England tour of New Zealand, 2nd ODI: New Zealand v England at Hamilton, Feb 12, 2008
New Zealand won by 10 wickets (with 107 balls remaining) (D/L method)
12 February 2008 - day/night match (50-over match)

Alastair Cook prepares to face the first ball from Kyle Mills...

1.55pm We are almost ready to go, the crowd is building up nicely and the children are lined up in a guard of honour to welcome the players onto the field.

1.50pm The pitch is expected to have slightly more life than Wellington, although Ian Botham plays it safe with his report saying it should have "medium pace and medium bounce." So no fence-sitting.

1.40pm Although the early rain has moved away there is still some talk of the weather playing a part later on, one reason why Daniel Vettori wanted to chase in case the D/L method comes into play.

1.30pm Well, I probably shouldn't take up a career as a weatherman...the sun is now shining brightly at Sneddon Park and we are set for an on-time start. Which is jolly good news. Stay with us for all the toss and team news.

New Zealand have won the toss and will bowl with Daniel Vettori saying there might be some help early on after the drizzle which fell earlier today and the cloudy skies.

New Zealand have made one change with quick bowler Michael Mason replacing Jeetan Patel, who did a great job in the first match but is deemed surplus to requirements here.

"We probably would have had a bowl first, too," says Paul Collingwood, "but whatever we do we have to do well."

Collingwood makes all the usual noises about showing what the team can do etc etc after the defeat in Wellington and confirms that England are unchanged.

New Zealand 1 Jesse Ryder, 2 Brendon McCullum (wk), 3 Jamie How, 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Scott Styris, 6 Peter Fulton, 7 Jacob Oram, 8 Daniel Vettori (capt), 9 Kyle Mills, 10 Michael Mason, 11 Chris Martin

England 1 Alastair Cook, 2 Phil Mustard (wk), 3 Ian Bell, 4 Kevin Pietersen, 5 Paul Collingwood (capt), 6 Owais Shah, 7 Ravi Bopara, 8 Graeme Swann, 9 Stuart Broad, 10 Ryan Sidebottom, 11 James Anderson

1.00pm Hello and welcome to Cricinfo's coverage of the second ODI between New Zealand and England from Hamilton. I'm Andrew McGlashan and along with Andrew Miller we are thrilled to be able to bring you all the action.

Play is due to start in an hour, but the early news coming from Hamilton is that there is rain in the area putting a prompt start in doubt. It has been drizzling since about 9am this morning and thunderstorms are predicted for later on today.

We will keep you posted on the weather situation as more news arrives. Rain is also causing problems with the ODI between India and Sri Lanka across the Tasman in Canberra where they haven't been able to start as yet.


Mills to Cook, no run, on off stump, Cook comes forward and pushes firmly square on the off side


Mills to Cook, no run, back of a length on the stumps, Cook waits on the back foot and defends back to Mills

Two slips in


Mills to Cook, no run, forced up to mid-off, looks as though the ball is coming on nicely to the bat


Mills to Cook, no run, huge appeal from Mills and it's mighty close as the ball is very full and swings back into Cook, who falls over as he tries to work to leg and is struck in line with leg stump. Mills finished by the batsman after his appeal, but couldn't convince the umpire


Mills to Cook, 3 runs, tucked nicely off the hips through square leg to get England off and running


Mills to Mustard, no run, another cracking ball from Mills, full inswinging yorker which Mustard jabs down it and loses his footing...top start from Mills

End of over 1 (3 runs) England 3/0 (RR: 3.00)

    • P Mustard 0 (1b)
    • AN Cook 3 (5b)
    • KD Mills 1-0-3-0

Chris Martin will share the new ball, again goes round the wicket straight away to Cook


Martin to Cook, no run, outside off and left alone


Martin to Cook, no run, fuller and brings Cook into a drive, but it isn't timed and rolls rather tamely towards mid-off


Martin to Cook, FOUR, short and wide, Cook brings out a strong square cut over the top of backward point. He didn't try to keep that down and already there seems to be much more pace on offer


Martin to Cook, no run, big stride onto the front foot by Cook, pushed into the covers


Martin to Cook, no run, angling into Cook and driven to the off side


Martin to Cook, 1 run, tries to work into the leg side, misses and is taken on the thigh pad...ball falls towards the slips and they scamper a single

End of over 2 (5 runs) England 8/0 (RR: 4.00)

    • AN Cook 8 (11b 1x4)
    • P Mustard 0 (1b)
    • CS Martin 1-0-5-0
    • KD Mills 1-0-3-0

Mills to Cook, 2 runs, full on off stump, takes a thick inside half of the bat past square leg as Cook tries to drive and the face closes a little on the shot


Mills to Cook, FOUR, just a hint of width outside off stump, back of a length and Cook frees his arms with a spanking cover drive which races across the outfield


Mills to Cook, no run, chases a drive this time but doesn't get near to the ball


Mills to Cook, no run, tighter to Cook this time and punched straight down the pitch to mid-off


