Australia tour of New Zealand, 1st T20I: New Zealand v Australia at Wellington, Feb 26, 2010
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 24 balls remaining)
26 February 2010 - night match (20-over match)

Johnson to Ingram, OUT, 143 kph, great start from Johnson as he bowls back of a length and Ingram plays all around it trying to work it through the leg side and it takes out middle stump

PJ Ingram b Johnson 2 (17m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00


Johnson to Taylor, no run, 146 kph, full and wide and Taylor looks to play a square drive but misses


Johnson to Taylor, no run, 149 kph, good length from Johnson and Taylor hangs the bat out to dry. Almost looks as if he didn't pick that one up.


Johnson to Taylor, FOUR, 149 kph, shorter from Johnson angled into Taylor's ribs and he works it fine off his glove for four. Haddin was close to catching that as he stuck out his left mit.


Johnson to Taylor, 1 run, 148 kph, good length and Taylor goes back and works it to mid wicket for a single


Johnson to Guptill, no run, 150 kph, Guptill plays it to point and there's a slight mix up as Clarke hits the stumps at the strikers end and Guptill is home safe

New Zealand 18/2   MG Johnson 1-0-5-1

Johnson to Taylor, 1 run, full on off stump and driven to deep point


Johnson to Guptill, 1 run, good length from Johnson, a fraction straight and Guptill is back and defending with soft hands into the off side and they take a quick single


Johnson to Taylor, 2 runs, short and pulled from high on the bat forwrad of square for a couple to the sweeper on the leg side


Johnson to Taylor, OUT, Taylor walks across to the off side and looks to heave it over mid wicket but he misses and it takes him on his back foot outside the line of off stump and he's given out LBW. The hosts certainly didn't need that and Australia are rampant!

LRPL Taylor lbw b Johnson 9 (11m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Johnson to Franklin, 1 run, waist high full toss and Franklin works it to deep square leg


Johnson to Guptill, no run, good length as Guptill tries to play to third man but misses. Well bowled

New Zealand 34/3   MG Johnson 2-0-10-2

Johnson to Franklin, 1 run, good length played to backward point


Johnson to Guptill, 2 runs, droppedgood length and Guptill pulls off the top edge. Haddin moves well towards square leg and puts it down!


Johnson to Guptill, 1 run, played to deep square leg for a single


Johnson to Franklin, 1 run, worked into the off side for a sharp single


Johnson to Guptill, OUT, short and Guptill pulls into mid wicket where Watson moves back from mid wicket and takes the catch half-way between the boundary and the 30m circle

MJ Guptill c Watson b Johnson 30 (41m 29b 4x4 0x6) SR: 103.44


Johnson to Franklin, no run, angled into the pads and played to mid wicket off the pad

New Zealand 54/4   MG Johnson 3-0-15-3

Johnson to Franklin, no run, back of a length and timed nicely back at Johnson who parries it to cover


Johnson to Franklin, no run, short and wide and Franklin tries to cut but misses


Johnson to Franklin, 2 runs, half volley and Franklin hits it straight back over the bowler's head for a couple to long on


Johnson to Franklin, no run, bouncer from Johnson and Franklin ducks underneath thinking it may well be a wide but not to be


Johnson to Franklin, 1 leg bye, fullish angled into leg and Franklin tries to whip it over the leg side but it takes him on the back leg


Johnson to Oram, 1 wide, full and angled down the leg side, only just misses the leg stump


Johnson to Oram, 1 run, full and worked into mid wicket for an easy single

New Zealand 109/5   MG Johnson 4-0-19-3





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