India tour of New Zealand, 3rd ODI: New Zealand v India at Christchurch, Mar 8, 2009
India won by 58 runs
08 March 2009 - day/night match (50-over match)

Khan to Ryder, FOUR, erring in length there, bowled short on middle, pulled away behind square, fine leg had no chance

New Zealand 4/0   JD Ryder 4* (4b 1x4)   Z Khan 0.4-0-4-0

Kumar to McCullum, FOUR, sweetly timed, fraction short and he just punches it wide of cover, sound start by McCullum

New Zealand 12/0   BB McCullum 6* (6b 1x4)   P Kumar 1-0-7-0

Khan to Ryder, FOUR, thrashed, bowled on a good length outside off, there's enough width for Ryder to free his arms and he creams that through the covers

New Zealand 16/0   JD Ryder 10* (10b 2x4)   Z Khan 1.4-0-9-0

Khan to Ryder, FOUR, misfield by Yuvraj, full outside off, sliced away towards him at point, he got a bad bounce there and missed it completely

New Zealand 20/0   JD Ryder 14* (11b 3x4)   Z Khan 1.5-0-13-0

Kumar to McCullum, FOUR, another misfield, struck firmly off the back foot to Raina at cover who fails to get his body behind that one, eight runs already leaked as a result of poor fielding

New Zealand 24/0   BB McCullum 10* (10b 2x4)   P Kumar 1.4-0-11-0

Khan to Ryder, FOUR, in the slot outside off stump and Ruder goes for it, gets forward and drives it elegantly wide of cover

New Zealand 28/0   JD Ryder 18* (16b 4x4)   Z Khan 2.4-0-17-0

Khan to Ryder, FOUR, excellent stuff, full outside off, makes room and plays a delightful steer between cover and point, he's got into his groove now

New Zealand 34/0   JD Ryder 24* (18b 5x4)   Z Khan 3-0-23-0

Patel to Ryder, FOUR, too much width there, Ryder waits for it and smashes between short cover and cover-point for a boundary

New Zealand 46/0   JD Ryder 34* (24b 6x4 1x6)   MM Patel 0.5-0-5-0

Patel to McCullum, FOUR, full on middle and off, just chipped over Harbhajan at mid-off for a boundary, well timed in the end

New Zealand 53/0   BB McCullum 17* (22b 3x4)   MM Patel 1.3-0-10-0

Patel to Ryder, FOUR, in the slot, overpitched outside off, gets forward and caresses it between cover and mid-off, raced along this lush outfield

New Zealand 58/0   JD Ryder 40* (31b 7x4 1x6)   MM Patel 2-0-15-0

Kumar to McCullum, FOUR, McCullum into the act now, just a fraction short on middle, comes down the track while simultaneously making room and punches it crisply between point and cover

New Zealand 62/0   BB McCullum 22* (24b 4x4)   P Kumar 4.1-0-24-0

Kumar to McCullum, FOUR, needs to get his length right, short outside off and McCullum just slaps it from the crease past the bowler for a boundary

New Zealand 66/0   BB McCullum 26* (26b 5x4)   P Kumar 4.3-0-28-0

Patel to McCullum, FOUR, McCullum does exactly that, short of a length outside off, makes room and slashes it over point

New Zealand 79/0   BB McCullum 36* (39b 6x4)   MM Patel 3.1-0-22-0

Patel to Ryder, FOUR, rubbish, short outside off and Ryder has no trouble pulling this over midwicket

New Zealand 92/0   JD Ryder 55* (38b 8x4 2x6)   MM Patel 4-0-35-0

Patel to Ryder, FOUR, Ryder is in prime form here, bowled full on the off stump, lofted cleanly over mid-off for a one bounce four, easily done, brings up the century stand

New Zealand 102/0   JD Ryder 61* (42b 9x4 2x6)   MM Patel 4.1-0-39-0

Harbhajan Singh to Ryder, FOUR, frees his arms this time, it's overpitched outside off, he makes room and carts that over extra cover for a boundary, India under pressure here