Mills to Cook, FOUR, juicy half volley from Mills, wide outside off stump and Cook bends the front knee into an elegant cover drive...places it past short extra-cover and it speeds away


Mills to Cook, no run, touch wider outside off and Cook opts to let this one pass...handy start for England

End of over 3 (10 runs) England 18/0 (RR: 6.00)

    • AN Cook 18 (17b 3x4)
    • P Mustard 0 (1b)
    • KD Mills 2-0-13-0
    • CS Martin 1-0-5-0

Mustard to face just his second ball


Martin to Mustard, 1 run, round the wicket, cramps Mustard for room and he turns into the leg side gap between mid-on and square leg


Martin to Cook, no run, good length outside off stump, left alone by Cook


Martin to Cook, no run, good length from Martin, makes Cook uncertain whether to play forward or back and he defends back towards the bowler


Martin to Cook, no run, whipped from off stump straight to mid-on...strong wrists from Cook

A very laid-back city Hamilton, and there's a gentle hum going around the ground as everyone settles in


Martin to Cook, 1 wide, tight call, seams away from round the wicket and Martin is surprised to see it signalled


Martin to Cook, 1 run, probing line outside off stump, draws an edge from Cook which drops awkwardly in front of second slip and is palmed down to third man


Martin to Mustard, no run, shovelled towards square leg by Mustard but can't find the gap

End of over 4 (3 runs) England 21/0 (RR: 5.25)

    • P Mustard 1 (3b)
    • AN Cook 19 (21b 3x4)
    • CS Martin 2-0-8-0
    • KD Mills 2-0-13-0

Mills to Cook, no run, punched firmly to mid-on...Cook looking much more comfortable with the extra pace in the pitch


Mills to Cook, FOUR, full on off stump and Cook brings out a forceful drive, the bat turns in his hands and it goes too straight for mid-on


Mills to Cook, 1 run, dropped into the off side, quick single to rotate the strike


Mills to Mustard, FOUR, now Mustard joins the party with a lofted drive over the covers, it nearly carries all the way but drops just inside the rope...positive start from England


Mills to Mustard, 1 run, drifts onto the pads and flicked with excellent timing into the leg side, goes one bounce to Peter Fulton at deep square-leg...Mustard almost hit that too well


Mills to Cook, 2 runs, flicked in the air wide of mid-on, not perfectly timed on this occasion

England have got off to a brisk start ... but they'll need it on this wicket. This time last year, New Zealand successfully chased 347 to beat none other than the Australians

End of over 5 (12 runs) England 33/0 (RR: 6.60)

    • AN Cook 26 (25b 4x4)
    • P Mustard 6 (5b 1x4)
    • KD Mills 3-0-25-0
    • CS Martin 2-0-8-0

Martin to Mustard, 1 run, goes for a heave through the leg side, gets an inside edge into his pads which bobbles towards the slips


Martin to Cook, 1 run, nudged firmly towards mid-on, and after a faultless game in Wellington a misfield allows Cook a single


Martin to Mustard, SIX, dragged in short from Martin and Mustard is quickly onto the pull, dispatching it handsomely over deep square-leg and into the lap of a supporter on the grass bank


Martin to Mustard, OUT, gone! There's the breakthrough for New Zealand as Mustard drives to drive but doesn't commit himself to going over the top. Daniel Vettori plucks out a neat, low catch at mid-off to end a rapid, but brief, opening stand.

P Mustard c Vettori b Martin 13 (23m 8b 1x4 1x6) SR: 162.50

That would have been a fine stand in a Twenty20, but it needed to carry on in the longer form and again Mustard gives it away


Martin to Bell, OUT, well, well, it's all happened here! Two wickets in two balls as Brendon McCullum pulls off a blinding catch...Ian Bell shaped to leave his first ball, but as he withdrew his bat it caught the toe end and flew to the right of McCullum. The keeper flung himself to his right and brings off a blinder in front of first slip and sets off in celebration

IR Bell c †McCullum b Martin 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Kevin Pietersen to face the hat-trick ball


Martin to Pietersen, 1 run, full and driven into the covers, the shy hits the non-striker's stumps and they get an overthrow

Blimey, that was an eventful over...a six, and two wickets

End of over 6 (9 runs) England 42/2 (RR: 7.00)

    • KP Pietersen 1 (1b)
    • AN Cook 27 (26b 4x4)
    • CS Martin 3-0-17-2
    • KD Mills 3-0-25-0

Mills to Pietersen, no run, full and straight, Pietersen loses control of the bat as he turns into the leg side


Mills to Pietersen, no run, angling in towards the stumps, Pietersen gets into a bit of a tangle and there's half an appeal but it was going down leg


Mills to Pietersen, no run, outside off stump, left alone and shapes away as it goes past Pietersen


Mills to Pietersen, no run, advances down the pitch but is again taken on the pad as he tries to work into the leg side

