England tour of New Zealand, 4th ODI: New Zealand v England at Napier, Feb 20, 2008
20 February 2008 (50-over match)

Martin to Cook, no run, outside off, nipping off the seam, through to the keeper


Martin to Cook, 1 run, tucked down to backward point


Martin to Mustard, FOUR, short, and smeared square - past the out-stretched fingertips off Ryder at square leg - and all the way. Good, solid strike


Martin to Mustard, no run, fuller and straighter, and driven into the covers


Martin to Mustard, no run, outswinger, starting wide of off stump and curling past a flashing drive


Martin to Mustard, no run, zipping off the pitch again, through to the keeper. And that's the second over gone

England 9/0   CS Martin 1-0-5-0

Martin to Mustard, FOUR, Mustard played at that one alright, and played well. Riding the bounce to cut firmly through point. Not a lot of width to work with, but timed superbly


Martin to Mustard, no run, outside off stump, and left alone with a curtain-rail withdrawal of the bat


Martin to Mustard, FOUR, full and floaty, and too wide from Martin. And Mustard clobbered it through point with a sweet square drive


Martin to Mustard, 1 run, a good call - a rarety for England in this series - as Mustard tips and runs into the covers


Martin to Cook, no run, zips off the pitch and defended into the covers with a late adjustment


Martin to Cook, no run, big stride, and driven square into the hands of point

England 18/0   CS Martin 2-0-14-0

Martin to Cook, no run, slower ball, and steered to point with a swish of the wrists


Martin to Cook, no run, dropped! - and that's an absolute clanger. Outside off, a regulation nick, and McCullum puts it down. It almost seemed as though he was celebrating before it arrived


Martin to Cook, no run, outside off, and taken cleanly this time. Too late though ...


Martin to Cook, no run, tighter to the stumps, and angling back in. Defended


Martin to Cook, no run, a foot outside off and nipping off the seam


Martin to Cook, 3 runs, short, and pulled. It was a relief to have something to hit, but he didn't quite time it - snatched at it a fraction. No matter, it's three more to the total and a long chase for midwicket

England 29/0   CS Martin 3-0-17-0

Martin to Mustard, no run, short, but too short. Easily ducked


Martin to Mustard, no run, a wild slash outside off, extra bite off the seam allows the ball to sail through unhindered


Martin to Mustard, no run, tighter line, more encouraging bounce, through to the keeper


Martin to Mustard, no run


Martin to Mustard, no run, slashed drive, picked up in the covers


Martin to Mustard, no run, attempted yorker, well dug out

England 35/0   CS Martin 4-1-17-0

Martin to Cook, no run, fine delivery, angling in but shaping away, Cook prods uncertainly as it goes by


Martin to Cook, 1 run, back and across, and dabbed to short midwicket for a quick single


Martin to Mustard, no run, slower ball, full length and drifting in towards off stump. Pushed to cover


Martin to Mustard, 1 run, bizarre passage of play. Mustard retreats to leg for a slog, Martin follows him, the ball ends up being smacked straight at the bowler's ankle, and ricochets away for a single. That's gotta hurt, but he's not winced yet ...


Martin to Cook, no run, slower ball, defended


Martin to Cook, no run, rippa. Climb, bounce and carry. Just beats the edge and through to the keeper

England 44/0   CS Martin 5-1-19-0

Martin to Mustard, 1 wide, short, and misdirected. McCullum takes well down the leg-side. Though I bet he's still ruing his one aberration ...


Martin to Mustard, FOUR, another delivery in a good channel, and in a Test match that might conceivably have been a regulation nick to fourth slip. Instead it races away fine


Martin to Mustard, FOUR, clobbered up and over the covers. Powerful swing through the line. Effective stuff


Martin to Mustard, 1 wide, the pressure begins to tell as another one slides down leg ... Mustard's not letting them settle at present


Martin to Mustard, 2 runs, turned off the hip, and excellent calling - two runs inside the circle. That's a rarety


Martin to Mustard, no run, slower ball, through to the keeper. Well disguised


Martin to Mustard, FOUR, superb timing - fine leg was up in the circle, but Mustard turned his wrists and the ball rocketed away


Martin to Mustard, no run, turned to leg again, but this time straight to fine leg

England 67/0   CS Martin 6-1-35-0

Martin to Bell, no run, outside off, slightly short, left


Martin to Bell, no run, a big stride down the pitch and steered to point


Martin to Bell, no run, outside off, Bell not tempted


Martin to Bell, no run, back and punched off the back foot to cover, misfielded but no run


Martin to Bell, no run, mid-on fields


Martin to Bell, no run, short and wide, Bell follows with a loose drive which misses but provokes some oohs from the crowd

England 158/2   CS Martin 7-2-35-0

Martin to Bell, 2 runs, slashed drive from outside off stump scoots high over the slips, third man makes a good diving stop


Martin to Bell, FOUR, slower - 71mph - but too wide and full, Bell waits and caresses the ball between cover and extra cover


Martin to Bell, no run, late in pulling the bat out of the way, the ball hits it and dribbles into the slips


Martin to Bell, FOUR, another rasping drive through the covers, too full and too wide, and with the third Powerplay being taken there is nobody out there


Martin to Bell, no run, a peach, back of a length at 85mph, cuts off the pitch away from Bell, enough to beat the outside edge


Martin to Bell, 2 runs, another one Bell is able to driven, it beats the infield but Vettori has had to reinforce the deep and the sweeper round to cut it off

England 172/2   CS Martin 8-2-47-0

Martin to Collingwood, SIX, utterly daft bowling ... Collingwood moves to the off and Martin serves him an inviting short one which he thumps over square leg


Martin to Collingwood, 1 run, outside off and full, leans back and hits hard to long-on


Martin to Wright, 1 run, driven square off one knee, hard to Ross Taylor who is out sweeping


Martin to Collingwood, SIX, a step the off and swatted over square leg, into the stands again and he has a fifty off 24 balls. it includes six sixes all over midwicket/square leg ... but no fours! And what's more it's the fastest one-day fifty by an England player ...


Martin to Collingwood, 1 run, driven to extra cover


Martin to Wright, FOUR, he gives himself room and squirts the ball square on the off side, it goes like a bullet

England 322/5   CS Martin 9-2-66-0

Martin to Collingwood, no run, yorker outside off, he shapes to swing over midwicket, it clips his boot and McCullum fields well


Martin to Collingwood, 1 leg bye, Collingwood's intentions are clear as he again takes a big and early step to the off, Martin counters with a yorker aimed at him rather than the stumps, it hits him on the pads and dribbles to point


Martin to Wright, 4 byes, oh dear ... Wright looks to paddle the ball over the keeper, misses, it bounces in front of McCullum who, tiredly, lets it through his legs


Martin to Wright, 2 runs, low fulls toss hit off the bottom of the bat, long-on fields but he should have not allowed them to come back for such an easy second


Martin to Wright, 2 runs, a step and driven hard to long-off while on one knee, again Collingwood hurtles back to the danger end to get a second


Martin to Wright, OUT, low full toss hit high towards long-on, Fulton sprints in, makes a lot of ground, dives, and holds the ball a foot above the turf. An excellent catch for the big man gets the crowd excited but it's all rather late ...

LJ Wright c Fulton b Martin 24 (19m 13b 2x4 1x6) SR: 184.61

England 340/6   CS Martin 10-2-70-1





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