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Cricketers need help too

Self-help books aren't just for dysfunctional old you and me

Look on the bright side, India

There are always positives to be taken. Even from a tour as dismal as the England one

A letter to Sanath

Politics isn't the place for Jayasuriya, as one of his constituents explains

Give 'em a degree

In the wake of MS Dhoni's honorary doctorate, we look at other players to have been similarly honoured

England are No. 1? Lord help us

Reasons why the change at the top of the Test cricket rankings is not good news

Why it's good India lost the No. 1 ranking

Eight reasons we should all be happy with the shift at the top of the rankings

Tricking fate for Tendulkar's sake

This is your chance to speed up the milestone looming over all our heads

The worst jobs in cricket

Being a streaker in Cardiff in May is a picnic compared to these

Stirring speeches to stay up for

You've heard about Sangakkara's. Here's a list of other speeches to watch out for

The Chinese are coming

Here's what you need to know and prepare yourself for

Ponting-proof sanitary padding for men

And other inventive products cricketers have been clamouring for

There is always a threat. Be that threat

Revealed: the secret project that was responsible for England winning the Cardiff Test

Deeply drippy

Cricket has a noble tradition of players leaving bodily fluids on the pitch

The truth about Shoaib (and some lies)

When it comes to the man all-too-soon to be formerly known as the Rawalpindi Express, reality is stranger than fiction. We put together some facts and untruths. Which of these is which?

Why England lost to Ireland

The harsh truths, conveniently assembled in a list

Don't win it for Sachin

It's not just about Tendulkar. Here's a list of people and causes India can win the World Cup for

Coming to a screen near you

Why hasn't cricket had any great films made about it? Here are some that could fill that vacancy

Flippin' mad

Why have coin tosses, where luck decides who gets to bat or field first? Let's bring some skill, endurance, knowledge and hand-eye into it, shall we?

Going once...

What IPL franchises can offer to players other than loads of lolly

Beer with us

Australia's latest selection has opened up a can of worms or is it a can of...?

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