Pietersen looks in hyperactive mood today, needs to chill a little


Mills to Pietersen, no run, full on the stumps, defended firmly to mid-on


Mills to Pietersen, FOUR, lovely on-drive from Pietersen as Mills overpitches on the stumps and it is effortlessly placed past the stumps

End of over 7 (4 runs) England 46/2 (RR: 6.57)

    • KP Pietersen 5 (7b 1x4)
    • AN Cook 27 (26b 4x4)
    • KD Mills 4-0-29-0
    • CS Martin 3-0-17-2

Martin to Cook, 1 run, tucked into the leg side


Martin to Pietersen, 2 runs, a sharp short ball nearly does the trick for Martin as Pietersen is surprised and is cramped on his pull. It evades short midwicket and square leg to bring Pietersen a streaky couple


Martin to Pietersen, no run, outside off and left alone


Martin to Pietersen, no run, punched firmly down the pitch, past the on side of the stumps to mid-on


Martin to Pietersen, no run, keeping the ball pitched up, driven to mid-off


Martin to Pietersen, no run, outside off stump, Pietersen steps across and defends

End of over 8 (3 runs) England 49/2 (RR: 6.12)

    • KP Pietersen 7 (12b 1x4)
    • AN Cook 28 (27b 4x4)
    • CS Martin 4-0-20-2
    • KD Mills 4-0-29-0

Time for the first chance, Michael Mason into the attack


Mason to Cook, 1 run, round the wicket, nudged wide of mid-on to bring up England's fifty...the rate is good but they have lost two important wickets


Mason to Pietersen, no run, good length on off stump, defended back to Mason in his follow through


Mason to Pietersen, no run, punchy drive from Pietersen, positive intent but picks out mid-off

A few spots of rain falling


Mason to Pietersen, no run, slower ball outside off stump, Pietersen leaves it and McCullum takes on the second bounce


Mason to Pietersen, 1 run, a drive skews of a thick inside edge through the leg side, deep square-leg comes round and keeps them to a single


Mason to Cook, no run, defended back to Mason to end his first over

End of over 9 (2 runs) England 51/2 (RR: 5.66)

    • AN Cook 29 (29b 4x4)
    • KP Pietersen 8 (16b 1x4)
    • MJ Mason 1-0-2-0
    • CS Martin 4-0-20-2

Martin to Pietersen, 1 run, driven crisply back to Martin who gets a hand on it in his follow through but allows a single when he doesn't collect cleanly


Martin to Cook, 1 run, opens the face and pushes square on the off side, finds the gap between backward point and cover


Martin to Pietersen, SIX, a top edge from Pietersen as another bouncer from Martin causes problems and it just evades fine leg to land in the grass bank...more luck than judgement there


Martin to Pietersen, FOUR, class shot, half volley outside off stump which Pietersen places between cover and mid-off


Martin to Pietersen, FOUR, and another...Pietersen rattling along here as he goes straight down the ground on this occasion and mid-off is too wide to do anything about it


Martin to Pietersen, no run, outside off, seams back into Pietersen but it's a comfortable leave

England managed a grand total of seven fours at Wellington on Saturday. They have got eight in 10 overs here, and two sixes as well.

End of over 10 (16 runs) England 67/2 (RR: 6.70)

    • KP Pietersen 23 (21b 3x4 1x6)
    • AN Cook 30 (30b 4x4)
    • CS Martin 5-0-36-2
    • MJ Mason 1-0-2-0

Second Powerplay has been taken


Mason to Cook, no run, driven firmly to mid-off and Mason slips in his follow through


Mason to Cook, 1 run, turned from off stump just to the left of mid-on


Mason to Pietersen, FOUR, perfect straight drive from Pietersen, too full and the shot gave mid-on no chance even though he got a finger on it


Mason to Pietersen, no run, tightens up and Pietersen defends


Mason to Pietersen, no run, short outside off stump, Pietersen goes for the pull but doesn't make contact...he is clearly trying to make the most of the fielding restrictions


Mason to Pietersen, 1 run, slower ball on the stumps, waited for by Pietersen and turned past short fine-leg to keep the strike

End of over 11 (6 runs) England 73/2 (RR: 6.63)

    • KP Pietersen 28 (25b 4x4 1x6)
    • AN Cook 31 (32b 4x4)
    • MJ Mason 2-0-8-0
    • CS Martin 5-0-36-2

Martin to Pietersen, 1 leg bye, Pietersen strides down and across the pitch, taken on the pad and the ball rolls into the leg side


Martin to Cook, no run, round the wicket, full on off stump and driven up to mid-off


Martin to Cook, no run, outside off and Cook watches this one go through...England have given themselves some breathing space with this flying start


Martin to Cook, no run, turned off middle stump into the leg side and picks out midwicket


Martin to Cook, no run, a crab-like punch down the ground from Cook, rather ugly but quite safe in the end


