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Get jiggy wid' it

Eight ways the atmosphere at Lord's could be improved for World Twenty20 matches

Guest appearances

Eleven things Shoaib Akhtar can do to liven up the World Twenty20, now that he's not going to be playing in it

Follicular spectacular

The best hair in the tournament? Look no further than these fine gents

Thirteen from two

A baker's dozen of things the second season of the IPL taught us

Put 'em in a box

Eleven players we'd like to see take up commentary duties

Wish upon a star

Ten celebrities we'd like to see associate themselves with the IPL

Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy

They're redefining the term heavy hitter. Meet our fat lads XI

Colour 'em appropriate

Eight things the uniforms at this year's IPL reveal about the men who wear them. As disclosed by leading spectrumologist Marcia Nicholas

They're playing our song

Twelve theme tunes for people figuring in this year's IPL

Stretch that cash till it squeals

Twelve ways the IPL can show it respects the recession


They play cricket, but their true callings are elsewhere. Our alternative-employment XI has the details

Bling when you're winning

Ten must-have accessories for an age when players need to wear shades because their jewellery is so shiny

Plug and play

Ten things commentators will be shafted for shilling next year

Who's doing what, to whom

Eighteen Facebook status messages that are doing the rounds

Down with royalty, celebrity, and single captaincy

Nine things we love to hate about the IPL

Warm that bench, lads

Ten things Collingwood and Shah could do, since they don't look likely to play a game anytime soon

Descartes, Hegel, Harbhajan

Ten of the most influential thinkers in the modern game. And Andrew Symonds

Sharp nicks

We salute XI players whose handles go a bit beyond the addition of a "y" to their names. Warning: Aussie-heavy

Prepare to cringe

Twenty-five headlines we're afraid we're going to see this IPL season

Let's take a moment (or 75)

Inspired by the strategy time-out, 11 other breaks that cricket can work into games

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