The Heavy Ball

This, that and the other. Mostly the other

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Chin music

Ryder's on the Storm

Jesse and the Doors? There's going to be a punch-up for sure

Once upon a cricket match in Verona

The fair game in Shakespeare's plays? You'd be surprised

India awarded the 2015 World Cup

Also: Gavaskar maintains Tendulkar-mentioning record, and a pub brawl in Sussex over the Ranji Trophy

Chin music

Choke at the Altar

An old Deep Purple song gets new meaning

The commentators will take India to the title

Sunny, Ravi and Co are in good shape to ensure the home team wins the World Cup

An aggrieved umpire writes

The truth about a recent story involving an elite official, from the horse's mouth

Dhoni takes to captaincy by social media

Relies on fan opinions via Twitter and Facebook for decision-making

Advice for the walking wounded

Several players at the World Cup have serious medical problems

The truth about Tahir

He fractured his thumb in the nets? That's what you think

The World Cup of 75 BC

If you think the current tournament is only the tenth such, you've got another think coming

Why Kamran stays

The top 10 possible reasons why Pakistan's keeper has retained his position despite four and a half years of drops, missed stumpings, allegations of corruption, and remarks about his physical appearance

Purple people, sandwich love, and the return of Shoaib

All in our look back at the highlights of the first couple of weeks of the World Cup

Chin music

Stairway to '11

A song released the same year as the first ODI turns out to do quite nicely as an anthem for this World Cup

Cricket cannot alienate young talent

Must we stand silently by as aspiring young players walk away disillusioned and turn to other careers? No, a thousand times no

The BCCI decides to do away with umpires

If it's broke you gotta fix it, after all. Featuring impeccable arguments from MS Dhoni and Sunny G

A Pakistani in Sri Lanka

Cricket is everywhere in Sri Lanka. It drives one man to hit the minibars of the country with a vengeance

How to win the World Cup

Conventional wisdom? Chuck it out the window and follow these foolproof strategies

Eden Gardens retires from international cricket

Ground says it will focus on its IPL career. Also: the immaculate rage of Sachin fans

Chin music

Wish You Were Here

Ponting spills his heart out through a Pink Floyd classic

Bigger than the Ashes

Some may cry that England v Australia is the pinnacle of cricket competition. They'd be wrong, wouldn't they?

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