Martin to Cook, 1 run, on off stump, Cook uses the angle and rolls his wrists to send the ball down to fine leg

End of over 12 (2 runs) England 75/2 (RR: 6.25)

    • AN Cook 32 (37b 4x4)
    • KP Pietersen 28 (26b 4x4 1x6)
    • CS Martin 6-0-37-2
    • MJ Mason 2-0-8-0

Mason to Cook, no run, half volley outside off but Cook picks out Ross Taylor at cover


Mason to Cook, no run, turned down to mid-on, a moment of confusion as Cook wants a run but Pietersen doesn't and Cook scampers back

No slips in now


Mason to Cook, 1 run, slower ball outside off, waited for by Cook and angled down to third man


Mason to Pietersen, no run, another slow ball on off stump, Pietersen spots it and dabs into the covers


Mason to Pietersen, no run, outside off and left alone, Mason has settled into a decent spell


Mason to Pietersen, 1 run, turned through square leg for a comfortable single

End of over 13 (2 runs) England 77/2 (RR: 5.92)

    • KP Pietersen 29 (29b 4x4 1x6)
    • AN Cook 33 (40b 4x4)
    • MJ Mason 3-0-10-0
    • CS Martin 6-0-37-2

Chris Martin takes a break and Jacob Oram comes on...some gentle rain falling


Oram to Pietersen, 1 leg bye, appeal first up from Oram as Pietersen goes right across his stumps and is taken on the pads, but he is miles down the pitch and there was so much doubt


Oram to Cook, no run, round the wicket, defended into the covers


Oram to Cook, no run, outside off stump, seams away from Cook who has a prod and nearly gets the edge. Cook turns away in anger at the lose shot


Oram to Cook, 3 runs, forceful drive through the covers, Taylor gets a hand on it but dives over the ball and Vettori does the retrieving in the deep


Oram to Pietersen, no run, flicked into the leg side


Oram to Pietersen, no run, outside off stump, slightly slower ball, defended to mid-on by a walking Pietersen

End of over 14 (4 runs) England 81/2 (RR: 5.78)

    • KP Pietersen 29 (32b 4x4 1x6)
    • AN Cook 36 (43b 4x4)
    • JDP Oram 1-0-3-0
    • MJ Mason 3-0-10-0

Mason to Cook, no run, driven to mid-off as Mason continues round the wicket


Mason to Cook, FOUR, a touch short from Mason and Cook latches on with a screaming pull shot but is close to picking out Scott Styris at midwicket...was going like a tracer and would have taken some catching


Mason to Cook, no run, slower ball pushed into the covers


Mason to Cook, no run, another very slow ball, 64mph, and turned to midwicket


Mason to Cook, no run, again whipped to midwicket


Mason to Cook, no run, a forceful punch into midwicket but can't find the gap

5.15pm It's official. The match will be 36 overs a side. One bowler can bowl eight overs, the others seven. New Zealand's Powerplays will be seven and four overs long, but for now it's back to England's innings. After a delay of two hours and 23 minutes, here come the umpires.

4.55pm Good news from the ground - the weather has cleared up and the covers are being peeled off. Bright skies all around, and the players and umpires are milling around in the middle, awaiting a resumption. Play will resume at 5.30pm, local time. It could be a 36-overs game from hereon.

4.25pm Still rain in the air but the ground staff are trying to mop up. The weather radar says more rain is on the way so it's a case of crossing our fingers at the moment and waiting.

4.00pm "Give a shout out to the new business boys at Shell!" says Jared. "We were at the bar having a quiet beer, but can hardly stay there for a "company meeting" if there is no cricket on the big screen." Let's hope the rain clears soon and the business meeting can resume. Can't let the weather get in the way of those record-breaking profits, can we?

3.45pm The estimate from the groundstaff is that, if conditions stay as they are, they will need 40 minutes to mop up. But there is some more nasty weather lurking. At least it's cleared up in Canberra, where India are batting in a Twentynine29 against Sri Lanka.

3.30pm "If Seddon Park had a roof like Stadium Australia this wouldn't be a problem," says Andy from New Zealand. No, we'd have other problems, such as a generation of fans with complexions like snooker players. All hail the grassy-banked cricket grounds I say.

Meanwhile, Dr Santana from Samoa has just emailed to offer me Viagra for the fourth time this hour. Anyone else out there? Drop us some feedback.

Rain stops play Well, there are some filthy clouds lingering over the ground, and the rain is pretty steady as the covers come on. We'll keep you posted between cuppas.

