England tour of New Zealand, 4th ODI: New Zealand v England at Napier, Feb 20, 2008
20 February 2008 (50-over match)

O'Brien to Mustard, no run, pushed with the angle into the leg side


O'Brien to Mustard, no run, steered to backward point off the back foot, slightly jumpily so


O'Brien to Mustard, 1 run, worked to third man, angled and a call of two, but only ever the one. Kidology, no more ...


O'Brien to Cook, FOUR, too short, he leans back and cuts square and third man's despairing dive as he hurtles to his left just misses by a finger's length


O'Brien to Cook, no run, good response, back and beaten with no real foot movement


O'Brien to Cook, 1 run, turned slightly edgily square on the leg side

England 81/0   IE O'Brien 1-0-6-0

O'Brien to Mustard, no run, down the leg, flicks the pad and McCullum dives and makes a half-hearted appeal


O'Brien to Mustard, FOUR, he shapes to cut, it is too close to him and he improvises and chips it over where slips would have been had there been any


O'Brien to Mustard, 1 run, dropped a few feet to leg and a scurried single ... good running and that's the kind of single that sinks morale of fielders


O'Brien to Cook, FOUR, short and larruped through midwicket for a one bounce four ... onto it in a shot and his form is flooding back


O'Brien to Cook, no run, caught back in his crease, he jabs down late and keeps out a straight one


O'Brien to Cook, 1 run, driven to mid-on, the fielder's back on the circle and another easy single

England 95/0   IE O'Brien 2-0-16-0

O'Brien to Cook, 1 run, inside edge into a pad, a loud appeal, Cook sets off, retreats, backward point underarms into the stumps, the ball cannons off and allows the overthrow ...


O'Brien to Mustard, 3 runs, swished off his pads, long leg and deep midwicket converge and slide to stop it and they run three. Replays as the third umpire looks at Jesse Ryder's dive ... did he hit the rope before he flicked back? No definitive replays possible so no boundary


O'Brien to Cook, 1 run, pulled hard on the bounce to deep midwicket where there is no issue about Ryder's stop


O'Brien to Mustard, no run, cut to point


O'Brien to Mustard, no run, driven into the covers, not timed and it bobbles harmlessly to the fielder


O'Brien to Mustard, no run, thuds into the pads as he aims to run behind square on the leg side

England 105/0   IE O'Brien 3-0-21-0

O'Brien to Cook, 1 run, back, waits and flicks to the busy Ryder at deep midwicket


O'Brien to Mustard, 1 wide, wide and short, much too much so, Mustard pulls out of the shot and it's signalled as a wide


O'Brien to Mustard, no run, a much better bouncer, he squats under it and that's perfectly legal


O'Brien to Mustard, SIX, steps back and forehand smashes the ball high over extra cover, it clears the rope by a yard and as there was no one out there, a safe option


O'Brien to Mustard, 1 run, steered down to third man


O'Brien to Cook, FOUR, as textbook as Mustard's slash was improvisational ... stands tall and thumps that through extra cover, the man in the deep slides but can't get near it


O'Brien to Cook, no run, forward defensive push ... a tame end to an expensive over. Thirteen off it

England 121/0   IE O'Brien 4-0-34-0

O'Brien to Bell, OUT, the breakthrough at last, and O'Brien has his maiden scalp. Short, but a touch quicker than England have been used to in recent overs. A steepling top-edge, well pouched in the deep by Kyle Mills. Timely for New Zealand, but a handy innings nonetheless

IR Bell c Mills b O'Brien 43 (51m 41b 5x4 0x6) SR: 104.87


O'Brien to Pietersen, no run, On off stump, defended


O'Brien to Pietersen, SIX, short, effortlessly swatted high into the stand over deep midwicket, about 20 rows back


O'Brien to Pietersen, no run, pushed to midwicket, swiveling as he plays it


O'Brien to Pietersen, 1 run, straight drive with no follow through, long-on trots in to field


O'Brien to Collingwood, no run, pushed, almost fenced, to point

England 239/3   IE O'Brien 5-0-41-1

O'Brien to Pietersen, no run, driven to extra cover, slightly open face and two yards short of the man


O'Brien to Pietersen, 1 run, worked from outside off to wide midwicket, he was ambling towards the covers as the bowler was in his delivery stride


O'Brien to Collingwood, SIX, one stride and flicked off his toes high over square leg, a dozen rows back. A triumph of timing


O'Brien to Collingwood, SIX, even bigger ... a step to the off and hit higher and harder, it strikes the roof and clumps down into spectators underneath. O'Brien shakes his head ...


O'Brien to Collingwood, 1 run, short and pacy, Collingwood again steps to the off and he plays a slightly rushed but controlled pull to the man at deep midwicket lurking in the shadows


O'Brien to Pietersen, FOUR, O'Brien's inexperience shows ... he again bangs one in and Pietersen is there and waiting, pulling hard and square, deep midwicket has no chance

England 260/3   IE O'Brien 6-0-59-1





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