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Ravindra Jadeja returns OBE

Also: Bresnan's trauma, and why there was no reserve day for the Champions Trophy final

Fraternal Indo-Pak fans threaten to spoil fierce rivalry

What's with all the goodwill and brotherhood? It's enough to make an old-timer sick

Punish Root and Warner

Their crimes are hideous beyond belief

WWE to take over IPL

The week's news that you had been carefully avoiding

Cricket journalists protest spot-fixing scandal

Hacks upset at not getting to cover anything sport-related

How to bet on the Champions Trophy

A handy form guide to who you should be putting your money on during the tournament

Minister fights for Fawad and everything Australian

Getting a spinner for the Ashes is a national crisis, so a political leader steps up to do his duty

The perfect rainy day at Test cricket

It's the one where it doesn't rain all that much, but you get soaked anyway and the players hardly come out of the dressing room

Match-fixing veterans rue rise of spot-fixing

Fans of the long format upset by the instant gratification of the newer mode of cheating

Agony Aunt

How to deal with spot-fixing disillusionment

And why David Warner is so angry. Our agony aunt speculates

UK media shows massive interest in the IPL

Journalists rub their hands in glee before typing out the standard "I told you so" pieces

The Malayalis who made cricket great

Three prominent cricket figures who you may not have known hail from a southern Indian state

L Siva to take over from Alex Ferguson

The ICC's new player rep readies himself for another tough sporting assignment - helping United win the IPL

Sidhu admits he doesn't make sense even to himself

And other news you wish you had missed during the past week

The week on Twitter

'Time for some dinner!'

If you're ever caught without a watch, our Twitter round-up will help you plan your day

There's something about Shahid

A lot of people think Afridi is ideally suited to T20s, but think again. T20 makes Afridis of everyone but negates the qualities that are his very essence

Fans grateful for IPL horn

And other news you wish you had missed during the past week

The week on Twitter

'A billion hearts stop beating'

Looking for a barometer for modern culture? Look no further than the exclamation mark

The Piyush Chawla Simulator 2013

The latest advertising innovations in the IPL, and the BCCI's foray into video games

Salman Butt takes solace in game of 'glorious uncertainties'

And other news you wish you had missed during the past week

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  • Keith and Marjorie
    Tales of a dashing airman-cricketer in wartime, from a lady who knew him then. By Alan Butcher
  • Most consecutive Tests, and vowel-less surnames
    Ask Steven: Plus, the shortest turnaround times between Test series, and the nervous and not-so-nervous 90s
  • A decade of Mushfiqur
    His selection at 18 was viewed as a gamble but he has repaid that faith with his consistency over ten years, a rarity for a Bangladesh player
  • Playing alongside Adam Sanford
    Eleven Tests and 30 wickets for West Indies, and a stand at Windsor Park named after him. And he now plays club cricket in the USA. By Scott Oliver
  • Cook's clarity breeds resilience
    Ed Smith: His immaculate concentration at Lord's on Sunday revealed his mental toughness. Whatever the sphere, the latter flows from the former
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