So with England's rate pulled back a little it's over to Andrew Miller...who will tell you that it is now raining and the players are going off, oh dear. Here's Andrew. Hello. It's raining

End of over 15 (4 runs) England 85/2 (RR: 5.66)

    • AN Cook 40 (49b 5x4)
    • KP Pietersen 29 (32b 4x4 1x6)
    • MJ Mason 4-0-14-0
    • JDP Oram 1-0-3-0

Jacob Oram will bowl the first over of the resumption. England have 21 overs to bat, which should suit them rather well, given their efforts on this tour so far


Oram to Pietersen, no run, full length, floated onto the spot outside off, met with a powerful straight drive, but well intercepted


Oram to Pietersen, no run, clipped into the leg-side with a whip of the wrists but can'f find the gap


Oram to Pietersen, no run, slower ball, slightly back of a length, defended


Oram to Pietersen, no run, attempted yorker, comes out as a low full toss, but Pietersen plays all round it nonetheless and almost misses.

Good plans from New Zealand. They dismissed him like that in the Twenty20s


Oram to Pietersen, no run, outside off, dies as it skids through to the keeper


Oram to Pietersen, no run, squared up with a late-nipping legcutter, well fielded with a tumble at point. That's a good first over back

End of over 16 (maiden) England 85/2 (RR: 5.31)

    • KP Pietersen 29 (38b 4x4 1x6)
    • AN Cook 40 (49b 5x4)
    • JDP Oram 2-1-3-0
    • MJ Mason 4-0-14-0

Mason to Cook, FOUR, round the wicket, and edged fine, a genuine nick but no second slip to cut that off


Mason to Cook, 1 run, big appeal, that was going down, and there was an inside-edge as well. Tight lines though


Mason to Pietersen, OUT, gone! Full and straight, and that's stone-dead as Pietersen shuffles across his crease in that now-habitual manner. Boos around the ground as England's finest falls without addition, and now his side are in some bother

KP Pietersen lbw b Mason 29 (47m 39b 4x4 1x6) SR: 74.35


Mason to Collingwood, 1 run, OUT, oh dear, that's just village from England! Collingwood squirts an edgy single through backward point, but ridiculously, he decides to turn it into a tight two, even though he had to jink round the bowler in his followthrough. Oram's throw is fast and flat, and Asad Rauf doesn't even call for the replay!

PD Collingwood run out 1 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Mason to Shah, no run, banged in short, a bit of zip in the wicket after the rain. Shah swings into a pull, but doesn't come close to contact


Mason to Shah, no run, onto the back foot, and drilled firmly into the covers

What a restart from New Zealand. Mentally, England are still playing cards in the dressing-room

End of over 17 (6 runs) England 91/4 (RR: 5.35)

    • OA Shah 0 (2b)
    • AN Cook 45 (51b 6x4)
    • MJ Mason 5-0-20-1
    • JDP Oram 2-1-3-0

Oram to Cook, no run, round the wicket, defended outside off


Oram to Cook, 4 byes, inside-edge, and that's given as byes, though there was a monstrous deflection that almost landed in McCullum's right mitt! So nearly a chance


Oram to Cook, no run, nudged down to third man


Oram to Cook, no run, good channel outside off stump, left alone


Oram to Cook, no run, a big stride, into position for the drive, but instead just a measured push to cover


Oram to Cook, 1 run, wider, and slashed firmly out to deep point

End of over 18 (5 runs) England 96/4 (RR: 5.33)

    • AN Cook 46 (57b 6x4)
    • OA Shah 0 (2b)
    • JDP Oram 3-1-4-0
    • MJ Mason 5-0-20-1

Mason to Cook, 1 run, angled into the pads, clipped out to midwicket


Mason to Shah, no run, slower ball, and finds a bit of inswing as well. A stifled appeal as a result, but that was going down


Mason to Shah, no run, pushed into the covers, and fielded with a slide. New Zealand have been utterly alert


Mason to Shah, OUT, what a delivery! A fantastic offcutter, quicker pace and bit of nip off the seam, through a yawning gate and into the top of off stump. Three wickets in 14 balls, and England are collapsing in a hurry now

OA Shah b Mason 0 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Mason to Bopara, no run, drawn forward into a smothering defence. Bat on ball first-up for Bopara


Mason to Bopara, 1 wide, a wasted delivery, seaming away down leg


Mason to Bopara, 1 run, tapped into the leg-side, a hint of hesitation, but safely through to get off the mark

End of over 19 (3 runs) England 99/5 (RR: 5.21)

    • RS Bopara 1 (2b)
    • AN Cook 47 (58b 6x4)
    • MJ Mason 6-0-23-2
    • JDP Oram 3-1-4-0

Oram to Bopara, no run, drawn forward and defended into the covers


Oram to Bopara, no run, massive appeal, Bopara was just walking across his stumps and that looked plumb to the naked eye. A grazed inside-edge saved him, maybe?


Oram to Bopara, 1 run, contact this time, as Bopara works to leg to bring up the 100.


