India tour of New Zealand, 1st T20I: New Zealand v India at Christchurch, Feb 25, 2009
New Zealand won by 7 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
25 February 2009 - night match (20-over match)

Southee to Sehwag, SIX, Shot! that's amazing, first ball in an international match in the tour for Sehwag, it's short and he pulls it over deep backward square leg for six, typical Sehwag

India 7/0   V Sehwag 6* (1b 1x6)   TG Southee 0.4-0-7-0

Southee to Sehwag, SIX, another six from Sehwag, it's a short boundary square on the side, it's a touch short again and Sehwag crashes it over midwicket, he picked that up from middle and leg

India 13/0   V Sehwag 12* (2b 2x6)   TG Southee 0.5-0-13-0

Southee to Sehwag, SIX, wow, what a start from Sehwag, yet another six, this time to square leg, hardly any effort behind that shot as he launched that off his pads

India 19/0   V Sehwag 18* (3b 3x6)   TG Southee 1-0-19-0

Butler to Sehwag, SIX, massive massive six, Sehwag doesn't really care who the bowler is, it's overpitched, Sehwag doesn't bother with footwork, he launches it high over the long-off boundary, that's way back into the crowd

India 31/1   V Sehwag 25* (7b 4x6)   IG Butler 0.2-0-6-0

O'Brien to Raina, SIX, oh dear, Raina gets his first runs with the biggest six of the game so far, Raina clears his front leg and absolutely smashes that over midwicket

India 39/2   SK Raina 6* (4b 1x6)   IE O'Brien 1.4-0-12-2

Southee to Raina, SIX, terrible delivery to end the over, high full toss outside off, Raina clubs that over point for a six, it had been a superb over till then

India 48/2   SK Raina 13* (8b 2x6)   TG Southee 2-0-26-0

Butler to RG Sharma, SIX, Rohit gets his first six, a nonchalant flick off his pads, that brings up India's fifty, this really is a tiny ground

India 54/2   RG Sharma 7* (6b 1x6)   IG Butler 1.1-0-13-0

NL McCullum to YK Pathan, SIX, poor start from Nathan, full toss on the pads, Yusuf swats that square leg for a six, not much effort behind that shot

India 70/5   YK Pathan 8* (5b 1x6)   NL McCullum 0.1-0-6-0

NL McCullum to YK Pathan, SIX, Yusuf's giving a warm welcome for Nathan, clobbers that over wide long-on for a six this time

India 76/5   YK Pathan 14* (6b 2x6)   NL McCullum 0.2-0-12-0

NL McCullum to YK Pathan, SIX, three in a row for Yusuf, he didn't quite get hold of it, slightly top-edged, goes high but long enough to clear the long-on boundary

India 82/5   YK Pathan 20* (7b 3x6)   NL McCullum 0.3-0-18-0

Vettori to Raina, SIX, stunning shot from Raina, he loves that midwicket area and he got under that ball from Vettori and send it into the crowd

India 109/7   SK Raina 29* (27b 3x6)   DL Vettori 3.2-0-15-1

O'Brien to Raina, SIX, superb shot from Raina, it was a low full toss from O'Brien, Raina stays on the backfoot to get under it and launch it over long-off

India 140/7   SK Raina 48* (37b 1x4 4x6)   IE O'Brien 3.2-0-25-2

O'Brien to Raina, SIX, Raina brings up his half-century with another six, this was a length ball, Raina mishit it, getting it to go too high, just clear the straight boundary by a yard or so

India 146/7   SK Raina 54* (38b 1x4 5x6)   IE O'Brien 3.3-0-31-2





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