward a player.

The umpire concerned was Quested.

Nash will miss a State Championship match and the first two State Shield one-day, games that are to play a big role in the selection of the New Zealand one-day team to return to Australia for the VB Series.

Snedden said he would not comment on the finding as there was a right to seek leave to appeal the suspension which is required to be done within 48 hours.

Snedden said NZC also had the right to appeal but he added he would not be appealing the decision.

If an appeal was received it would be doubt with as quickly as possible and would depend on the availability of national code of conduct commissioner Nick Davidson, especially so close to Christmas.

If necessary the appeal could be dealt with by way of telephone conference.

Snedden said he met with coaches and players before the start of the season and told them NZC was wanting to see an improvement in all levels of behaviour in cricket in New Zealand.

He thought that wish had been reflected in the fantastic conduct of the CLEAR Black Caps under pressure during the third Test against Australia in Perth.

"I also made it clear I would be encouraging association commissioners and the national commissioner to apply appropriate penalties.

"And I said that when it happened they would have the backing of NZC," he said.