Oram to Cook, no run, outside off, sluggish carry, left alone


Oram to Cook, no run, pushed down the track to mid-off, and Ross Taylor, with one stump to aim at, had Bopara at his mercy in the followthrough! He missed by a whisker, but Ravi is living dangerously

That would have been reminiscent of his Galle debacle before Christmas


Oram to Cook, no run, pushed out to point. Another tight over ticks by

End of over 20 (1 run) England 100/5 (RR: 5.00)

    • AN Cook 47 (61b 6x4)
    • RS Bopara 2 (5b)
    • JDP Oram 4-1-5-0
    • MJ Mason 6-0-23-2

Mason to Bopara, no run, short ball, tucked off the hips to a loud bellow of "no!" Just as well, as Shah was hurtling for a single


Mason to Bopara, no run, defended watchfully, on the move as the ball tails in late


Mason to Bopara, FOUR, driven airborne, but square - he was aiming straighter, but hit the gap in front of point. Not entirely convincing but England will take it


Mason to Bopara, no run, defended into the covers


Mason to Bopara, 1 run, tucked off the toes, picked up at square leg


Mason to Cook, 1 run, width outside off, flailed into the covers, but cut off in the deep. Cook at least is looking composed. England need him to go big now, as the final 15 overs get underway

End of over 21 (6 runs) England 106/5 (RR: 5.04)

    • AN Cook 48 (62b 6x4)
    • RS Bopara 7 (10b 1x4)
    • MJ Mason 7-0-29-2
    • JDP Oram 4-1-5-0

Oram to Cook, 1 run, turned off the toes, down to fine leg


Oram to Bopara, no run, wicket-to-wicket delivery, an exaggerated defence in front of off stump


Oram to Bopara, no run, wider of the crease, looking to angle the ball in, but this one passes harmlessly past off stump


Oram to Bopara, no run, tighter line again, and defended again


Oram to Bopara, no run, a fraction back of a length, tucked into the off side and fielded at point


Oram to Bopara, no run, pushed forward, into the covers, and that's the end of another incredibly tight over

Oram has bowled five overs for six runs now!

End of over 22 (1 run) England 107/5 (RR: 4.86)

    • RS Bopara 7 (15b 1x4)
    • AN Cook 49 (63b 6x4)
    • JDP Oram 5-1-6-0
    • MJ Mason 7-0-29-2

Martin to Cook, no run, back of a length from around the wicket. Cook is looking to tuck that fine, but can't work the gap


Martin to Cook, 1 run, picks the gap this time, off his toes out to deep midwicket, and that's his half-century - 65 balls and six fours. He's been the anchor, he might need to be the impetus too


Martin to Bopara, no run, bouncer, and an effective one too. Bopara swings airily, but no contact


Martin to Bopara, no run, full length, searching for the yorker, and driven up to mid-off


Martin to Bopara, no run, tip-and-run into the off side, a loud cry of "no, no, no!" as Styris shies at the non-striker's end


Martin to Bopara, 1 run, just enough width to flick a single down to third man. Slim pickings for England at the mo

End of over 23 (2 runs) England 109/5 (RR: 4.73)

    • RS Bopara 8 (19b 1x4)
    • AN Cook 50 (65b 6x4)
    • CS Martin 7-0-39-2
    • JDP Oram 5-1-6-0

Time for some spin, here's Vettori


Vettori to Bopara, no run, looped onto a wonderful line and length, hurried defensive prod


Vettori to Bopara, no run, drifts onto leg stump, nurdled away


Vettori to Bopara, 1 run, clipped hard to Jeetan Patel at midwicket, who fumbles momentarily, but still has time to wing in a shy at the non-striker's end. Had it hit, Bopara would have been out. Again.


Vettori to Cook, no run, cramped for room on the cut, backing away all the time, and so nearly inside-edges onto his stumps. Cunning bowling


Vettori to Cook, no run, more shovelling into the leg side


Vettori to Cook, 2 runs, drilled down the ground, not timed, but that's as effective as it currently gets for England. They are in a bit of a pickle

End of over 24 (3 runs) England 112/5 (RR: 4.66)

    • AN Cook 52 (68b 6x4)
    • RS Bopara 9 (22b 1x4)
    • DL Vettori 1-0-3-0
    • CS Martin 7-0-39-2

Martin to Bopara, 2 runs, slower ball, Bopara is early on the drive, and works it away through the gap at midwicket


Martin to Bopara, no run, outside off stump, extra kick off a good length, and played back down the track


Martin to Bopara, no run, outside off, clobbered hard off the back foot, but straight to short cover


Martin to Bopara, 1 run, a thick outside-edge, but a deliberate one. Third man fields on one knee


Martin to Cook, 1 run, searching for the yorker, clipped into the deep


Martin to Bopara, 1 run, hustled for pace, a bit of a baseball slug into the off-side, and a quick single to complete the over

End of over 25 (5 runs) England 117/5 (RR: 4.68)

    • RS Bopara 13 (27b 1x4)
    • AN Cook 53 (69b 6x4)
    • CS Martin 8-0-44-2
    • DL Vettori 1-0-3-0

Vettori to Bopara, FOUR, well bowled again, but just a smidgeon of width is enough for Bopara to get his late cut away. Good batting


Vettori to Bopara, no run, turned into the leg-side, but no run


Vettori to Bopara, no run, driven back to the bowler


Vettori to Bopara, no run, pushed into the covers


Vettori to Bopara, OUT, abysmal running, and Cook is sold hopelessly down the river. A tame push into the covers, an instant and suicidal call, and McCullum doesn't even have to hustle up to the stumps to complete the run-out.

