December 29, 2001

Bowling progressed but batsmen still have work to do - Chappell

Bangladesh coach Trevor Chappell was left to lament that his side's batting had again let them down in the second National Bank Test against New Zealand at Wellington today.

Bangladesh were only able to survive 68 minutes before being beaten by an innings and 74 runs.

"We've got to try and get somebody to stay out there with application and determination and to stay at the wicket for a long period of time," he said.

It was a difficult problem for Bangladesh because they not only needed to play more one-day cricket, they also needed to learn how to play Test cricket.

"On the surface we haven't made much progress but in the long term it will show through.

"The bowling side progressed but it is very difficult for batsmen to change their footwork in the middle of a Test," Chappell said.

The batsmen had also been caught with not being sure about getting forward on New Zealand wickets rather than their natural inclination to play back. To play back once the New Zealand bowlers had realised they needed to pitch the ball up was dangerous, he said.

Chappell was impressed with the quality of the New Zealand side at the moment and the one-day series in Australia would be one of the few times the three teams in the competition were fairly even.

"Shane Bond has given the team extra pace, Chris Cairns is coming back to form and in the last few years the big area I've noticed is that the side is a lot tougher mentally now," he said.

Bangladesh captain Khaled Mahmud said New Zealand had been a very good and experienced team and that he felt Bangladesh would do better next time they played.

"Our boys are learning to play good cricket," he said.