New Zealand 126/0   JD Ryder 81* (53b 10x4 4x6)   Harbhajan Singh 1-0-18-0

Harbhajan Singh to Ryder, FOUR, Ryder plays an imperious drive over the covers to an overpitched ball that deserved the treatment

New Zealand 140/0   JD Ryder 85* (55b 11x4 4x6)   Harbhajan Singh 1.3-0-23-0

Harbhajan Singh to Ryder, FOUR, too full again, he stays his ground and lofts it cleanly over extra cover for another four, India's premier offspinner is being carted all around here

New Zealand 146/0   JD Ryder 91* (57b 12x4 4x6)   Harbhajan Singh 1.5-0-29-0

Yuvraj Singh to Taylor, FOUR, Taylor attacks, tossed up outside off, comes down a couple of steps and strikes it cleanly over extra cover to beat the gap between long-off and deep cover, perfectly placed

New Zealand 178/1   LRPL Taylor 7* (5b 1x4)   Yuvraj Singh 5-0-37-0

Harbhajan Singh to Elliott, FOUR, poor ball bowled outside leg stump, quicker one, paddles it away to beat the short-fine fielder to the fine-leg boundary, it actually came off his thigh pad

New Zealand 196/4   GD Elliott 9* (11b 1x4)   Harbhajan Singh 6.5-0-49-1

Kumar to Butler, FOUR, short of a length outside off, makes room and punishes him by bludgeoning it through the covers for a boundary

New Zealand 230/7   IG Butler 12* (12b 1x4)   P Kumar 5.1-0-33-0

Kumar to Southee, FOUR, excellent shot, just a fraction short on middle, he picks the length early and pulls it away wide of deep square leg

New Zealand 257/8   TG Southee 4* (1b 1x4)   P Kumar 6.3-0-43-0

Khan to Mills, FOUR, excellent shot, fires in a full delivery on middle, Mills waits for it, gets under it nicely and lofts it over the bowlers head for crisply hit boundary

New Zealand 269/8   KD Mills 15* (10b 1x4 1x6)   Z Khan 7.2-0-49-2

Khan to Mills, FOUR, full on middle and leg, makes room and drills it through the vacant cover-region, sped off his bat

New Zealand 287/8   KD Mills 23* (16b 2x4 1x6)   Z Khan 8.1-0-56-2

Khan to Mills, FOUR, slashed away this time, this pair is showing some spunk, short and wide and he cut it powerfully behind point

New Zealand 291/8   KD Mills 27* (18b 3x4 1x6)   Z Khan 8.3-0-60-2

Khan to Mills, FOUR, four more, though a little lucky this time, full on middle and leg, tries to keep it out, gets an inside edge all the way to the fine-leg boundary

New Zealand 295/8   KD Mills 31* (19b 4x4 1x6)   Z Khan 8.4-0-64-2

Patel to Mills, FOUR, brings the 50 stand and the 300 in style, full outside off, the bowler's simply haven't learnt, carts it over extra cover for a one bounce four

New Zealand 302/8   KD Mills 35* (21b 5x4 1x6)   MM Patel 6.2-0-58-0

Patel to Mills, FOUR, third man is up and Munaf bowls short, Mills slashes hard and the ball flies away over short third for a boundary

New Zealand 306/8   KD Mills 39* (23b 6x4 1x6)   MM Patel 6.4-0-62-0

Kumar to Southee, FOUR, follows up one short ball with another, makes room and slams it over midwicket, can they pull off a miracle?

New Zealand 316/8   TG Southee 25* (14b 2x4 2x6)   P Kumar 7.2-0-54-0

Kumar to Southee, FOUR, straying on the pads again an Southee works it away, plays a delectable leg glance to beat short fine, what a fightback

New Zealand 322/8   TG Southee 30* (17b 3x4 2x6)   P Kumar 8-0-60-0





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