AN Cook run out 53 (114m 69b 6x4 0x6) SR: 76.81

That is five run-outs out of 16 wickets in the series so far for England, and it's not good enough. Cook avoids all eye contact with Bopara as he leaves the field. With him, you suspect, go England's best chances in this match


Vettori to Swann, no run, outside off stump, cut away

End of over 26 (4 runs) England 121/6 (RR: 4.65)

    • GP Swann 0 (1b)
    • RS Bopara 17 (32b 2x4)
    • DL Vettori 2-0-7-0
    • CS Martin 8-0-44-2

Styris to Bopara, 2 runs, cut into the deep, a bit too much width first-up


Styris to Bopara, no run, steered firmly to gully


Styris to Bopara, no run, drawn forward in defence


Styris to Bopara, no run, busy footwork, cut straight to backward point


Styris to Bopara, 1 run, a firm "clop" echoes around the ground, that's nicely timed out to deep cover, but only a single


Styris to Swann, 1 run, nurdled out to point, and that's another trouble-free over that slides by for New Zealand. When they aren't making breakthroughs, they aren't given runs away either

End of over 27 (4 runs) England 125/6 (RR: 4.62)

    • GP Swann 1 (2b)
    • RS Bopara 20 (37b 2x4)
    • SB Styris 1-0-4-0
    • DL Vettori 2-0-7-0

Vettori to Swann, no run, swatted down the ground, but doesn't quite carry to mid-off


Vettori to Swann, 1 wide, attempted clip off the toes, but no contact


Vettori to Swann, no run, exaggerated, smothering, forward defence


Vettori to Swann, no run, massive appeal, but that sounded like bat and pad together. Fairly adjacent though


Vettori to Swann, OUT, quicker, wider, and a slashing cut flies straight to McCullum! There goes another

GP Swann c †McCullum b Vettori 1 (7m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

As Gnasher rightly points out, if England don't bat out their overs, then not even Duckworth-Lewis can put a gloss on this performance. This is getting dismal for England. The theme tune to Coronation Street rings out around the ground, bizarrely, as Stuart Broad enters


Vettori to Broad, no run, forward and across to defend stoutly in front of off


Vettori to Broad, no run, defended stoutly in front of off stump

End of over 28 (1 run) England 126/7 (RR: 4.50)

    • SCJ Broad 0 (2b)
    • RS Bopara 20 (37b 2x4)
    • DL Vettori 3-0-8-1
    • SB Styris 1-0-4-0

Broad and Bopara batted superbly at Old Trafford to beat India last summer, but that was chasing a low target - this is all about setting one


Mills to Bopara, 1 run, width, and swished into the deep with a conductor's flick of the wrists


Mills to Broad, no run, angled across the left-hander, outside off, defended off the back foot, to short cover


Mills to Broad, 3 runs, stands tall and drives elegantly down the ground. It is pulled up just inside the rope, but that was a confident strike

Shades of his father in that one ...


Mills to Bopara, no run, worked back up the pitch to the bowler


Mills to Bopara, 1 run, tidy flick into the leg-side, picked up at midwicket


Mills to Broad, no run, drilled down to mid-off, off the back foot. Another over goes by

End of over 29 (5 runs) England 131/7 (RR: 4.51)

    • SCJ Broad 3 (5b)
    • RS Bopara 22 (40b 2x4)
    • KD Mills 5-0-34-0
    • DL Vettori 3-0-8-1

Vettori to Bopara, 1 run, driven into the gap in the covers, just beats the diving short cover


Vettori to Broad, no run, massive appeal for caught-behind from McCullum, but no-one else is interested. That was the arm ball, so maybe he was just pleased to have read it


Vettori to Broad, no run, defended outside off


Vettori to Broad, FOUR, down on one knee, and that's an exquisite sweep, timed to perfection, and straight into the gap at backward square


Vettori to Broad, no run, pushed into the covers, Bopara is itching for another suicidal run but this time he's sent back


Vettori to Broad, 1 run, clipped out to midwicket, and England have six overs left to set a target

End of over 30 (6 runs) England 137/7 (RR: 4.56)

    • SCJ Broad 8 (10b 1x4)
    • RS Bopara 23 (41b 2x4)
    • DL Vettori 4-0-14-1
    • KD Mills 5-0-34-0

Mills to Broad, FOUR, short and misdirected, and Broad picks off another valuable boundary, just a steer down the leg-side


Mills to Broad, no run, swished into the covers off the back foot, but well gathered at mid-off


Mills to Broad, no run, fielded at mid-on this time


Mills to Broad, 1 run, tip-and-run into the leg-side


Mills to Bopara, OUT, full toss, and a sad end to a rather sad innings. It was waist-height and he could have put that anywhere, but instead he found Jesse Ryder lurking at deep midwicket. It's been another difficult day at the office for Bopara

RS Bopara c Ryder b Mills 23 (51m 42b 2x4 0x6) SR: 54.76

Sidebottom in now. England must bat out the overs at the least ...


