Dr Doosra's Demented Devices

Inventions to enhance your IPL 2010 experience

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The Un-Blimp

Feeling inconsolable as the IPL draws to a close? Here's a souvenir that will not only comfort you but also double up as an excellent party game

The CashCulator

Despairing of ever coming to grips with the large sums of money involved in the IPL? This technological marvel is made just for you

The Emotionotron

Optimise your feelings for the IPL with this nifty little gadget

The T20 Cricket Team Owner Videogame

Not happy being just a player, coach or captain? Have we got a toy for you

The Ad-alyzer

If you love the IPL, you must really love one other thing - advertising. Here's a device that will help you enhance your experience of the hundreds of strange, confusing and downright bizarre commercials that are such an integral part of the league

The CricPad

Why wait for the overpriced, restricted iPad when you can get the CricPad today? The first-ever tablet designed specifically for cricket fans, the CricPad is the device Graeme Swann wants. Do you?

The Goggly

Want more from your IPL-watching experience than big sixes, diving catches, close finishes, glamorous celebrities and ridiculous commercials? Never fear, the Goggly is here

The TV for true IPL fans

The Cric-o-Matic T20

Why watch the IPL on your boring old 110-inch plasma screen and deprive yourself of the ultimate television experience? With the Cricomatic T20, you get a slew of exciting new features that make watching the IPL even better than before

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