Mills to Broad, SIX, short, and dispatched over square leg, cracking strike! That clears the rope by a distance, and taken comfortably by a man in the crowd with a ticket in his mouth ...

End of over 31 (11 runs) England 148/8 (RR: 4.77)

    • SCJ Broad 19 (15b 2x4 1x6)
    • RJ Sidebottom 0 (0b)
    • KD Mills 6-0-45-1
    • DL Vettori 4-0-14-1

Vettori to Sidebottom, no run, drawn forward, defended


Vettori to Sidebottom, 1 run, punched into the on-side


Vettori to Broad, no run, pushed forward and picked up at short cover


Vettori to Broad, no run, no width to work with, Vettori fields in his followthrough


Vettori to Broad, no run, wider this time, but the perfect length. Steered to mid-on


Vettori to Broad, no run, big stride, but nothing doing there either

Four overs to go ...

End of over 32 (1 run) England 149/8 (RR: 4.65)

    • SCJ Broad 19 (19b 2x4 1x6)
    • RJ Sidebottom 1 (2b)
    • DL Vettori 5-0-15-1
    • KD Mills 6-0-45-1

Oram to Sidebottom, no run, wide of off stump, but clubbed straight to mid-off


Oram to Sidebottom, 1 run, angled into the pads, tucked to square leg to bring up the 150


Oram to Broad, no run, aiming for the yorker, ends up as a low full-toss, but it's a dot ball either way


Oram to Broad, no run, Oram is as metronomic as he was in his first spell. Cover intercepts again


Oram to Broad, 1 run, a smidgeon of width, and third man fields


Oram to Sidebottom, no run, tight to off stump, angled into the left-hander, defended

End of over 33 (2 runs) England 151/8 (RR: 4.57)

    • RJ Sidebottom 2 (5b)
    • SCJ Broad 20 (22b 2x4 1x6)
    • JDP Oram 6-1-8-0
    • DL Vettori 5-0-15-1

Vettori to Broad, no run, down the track with good intent, but Vettori drops short and Broad can only steer to short cover


Vettori to Broad, no run, beaten outside off stump, McCullum whips his bails off for good measure


Vettori to Broad, no run, nudged to cover


Vettori to Broad, OUT, more comedy running, and there's the hat-trick of run-outs. It was almost a lobbed catch to Scott Styris at short third man, but instead it was a simple pot-shot, who hit the stumps from the edge of the ring. Woeful, I'm afraid

RJ Sidebottom run out 2 (11m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

"Money on four run-outs lads," chirps McCullum, as well he might


Vettori to Anderson, 1 bye, deflection off the gloves gives away a valuable single


Vettori to Broad, 1 run, another over ticks by, and England's abject innings is nearing completion

End of over 34 (2 runs) England 153/9 (RR: 4.50)

    • SCJ Broad 21 (27b 2x4 1x6)
    • JM Anderson 0 (1b)
    • DL Vettori 6-0-16-1
    • JDP Oram 6-1-8-0

Oram to Broad, no run, driven into the covers


Oram to Broad, 1 run, inside-edge on the drive, and picked up at midwicket


Oram to Anderson, 2 runs, banged in a fraction shorter, and How at backward point is briefly in business with a flying attempt that just eludes him


Oram to Anderson, 1 leg bye, angled into the pads, the ball bobbles out to the off side, and for once, that qualifies as good running


Oram to Broad, 1 run, aiming for the leg-stump yorker, well dug out and drilled to long-on


Oram to Anderson, no run, slower ball, defended back down the pitch. That's the end of a superb spell

One over to go. Anything England can get here is a bonus now

End of over 35 (5 runs) England 158/9 (RR: 4.51)

    • JM Anderson 2 (4b)
    • SCJ Broad 23 (30b 2x4 1x6)
    • JDP Oram 7-1-12-0
    • DL Vettori 6-0-16-1

Vettori to Broad, OUT, a bit of width, a bigger hoon into the deep, and Mills at extra cover makes good ground to his left to cling onto a fine diving catch

SCJ Broad c Mills b Vettori 23 (33m 31b 2x4 1x6) SR: 74.19

England have been bowled out for 158. The Duckworth-Lewis readjustment leaves New Zealand needing 165 to win, which is not quite what England had planned at 90 for 2. Superb bowling and fielding once again from New Zealand, who are odds-on to go 2-0 up in the five-match series. Join Andrew McGlashan shortly for the resumption.






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